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    Butt Acne. Cause and prevention


    What is Acne?

    Acne also called acne vulgaris is a very common skin problem which results when dead skin and oil clog up the skin pores of hair follicles. This can result in a chronic skin disease which can lead to black head, cysts and scarring if not properly treated. Acne vulgaris commonly affects the face, neck, arms, upper chest and back. Teenage males and females are more frequently affected.

    Butt Acne is not actually acne vulgaris

    Pimples on the butt are strictly speaking not common acne. They can be painful and unsightly. They result from folliculitis (inflammation at the base of the hair follicle) and the formation of carbuncle (an abscess usually caused by the staphylococcus bacteria).

    Causes of Butt Acne

    The skin is the body’s first defence against germs and physical injury. Occasionally this barrier is breached and can result in an “insult” to the skin. In the case of the buttocks favourable conditions can lead to the formation of localized pimples. Among the causes are:
    • Poor personal hygiene
    • Dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)
    • A weaken immune system
    • Trauma to the skin (broken skin)
    • Diabetes (high blood sugar levels)
    • Disease of the liver
    • Disease of the kidney

    Complications of Butt Acne

    There are two skin conditions which can develop from the butt acne. One is the infection and inflammation of the hair follicles which extends to the surrounding soft tissue. This is called folliculitis. The other skin infection affects the deeper layers of the skin and is called carbuncle. This is the formation of abscesses Symptoms include:
    • Swelling and pain at the site of infection
    • Generalized body aches
    • Oozing of pus from the site
    • Fever
    • Malaise
    Both carbuncles and folliculitis can lead to scarring if not treated in a timely manner.

    Preventative Measures

    Here are some practical preventive tips to minimize or prevent butt acne:
    • Wear cotton underwear which allows the skin to ‘breathe’
    • After a work-out change your work out gear. Sitting around in sweaty gym wear is not healthy as the sweat blocks pores
    • Shower as soon as you can after a workout session
    • Try using a cleansing brush to gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin and bacteria.
    • Wash hands often
    • Do not squeeze the pimples or boils
    • Avoid rubbing broken skin
    • See a doctor without delay if you think you have butt acne

    Treatment of butt acne

    1. Keep Pores unplugged with salicylic acid Persons who are prone to butt acne should use a cleansing solution of salicylic acid a few times a week. This will help to keep pores unplugged.
    2. Exfoliate the skin with a lotion which contains lactic acid
    The lactic acid in certain lotions gently exfoliates off dead skin cells, which will help you get rid of the pimples.
    1. A broad-spectrum antibiotic
    Both oral and or topical skin preparations can fight the infection.
    1. Analgesics
    Painful areas and fever can be relieved with over the counter meds.
    1. Minor surgery may be recommended to drain the abscesses
      Preventing butt acne and early treatment when it appears is the best bet for preventing the scarring of the skin. However, when scarring occurs the dermatologist can use topical treatment or laser to minimize the appearance of scars.
  • butt strech marks

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    Butt Stretch Marks, Causes, and Their Remedies

    Stretch marks are a nuisance for almost every person. Woman have to deal with these marks in numerous aspects of their lives, however, men aren’t spared the trouble either. There are certain stretch marks that are frequently seen in both men and women. These are the butt stretch marks. Just like marks on any other part of the body, they can give an unsightly appearance to your bottom, which is why most people want to get rid of them. The problem with these marks is that they appear slowly, and before you know it they become prominent. So, here we describe the many reasons why people get butt stretch marks and what you can do to treat them at home. Causes of butt stretch marks [wp_ad_camp_1] The causes of these embarrassing marks are several folds. However, the most common cause of butt stretch marks is rapid growth. When teens go through their growth spurt, the skin stretches faster than it can grow. When the skin is overstretched the collagen fibers present in it can get damaged. As a result, a stretch mark forms on your buttocks, the same angry stretch marks that form on your stomach, chest and on your thighs. Another frequent cause of these stretch marks is weight gain. Obesity results in a similar, rapid stretch of skin that damages collagen and causes the stretch marks. Sometimes, however, it’s something else that may be exaggerating these marks. Certain drugs, such as topical or oral steroids, affect the healing and regenerative power of the skin. This makes the skin more brittle and susceptible to damage. As a result, people on steroids are likely to have more stretch marks on their bottom and elsewhere, as compared to other people. Remedies for butt stretch marks
    • Vitamin E, this is a great vitamin that is needed for the synthesis of skin structures. Vitamin E can help repair the damaged structures in the scar and promote healing. This will help replace the scar with normal tissue.
    • Cocoa butter, another great remedy is cocoa butter which has a nutritive and moisturizing effect. When applied during the stages of growth, it eases out the skin, minimizing the damage. This reduces the degree of scar formation.
    • Glycolic acid is basically a chemical peel. It heals by first damaging and removing the superficial layer of skin. This stimulates the lower layers to proliferate, which produces new, stretch-free skin.
    • Aloe Vera has a number of healing properties and antioxidants. It works to remove the dead and damaged skin and replace it with healthier skin, helping you get rid of the marks.
    • Sugar has exfoliating properties that are great for removing the scarred skin gently. This helps reveal the healthy skin beneath and helps you get rid of those stretch marks.
    [wp_ad_camp_1] All these remedies are great for removing stretch marks. However, you need to be consistent for them to be effective. Plus, the earlier you start fixing your problem the better, as with time, stretch marks can become permanent. You don’t have to be embarrassed about those butt stretch marks every day! Start treat ping them now with these amazing remedies to remove them forever!
  • small testicles



    Causes of Small Testicles

    There are few issues as sensitive as a man’s testicles.  They take a certain amount of pride in them.  When a man has a problem with small testicles he may be unsure of what it means or may be hesitant to come forward.  To help empower men everywhere to get their health looked after, we have created this article about the causes of small testicles.

    Danger of Small Testicles

    One danger of having small testicles is that it can lead to infertility small testicle do not produce enough testosterone the hormone which helps to produce sperms . This is why men with small testicles have low sperms count . A clinical study was done in 2014 showing the correlation between men testicle size and semen quality .Using ultrasound 500 men testicular  volume was measured and then semen sample was taken . Results showed that the smaller the testicles the lower the sperms count , motility and sperms volume was ,which would affect fertility. Having small testicles can also be a sign that your hormones are out of whack.  This will also start to have a negative impact on your health.  You will start to notice other impacts on your body.  That means a lack of energy, reproductive problems, weight gain, loss of muscle mass , low sexual desire and more. The lack of testosterone caused from small balls can result in your body not being able to control the estrogen that is naturally occurs in the body.  That means that your body could start developing feminine traits.  This means a variety of symptoms including fat growth (especially in the breast area), infertility, erectile issues, prostate issues, risk of stroke, and risk of other medical conditions.

    Causes of Small Testicles

    [quads id="1"] There are a good number of causes for small testicles.  Let’s explore some of the biggest causes.

    Injury To The Testicles

    When you have had an injury to the testicles, such as a kick or punch, it sometimes has no problem.  Other times, it can cause bruises or other damage which results in smaller testicles.  One such damage is testicular torsion which can cause your testicles to shrink . Testicular torsion is the twisting of your testicles causing damage to your spermatic cord . This injury is rare it usually occurs in infants and adolescent boys but can occur at any age during sleep or physical injury.

    Steroids and Medications

    Some medications can cause your testicles to grow smaller because they limit the amount of testosterone in your body.  Testosterone is one of the biggest causes of small testicles many adult men and teenage boys  are using anabolic steroids which is a man made hormone that our body makes. They use them to develop muscle mass very fast it can also be used to help an athlete improve his performance. Men also take synthetic testosterone because there body is not producing enough of this natural hormone but there is usually a root cause to the lack of testosterone such as age or problems with other systems in your body. Other drugs which shrink your balls are corticosteroids which are used to treat a number of disease such as asthma , eczema , rheumatoid arthritis just to name a few. An example of this drug is Prednisone .

    A Variety of Diseases

    A variety of diseases and disorders can cause small testicles.  Here is a short list of them:
    • HIV/AIDs
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity
    • Kidney Disease
    • Liver Disease

    Men with sleeping disorders

    Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark studied 1000 men sleep habits and sleep disorders.  Those with insomnia,  poor sleeping habits or sleep quality had smaller testicles.  This may be due to the fact that men who do not get enough  REM sleep at night have lower testosterone which usually reduces your testicles . More studies have to be done to determine this fact. Results from clinical studies do show that the more sleep a man get the more testosterone his body produces.

    Remedies For Small Testicles

    The remedies that you use to help your small testicles get bigger again can vary.  It depends on the cause of the small testicles. [wp_ad_camp_1]

    For Sleep Related Issues

    Establishing a regular sleep schedule with normal levels of sleep will help you to get back into your circadian rhythm.  After your rhythm starts to balance out you should start to see the size return.

    For Medication Issues

    Speaking with your doctor about any medication side effects you may have is important.  There are often alternative options or options to negate the side effects.  If you do not, you can run the risk of developing new side effects or even more severe issues.

    For Injuries To Testicles

    Many injuries to testicles will go away after a little while but it's always good to visit a doctor. Injuries like testicular torsion requires a doctor's immediate attention or you can lose your testicles. If you have an issue with small testicles for days after the testicle has been injured, seek a medical appointment.  Your testicle may have been damaged more than you though and should be inspected.  Treatment might require medication, bed rest, or any variety of treatments.

    For Disease Symptom

    If your testicular size is caused as a symptom of a disease, the only way to know for sure is to get screened by a medical professional.  They will provide you with a course of treatment.  Often, testosterone injections or pills are a recommended course of treatment.

    For Testosterone/Hormone Issues

    [wp_ad_camp_1] For those who have testicular size problems caused by a testosterone issue or imbalance of hormones, they should seek medical assistance.  You might need to change your lifestyle to regain the proper balance of chemicals in your body. Your doctor may recommend  testosterone replacement but this will only make your testicles smaller .Some alternatives for men who are using synthetic testosterone because of Hypogonadism are HCG , Clomid and Tamoxifen. These alternatives do not stop your body from producing natural testosterone thus reversing or maintaining testicle size. It is important to be proactive when you notice an issue such as small testicles.  This kind of issue may not be a problem up front but can rapidly develop into a serious medical issue.  If you have any concerns you should seek the help of a medical professional.
  • dog has allergies


    Benadryl for Dogs, Doses, and Side Effects

    Pets especially dogs, nose about everywhere. A cheerful dog will poke around in numerous places, enjoying himself with little concern for his health. This is why many of these playful critters get themselves into situations where they may run into harm. Frequent stings and allergies are a common mishap and if you end up taking your pet to the vet every time, you would just be taking the trip back and fro every other day! A good solution to these daily problems is Benadryl. Here we describe the benefits of this medicine and the dose and side effects which you may need to consider before administering it.

    Uses of Benadryl for dogs

    Benadryl is actually an antihistamine that works to prevent a number of allergic reactions. It is available over the counter and can be used by pet owners relatively safely. Benadryl has the capability to treat:
    • Allergic reactions of dogs such as pollen allergies and environmental allergies.
    • Insect bites and stings can also be relieved.
    • Motion sickness that gets dogs into trouble pretty often
    • As a sedative for times when the dog is either overactive or in pain.

    Doses of Benadryl for dogs

    As this drug is administered by pet owners themselves there is plenty of confusion about the dose. Should you be giving a single tablet to your dog or more? The answer lies in the dog’s weight. Drugs are usually administered in relation to the weight of the dog in question. Normally, the standard dose of Benadryl is 1mg per pound of your dog’s weight, which is given 2 or 3 times a day depending on the severity of the condition. Usually, stores sell the 25mg tablet, which is the appropriate one-time dose of a 25-pound dog. However, you should check the dosage before buying these drugs.

    Side effects and warnings of using Benadryl

    Sometimes the drug is sold mixed with other constituents. Remember to only buy the ones that have only diphenhydramine in them for safe use. This is necessary as other constituents may make the original drug more active or even harmful to your dog. Also, you should not administer the drug to your pet if he has high blood pressure or heart disease as the drug is known to react and worsen these conditions. Other than this, Benadryl also has certain side effects that you should know of. These include vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth and decreased urination. Also, your pet may act drowsy and sleepy as this is one of the actions of the drug. Keeping all these aspects in mind, Benadryl can be really helpful for your pet at times of need. Then again, you need to keep the dosage and the use, under control. Frequent and unexplained administrations may do your pet more harm than good. So, if it’s a small rash or something that is clearly not much trouble, you can use this trusty drug to save yourself an unnecessary trip to the vet. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind the bad symptoms and conditions where it becomes important to consult a doctor. The drug is really beneficial, but that is no reason to compromise your watchful care in any way.
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    Teeth whitening pens. How it works ,advantages ,disadvantages.

    A teeth whitening pen is just one of the many options you have out there to brighten your smile and as a survey was done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry  showed that the most people believe that a smile is the best and most memorable feature when you first met a person . Another survey was done showed that the whiter your teeth the bigger and brighter your smile . This is the reason everyone wants to get whiter teeth . Over the last three decades home whitening has evolved from trays , to strips , to teeth whitening pens , whitening laser lights and more but we will be focusing on the pen.  

    What are teeth whitening pens ?

    Teeth whitening pens are plastic tubes which has the average length of a pen and looks like a lipstick pencil . Once you remove the cover you would see a brush which overlay the small opening of the pen . The pen houses  a gel which we rub  onto our teeth to remove visible stain .[wp_ad_camp_1]

    What are ingredients in a teeth whitening pen ?

    The active ingredient in teeth whitening pens are either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide a few brands use sodium bicarbonate. Other ingredients may be glycerin,water,carbomer,flavouring agent,carbinol and sodium hydroxide .   Hydrogen peroxide gel is the active products preferred and used by dentist for effective teeth whitening. The disadvantage is that it can cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity if not used correctly or the concentration is too strong .   Many most home teeth bleaching products active ingredient is carbamide peroxide .Carbamide peroxide is made from hydrogen peroxide and urea is added to it . Carbamide peroxide takes a little longer than hydrogen peroxide to clean your teeth because it has to break down to hydrogen peroxide to start working but it's less harsh on your teeth and gum . There is a 3:1 ratio of carbamide peroxide so 16 % hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to 48 % carbamide peroxide . The advantage carbamide peroxide has it that it's good to use for longer periods on your teeth for example if you want to wear a teeth tray.   The other active ingredient in sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda . This best for those people with sensitive teeth and gums. Research has shown that this abrasive compound of baking soda  removes superficial stains but not very effective on deep stains.  

    Advantages of using a teeth whitening pens

    • Inexpensive
    Compared to whitening strips on average it's the same price which ranges from $4 to $35 . It is cheaper than a teeth whitening kits and whitening light system and can provide the same result.
    • More flexible use
    Unlike most other home methods the teeth whitening pen can be used to brighten that one tooth that is very stained or just a selected few that need bleaching .
    • Easier to use
    Unlike teeth bleaching strips or whitening trays which have to be placed on your teeth and you need to ensure it stays in place . This product just has to be run on teeth and you wait for 20-30 minutes and then wash off. It's just  not cumbersome .
    • Convenient
    [wp_ad_camp_1] It can be easily carried in your purse or pocket which allows you to use at work , play or travel . It basically can be applied anytime.
    • More accurate application
    Unlike some of its other whitening competitors it does not get on your gum and cause burning unless you have got really shaky hand .
    • Works faster
    From the first application you should see results and within 1 week your teeth will be 3 to 4 shades lighter .

    Disadvantage of using a teeth whitening pens

    It is awkward trying to brush some of your molars and premolars at the back of your mouth . Research has shown most persons are only able to brush 85% of their teeth with the pen.  

    How to use the teeth whitening pen ?

    [embed][/embed] Instructions for pen use may vary by brands so always use product as directed . These instructions I  am giving you is a general guide line for use .
    1. Shake the pen
    2. Wipe your teeth with a clean dry cloth to remove saliva.
    3. If you have sensitive teeth rub petroleum on your gum .
    4. Remove the cap. Squeeze, click or turn (vary by products) until small drop appears on the brush .
    5. Apply thin layer of the gel directly on the surface of your teeth.
    6. Different pens have different time limit to wash usually between 20 to 30 minutes.
    7. Don't eat or drink for about 30 minutes
    Warnings Persons with diabetes and pregnant women should consult a doctor or dentist before use .


    Urine smells fishy . Signs of a health problem .

    The Causes and Treatment of Fishy Smelling Urine Being healthy means that all the systems of our body are working in synchrony. It also means that all our secretions and excreta are normal. An important indicator of body illnesses is urine. This waste excretion can act as an important indicator if problems both within and outside the body. From among the many attributes that can change, a change in its smell is a very frequent mishap that many people interact. Both men and women commonly complain of fishy smelling urine, which is not only unpleasant, but can be worrying for the person as well. Where usually it is not sinister, it may aggravate other conditions that  may ultimately lead to an ascending infection and more severe problems. So, what can be causing this striking change in the odor of this important excretion of our body? Here we describe the most common reasons your urine smells fishy treatment and remedies that you can use to fix it. Causes of fishy smelling urine There are a number of causes of this marked change in your excreta. I will give the detail on each. [quads id="3"]
    • Trimethylaminuria a mutation that cause fishy smelling urine

      Trimethylaminuria are people with an enzyme deficiency basically some people have a FMO3 gene that has a mutation on it , that mutation prohibits the liver from breaking down the byproducts of protein . When we eat certain proteins from fish , eggs , liver , beans and peas bacteria in our gut helps to digestive them producing a fishy smell compound called trimethylamine (TMAU). In the liver the FMO3 gene helps produce enzymes to convert the fishy odor compound into TMAO which does not  smell. Unfortunately for persons with this mutation their urine , sweat , tears , breath and even their hair would smell very fishy . Remedies Diet change is the most important to curing this disorder you need to reduce the amount of trimethylaminuria entering your body by eliminate food that encourages the production of this smelly compounds  . You would need to reduce and eliminate proteins from meat from your diet , dairy products and eggs have a plant based diet , speak to your doctor once diagnosed he may give you antibiotics such as amoxicillin or neomycin which reduce the TMA producing bacteria (note this is a rare disease and many doctors are not aware of it ) , eat on time gas build up can increase your smell , add digestive enzymes , probiotics , and chlorophyll to diet especially if you eat legumes . Eat food containing nitrogen , choline and sulfur . You can work with a dietitian or a doctor to see what works for you .
    • The STD that makes your urine fishy

      Trichomoniasis is a sexual transmitted disease that can give the symptoms of fishy smelling urine . It is caused by a protozoa parasite called trichomonas vaginitis which is way more advance than a bacteria. They can only survive in the urogenital tract   so it can only be transmitted by vaginal sex . In women they live in the vagina and urethra  they can also live in men but men they rarely have symptoms so they are asymptomatic .
      • Symptoms of the trichomoniasis are it cause inflammation which leads to urethritis  . Urethritis will cause painful urination , other symptoms are painful sex for women , frothy green discharge which has a bad smell ( fishy odor ) discharge can also be white or yellowish , urination will also have this fishy smell , redness or soreness of the vagina ,.  It is estimated that 3.7 million people have this disease but only 30% show symptoms but long term infection can cause cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men . This disease cannot be diagnosed by symptoms only by a lab test . It can be cure by a dose of metronidazole or tinidazole antibiotics but 1 in 5 person become reinfected within 3 months . Both the infection person and their partner or partner should also be treated or they can become reinfected
    • Prostatitis

      • Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland which doesn't always show signs . It affects all ages of men and can be put into 4 types acute bacterial prostatitis ,chronic bacterial prostatitis , chronic prostatitis , asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis (they don't show symptoms) . Symptoms include pain or burning upon urination , difficulty with urinating such as dribbling , malodorous urine that smell fishy because of inflammation , difficulty starting urinating , frequency of urination especially at night , urgency to urinate , pain between scrotum and rectum, pain in penis and testicles , pain with ejaculation or even blood in ejaculation . About 10% or less of men with  prostatitis was caused by bacteria this is acute bacterial prostatitis the infected man can see the symptoms above along with nausea and vomiting . The cause in most cases are unknown , for those who prostatitis was caused by bacteria it may have come from the urine or stool in the rectum flowing back into the urethra. Other causes are from rectal intercourse, bladder infection , autoimmune disease, having a urinary catheter recently inserted .
      • Remedies may vary depending on your diagnosis , treatment range from antibiotics to kill the bacteria , inflammatory drugs , muscle relaxants , surgery and warm sitz baths .
    • Kidney stones and fishy odor urine

    Normally waste products is passed out in our urine which is produced in our kidneys. If the urine becomes saturated with chemical waste , these can crystallize and form stone like deposits in the kidneys. Kidney stones vary in size , small ones may travel down the urinary tract and simply pass out in the urine larger stones tend to stay in the kidney but can move into the ureter , where they can lodge and cause pain. The pain can radiate from back (usually one side ) to the groin . Sometimes it can be felt in the genital as well. Other symptoms are frequent urination with pain , blood in urine cause by the stones grazing the walls of the organ , nausea and vomiting , cloudy urine with strong ammonia or fishy smell .   Remedies Drink plenty of water 2 to 3 litres a day , increase fluid intake during hot weather , drink natural cranberry juices , avoid too much rhubarb , Spinach and asparagus as they promote formation of oxalate stones . Check your doctor larger stones may require surgery if stick in your kidney.  
    •  Dehydration

    Dehydration can cause your urine to be yellow and have fishy odor . We need consume at least 8 glass of water daily to get rid of waste and other functions especially during hot weather. Insufficient fluid intake can cause your urine to become saturated which can result in burning sensation during urination and a rotten fish smell especially if you ate seafood during that period of dehydration.
    • Foods that cause fishy urine .

    The are a number of foods that cause your urine to smell. I have read quite a few forum online of people asking if fish causes their urine to smell fishy. Some persons digestive system just do not break down proteins well because of the lack of specific enzymes thus causing their urine to have an fishy malodorous . Here are some foods that make our urine smell we have salmon which is high in Vitamin B6 and since this vitamin is water soluble it passes through our kidney into your urine causing it to have a yellow fishy smell. Asparagus has a compound called mercaptan which when broken down by your digestive system it produces a bad odor in your urine . If you are a person who eats a lot of curry you would realize your urine has a strong smell or fishy smell . The cumin and coriander in curries are the culprit because these odor causing products pass through your kidney . There are other foods such as cabbage , coffee, puffed wheat, garlic , fenugreek, alcohol, brussel sprouts can cause odor in your urine . [quads id="3"]
    • Cystitis

      Cystitis another infection that cause your urine to smell like fish . Cystitis is made from two words cyst means bladder and itis means inflammation therefore cystitis is an inflamed bladder caused mostly by bacterial infection but can also be caused by fungal infection ,kidney stones , chemical irritants as well as trauma to the bladder . Cystitis is a type of UTI which is caused by  mostly by an ascending infection . These infection comes from rectal area to the urethra into the bladder  in rare occasions it starts from the blood and goes into the kidney  down to the bladder and urethra . Cystitis occur mostly in women but can happen in men . People with diabetes , those who hold urine for long periods , sexual intercourse can introduce bacteria in the urethra this is called honeymoon cystitis, wiping your butt from back to front and being at a post menopausal age. Symptoms of cystitis includes suprapubic pain , cloudy urine due to too much white blood cells , strong fishy smell during urination , lower abdominal pain , difficulty urinating or painful urination ( dysuria) , frequent urination , the urine maybe small in volume . Remedies There are antibiotics that can be used to kill the E coli or whichever bacteria is in the bladder.  Best methods of prevention is to drink lots of fluid  to flush out bacteria , empty bladder after sexual activity , which your butt correctly from front to back the same for the vagina to prevent bacteria from enter .

    • Urinary tract Infection,

      most commonly of E.coli. The bacteria can travel from the neighboring bowel to infect the bladder and also the urine.
    • Vigorous sexual intercourse,

      which can bruise the mucosal lining of the vagina or the penis, interfering with the normal environment. This results in an inflammation and an increased susceptibility to infection and fishy smell of the urine.

    • Medicines

      , certain antibiotics may affect the environment of the urinary tract leading to the excessive growth of that bacteria which produces the fishy smell.
    • Sexual intercourse, with an infected person

      who is suffering from bacterial vaginosis or has an infection of Gardnerella or trichomoniasis.
    • Multiple sexual partners

      increase the chance of contracting these infections.
    Treatment Treatment of fishy smelling urine starts with a diagnosis. You need to visit the doctor to actually delineate the cause for the treatment to be effective. The most common treatment employed is the use of antibiotics. Other causes are handled by counseling and advice. Also, the person's sexual partners are treated for the disease as well to limit its spread. Remedies there are numerous remedies that you can use at home to relieve yourself of the foul fishy smell. The common ones that are sure to help with the odor and the associated itchy symptoms include:
    • Refrain from wearing tight clothing and change frequently, this prevents the buildup of bacteria and reinfection. Also, the skin-friendly loose clothing helps reduce the irritation around the sensitive parts.
    • Drink lots of water, a good way to get rid of the odor is to flush all the bad urine out. Drinking up to 12 glasses a day helps in doing just that.
    • Cranberry juice, fresh cranberries are loaded with antioxidant and antibacterials that help with the itch and the smell of the as well.
    • Baking soda and water, mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in 4 liters of warm water and drink it throughout the day. This helps the kidneys to make an acidic urine, which replenishes the acidic environment of the urinary tract, helping against the infection.
    All these remedies are effective ways to counteract a foul smelling urine. However, if the symptoms worsen or persist, you should visit your doctor immediately for fear of something more serious. The urine is an important excretion that one can use to analyze the working systems of their body. Keeping note of and treating any disturbances is important and the above remedies and treatment can surely help you get rid of that foul smell for good!
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    Sticky Stool . It is a sign of unhealthy gut .

    Are you one of those persons who spend a long time in the toilet wiping your butt over and over and just cannot seem to get rid of the sticky stool . You may also find you are a two or three time flusher because your stool just always seem to stick to the toilet bowl, then you may have a sticky poop problem .

    Is it a bad or unhealthy thing to have sticky poop ?

    Research has shown that sticky poop can predispose you to colorectal rectal cancer . Sticky poop is also a sign that you either need to change your diet or something is wrong in your gut .Many people suffer from sticky stools that cling to the gut wall. Unaware, these people don't realize the health issues that they may be suffering from such as colorectal cancer. You need to consider the potential risks and problems that are associated with this kind of excreta .   The human body is an amazingly complicated machinery. Each of its function is so entwined with all the others, that disruption of one means failure of all. For our bodies to be healthy and functioning in prime condition, everything, from our breathing to the way we poop needs to be just right. You may be surprised, but even the nature and the frequency of your washroom habits contribute towards your well-being. A frequently ignored aspect of health is the consistency of your daily poop. Here are some common reasons that may cause your poop to become sticky.


    Fatty food , fat is important to our diet because it helps to absorb some types of vitamins into our body ,provide energy for our cells and boost our immune system . But ingesting large quantities of unhealthy fatty food will make your poo sticky. The sticky poop is basically all the unabsorbed fat. Eating large quantities of fat overloads the intestine, making it impossible to absorb the extra fat. This extra fat is then excreted in the stool, making it sticky. The scientific word for fatty stool is steatorrhea signs of sticky stool are usually very bulky and sticky poop that may look oily or greasy. Steatorrhea occur if gallbladder does not produce enough bile or the pancreas do not produce enough enzymes to break down the fat you ate . [quads id="3"] Ulceration , ulcer can cause bleeding in your stomach walls when the blood mix with your stool it looks black and becomes sticky . Ulceration  is usually caused by dietary stress example  having a high protein diet causes your stomach to releases excess pepsin and hydrochloric acid which irritates the stomach wall , incomplete chewing of food can cause starch to ferment in the stomach causing ulcers there are other causes but the important point to note is that stomach ulcer can cause sticky poop.  Food intolerance , sometimes certain people cannot digest specific foods such as gluten , fructose ,MSG ,beans , lactose and rye. Their body just doesn't make the appropriate enzymes for their digestion. Ultimately, all this food is excreted in the stool as sticky poo. Sign that goes with food intolerance are excess gas , bloating , diarrhea , vomiting ,stuffy nose , abdominal pain and headaches after eating . Bilrubin , the brown color of our feces is caused by bilirubin which is produced by the liver when it processes dead red blood cells in order to prepare them for excretion. It is stored in the gallbladder and released into the intestine where bacteria metabolize it and change its color it can also  cause you to have sticky stool. Dampness of the colon , this is the term used to describe the built up of waste or gunk on your digestive system which is cause by bad dietary habits . If you are eating a lot of mucus forming foods like gluten , sugar , dairy and alcohol you build up a lot of mucus and gunk in your system . Dampness usually cause mucus to be in your poop which makes it sticky . [quads id="1"] Gallstones and liver damage, both of these conditions lead to the inability of bilirubin to reach the intestines. This bilirubin is the magic chemical that allows the emulsification of fats to make them ready for digestion. No bilirubin in the intestines makes all the fat leave the intestines in stool making it sticky. Bleeding in the digestive tract,  worms in the intestine may lead to chronic bleeding into the intestine. This leads to black stools that are also sticky. Black stools can also point to other sinister causes like hemorrhage, which needs immediate medical attention.

    Remedies for Sticky Poop

    Having discussed the causes, it is quite evident that sticky poo shouldn't be ignored. There may be something quite problematic going on in your body to cause it. So, are there any ways that you can treat it? Actually, there are a number of remedies that you can use at home to treat the condition. We do recommend that you visit the doctor in case you spot black stools or blood in your poo. However, the usual sticky poop can be treated in the following manner:
    • lower your fat intake, as this may be the no1 culprit behind all the stickiness. Of the three types of foods proteins, carbohydrates and fats , the latter has the most calories 9 calories from every gram . We need to consume about 25 to 35 percent of dietary fat so if we eat 2500 calories daily we need to 625 to 875 calories of fat daily .Reduce your bad fat intake such as fried chicken , chips , processed and pack foods . Fats lurk in many processed food we eat daily so always check your packages for the number gram or calories coming from fats.
    • [easyazon_link identifier="B00BCNM55C" locale="US" nw="y" nf="y" tag="httpneveragai-20" cart="n" cloak="n" localize="y" popups="y"]keep a food log[/easyazon_link] try an elimination diet avoid certain foods for three to four weeks to see if your symptoms subsidies if it doesn’t try eliminating other foods . Once your symptoms go away reintroduce the same foods ,if they come back you are intolerant to those foods . Add  digestive enzymes and probiotics to your diet to help improve digestion. [easyazon_image align="none" height="500" identifier="B00RH5K26I" locale="US" src="" tag="httpneveragai-20" width="353"]
    • Include more fruits and vegetables to add fiber to your intestinal contents. This adds bulk to your food and helps maintain the right balance.
    • Drink more water every day to help your digestive system work efficiently.
    • Avoid or reduce allergic  foods as they will only trigger your disorder.
    • Use the squatting position, to help empty your bowels completely which prevent stool from sticking to your anus it also prevents hemorrhoids . Read more about squatting toilet and hemorrhoids .
    • Add prebiotics and probiotics to your diet 
    • Try digestive enzymes they will help to break down certain sugars your body to reduce stress on your system , also note that we have less digestive enzymes as we grow older.
    • Reduce dampness in your colon by reducing simple carbohydrates and sugars , alcohol, fatty, greasy and deep-fried food .Increase your fiber which help to remove toxins and cholesterol from your system
    All these remedies will help you to regain normal stools and get rid of all the stickiness. Sticky stool is not normal and there can be a major reason behind it. What starts off as just stickiness can lead to severe gastrointestinal upsets and even chronic diseases. Hence, it is best to identify and treat the cause before it gets out of hand. These remedies are sure to help you get healthy stools once more. However, for a change, you do need to change yourself also!