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    Foods and drinks that stain your teeth

    stain Over time as we grow older our teeth will change colors due to the things we consume . This post will give a list of food that stain our teeth and tips how to prevent these stains. Chromogens and Tannins are the main culprits in food and drinks that stain your teeth. Chromogens are found in foods with high acidity these molecules attach themselves to your teeth and converts into dyes or stains . Tannin are naturally occur in plants the have a number of positive benefits to our body but the negative effect is that  our teeth because they stain. 1.Coffee The number one thing that stain your teeth is coffee anything that stains your porcelain cup will stain your teeth. Solution : The darker the coffee the darker the stain you can add milk or cream to your coffee to help reduce the staining also drinking coffee with a straw keep the stain off front teeth . Drink your coffee warm because hot coffee opens up the pores in your teeth and increases staining . 2.Teas Black Teas can stain as much as coffee  but they also do good for your teeth because they  have a compound call tannins which fight bacteria that fight cavity and plaque . Solution : Drink your tea with a straw or use white or green tea they have less caffeine . 3. Red wine Red wine has polyphenols which are antioxidants that help fight periodontal disease  but it does stain your teeth . Solution : wash your mouth with water after drinking red wine.Remember don't not brush after because it can damage your enamel this is because of the amount of acid in your wine that soften your enamels . [wp_ad_camp_1] 4.Colas Any cola will discolor your teeth  the darker the worst and the more cold it is deeper the stain . Solution : Again you can use a straw 5. Cranberry Drinking cranberry which is highly pigmented will  blemish your white . Solution : it is advisable to use the white cranberry rinse which has less effect on your teeth . 6.Energy drinks have way more caffeine than coffee so contribute to the darkness on your teeth. Solution : Drink with a straw 7.Balsamic vinegar  Solution : you can use a light vinegar instead or eat it with lettue which help prevent staining other such foods as  broccoli , apple and celery sticks  8. Soy sauce and tomato paste Solution : the solution would be the same for the vinegar also you can rinse your mouth with water. Replace your soy sauce with red sauce or use with olive oil base sauce. 9. Other foods  Popsicle and Black licorice . Solution : Wash mouth with water
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    How to clean smelly socks

    smelly socks cartoon     Have you ever washed a pair of socks with detergent and bleach and it still  had an odor.  Well this happens to be me . I am a person who sweat excessively on my hands and feet so most evening after work when I am removing my socks it would be damp , after a few days of wearing it would be smelly . Well of course I though a simple laundry wash would work but I was wrong so I tried a number of methods to get them clean and I found two methods that really worked well which I will explain below.

    What really makes your socks stink ?

    Before I explain  you need to understand the reason why your sock is that stink and it has to do with bacteria . They live everywhere  once you sweat they start to feed and multiply making your socks their home . Like every living thing once they eat they must excrete so when bacteria excrete they leave a bad smell . So basically to get rid of the smell you have to kill the bacteria . METHOD ONE USE VINEGAR  This is where white vinegar comes in there are two ways I have fixed the problem of bad smelling socks . The first method to use vinegar  worked excellent you need mix three cups of water with 1 cup of white vinegar and soak your socks overnight . The next day you can wash it in the washer with your other clothing this will surely leave your socks fresh again . The other way is to throw two cups of vinegar  in the wash along with your detergent and wash as regular . [wp_ad_camp_1] METHOD TWO USE ENZYME CLEANER Enzyme cleaners are known for breaking down waste and dirt into smaller molecules so this makes them very effective against  stains and odor and since they can keep working as long as 80 hours after application so surely this is a great way to clean your smelly socks. Enzyme cleaners can also remove stain it would work excellent for white socks. METHOD THREE USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE  If you don't have any of the above ingredients  in your home you can use hydrogen peroxide which has  antibacterial properties they kill bacteria by destroying their cell walls and they also gets rid of malodours .You can make a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 3 part water soak your socks over night and then was with your regular clothes . Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties so its recommended for white socks. OTHER METHODS  Methods for slightly smelly socks that was not so effective was washing the socks with baking soda and detergent after the were dried I could still smell odor faintly another method I found on the internet that I tried was to soak to haven't tried was to soak your socks in rubbing alcohol overnight the mixture should be 1 part rubbing alcohol 2 part water . Alcohol can be used as an antiseptic so it has some bacteria killing properties. TIPS PREVENT SOCKS SMELLING IN THE FUTURE Keep your shoes clean and odor free . Use odor eating insoles

    Try Anti-Microbial Wicking socks

    Take weekly foot bath to keep bacteria and fungus away

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    18 Natural remedy for tonsillitis and sore throat

    Tonsillitis in the throat There are many cases where natural home remedies works better than some modern medical solution and I have seen this first hand. My sister suffered with severe sore throat which was the result of tonsillitis for about five year it started when she was 18 many times it was so severe she couldn't talk or eat . She would go through these regimens of getting a slight cold, then comes the tonsillitis ,a visit to the doctor ,he gives her a dose of antibiotics then it goes away within 5 days . Now the tonsillitis is gone but she has gotten really bad yeast infection from drinking too much antibiotics which last for a months and this went on for about 5 to 6 times a year. Then the doctor recommend cutting out her tonsils . We decide to visit a herbal doctor he recommended some home natural remedies for her tonsillitis which involved drinking of ginger and honey , building her immune system by drinking warm lemon water every morning . This is the fifth year and she has not been afflicted by sore throat or tonsillitis . There are over 15 home remedies for tonsillitis and sore throat which I will discuss but first lets look at the different types of sore throat.

    Types of sore throat : Strep throat vs Tonsillitis vs Glandular fever

    Sore throat can be recognized by  symptoms such as pain and inflammation in the throat, swollen lymph nodes in the neck difficulty swallowing and high temperature. Most sore throat are caused by viral infections and usually clears up in a few days once your immune system is strong but some are caused by bacteria which can be more serious. There are different types or severity of sore throat we will now look at . First off we have tonsillitis referred to the inflammation of the tonsil , tonsil are large lymph nodes that can be found on either side of the back of the tongue. They are part of a ring of immune tissue around the mouth and nose which serves to intercept any invading bacteria or virus trying to enter your respiratory system . Infections and inflammation of the throat and tonsils are common and vast majority are viral infections, that last a few days. Most can be treated at home with simple natural   remedies and self measures but you should seek medical attention if symptoms are particularly severe such as having difficulty in breathing  . The symptoms are usually swollen ,Nausea and vomiting,yellow,white or grey pus coating on the tonsil,difficulty swallowing ,headache ,hoarse throat,nasal congestion,ear pain and fever or chills. Strep throat an extreme sore throat more than tonsillitis with similar symptoms it  can be the  result of infection by Streptococcus bacteria. This requires treatment with antibiotics. Distinguishing a viral sore throat from a bacterial infection can be very difficult and   in general a bacteria sore throat can make you feel worst than a viral one. You may also have pus and ulcers on your tonsils and throat. To aid diagnosis a swab may be taken and sent to a laboratory for testing. Glandular fever may have similar symptoms to tonsillitis and strep throat but  tends to last for weeks rather than days. Glandular fever can be easily diagnosed by a blood test.It is also accompanied by extreme tiredness which can last for months and some patients may have yellow discolouration in their eyes. Recurrent tonsillitis is an infection confined to the tonsils. The tonsils are larger in children than adults which is why children ate more prone to it than adults in the past thousand of children would have their tonsils surgically remove (tonsillectomy).Nowadays doctors are reluctant to remove them because they provide useful function of as part of our body defenses . Those persons who have five bouts or more a year are usually referred to ear nose throat specialist  but with these natural alternative remedies below you can permanently keep them away the remedies below are made from nature natural antibiotics which are difficult for virus and bacteria to find resistance .

     Natural home solution for sore throat and tonsillitis

    Ginger is one of the most powerful natural antibiotic and research was done to prove this by Ethiopia's College of Medicine at the University of Gondar which proved  that ginger was more effective than   methicillin, amoxicillin and penicillin which are three of the most powerful antibiotics  they  were cultured in a broth with the bacteria's ,  Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae or 24 hour and the ginger was more effective they also did the same with honey found it was also effective against the strains of bacteria. Ginger is an analgesic which means it can also ease pain and a perfect natural treatment to fight tonsillitis . natural antibiotics for tonsillitis Remedy 1. Cut 6 slices of the ginger root for ten minutes with  two cups of water  . Then cool until warm enough to drink . Sip periodically throughout day and ensure you have a portion before bed. Hot or cold beverages are best for soothing tonsillitis so you can have your alternative blends either way. After the tonsillitis would have subsided you can drink it three times a week once in the morning.Tonsillitis_mixture_ingredients_         Remedy 2. Blend about 3 inch of the root with 3 cups of hot water strain to remove the Pulp mix with 3 to 4 teaspoon of honey Remedy 3.For both remedy 1 and 2  you can squeeze a lime or lemon to add some Vitamin C to improve your immune pack for throat Remedy 4.Make a cold compress by place ice in a towel or soaking a sponge in water then freeze ,place them on your throat to get rid of the pain.   Remedy 5.Pour a glass of hot or cold milk place half tsp turmeric powder half , one tsp black pepper mix and drink before going to sleep to help the pain.Turmeric also has antibiotic properties to fight the virus or bacteria. Turmeric is also a great antioxidant which will help your immune system one of the best turmeric is meriva turmeric complex  it's easily absorbed in the body. Remedy 6 In a glass a warm water squeeze a half a lemon 2 tbsp honey add a pinch of salt mix and sip three times a day. Remedy 7. Warm glass of water tsp of salt gargle at the back of your throat to soothe your throat. REmedy 8.Mix lukewarm water a tsp of bake soda gargle twice a day. clove on a table Remedy 9.Place two roasted clove in your mouth and suck the juice , clove also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.   Remedy 10. Two tsp of honey squeeze one lemon  in a glass of warm water sip every 30 minutes. Remedy 11.You can have one of the following tea for the sore throat thyme tea ,chamomile tea or  licorice tea, the oils from these tea have powerful antibacterial properties that would fight your viral infection. Remedy 12. 1 tsp apple cider 1 tsp salt 1 lemon 1 pinch of Cayenne pepper mix in a glass of warm water sip 3 to 4 time a day and before bed. Remedy 13. Suck an ice popsicle the coldness help to soothe the sore throat. Remedy 14.Olive leaf extract is great for curing sore throat olive leaves have antiviral properties and it boost your immune system faster than Vitamin C it such a powerful antibiotic that it is used to fight herpes. Remedy 15.Colloidal silver  can be sprayed at the back of the throat this is a powerful antibacterial ,anti fungal and antiviral spray .       Remedy 16.Spray 2 drops of Oregano oil at the back of your throat this is a very popular solution.

      Remedy 17. White Oak Bark can be used as a gargle to treat sore throats and tonsillitis. A tea or infusion can also be used in the treatment of bleeding gums.           Remedy 18. Bowl 1 tablespoons thinly sliced garlic with ginger cool then add two tablespoons honey and sip every 1 hour.  

    4 steps to get rid tonsillitis  permanently

    Build your immune system to fight sore throat and tonsillitis we need build our immune system by adding Vitamin C to your diet .Your body does not keep Vitamin C and it uses a lot in a day, I remember my sister used to show signs of allergies and flu before  her would start experiencing sore throat and tonsillitis. My mom would give her warm glass of lemon water every morning before eating anything else and certain time of the year like when she has to study too much , perform stressful activities and when there is a change in the season. She would also give her Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets  500Mg twice a day if she thinks she need it. Zinc is also important so check your diet to see of you are getting enough  also  echinacea and Vitamin D can boost you immune response to viral infections. Hydrate your body and rest  by drink a lot of water daily many parents give their children soda more than water so this allows the mucous in your in your sinus to dry up mucous membrane in the nose because they capture all the bacteria virus an allergen before they enter your lungs. Clean your sinus always wash out your sinus in the morning this gets rid of the microorganism you would have breath in over night you can use a Nasopure System Kit or other sinus wash. Fight the pain and kill the virus Once you contract you need to fight the virus or bacteria the pain and soothe your throat with the remedies above.
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    Remove tartar and plaque at home

    tartar or plaque on teeth              


    What is plaque and tartar?

    Plaque  is the term used for food deposits on our teeth is( usually has a white to cream color) it is caused by bacteria which forms a biofuel on your teeth from food particles and saliva. Tartar also known as calculus is not plaque it is formed when plaque is hardened  between teeth on on the teeth .Mature plaque is like community of different bacteria with various duties .Theses bacteria are only harmless if they do not form tartar once they do in 24 hour disease forming plaque and then tartar can form once not removed. Most person have less plaque on their anterior teeth which are your incisors and canines and more on the posterior those are the molars and premolars which are all loss by age 50 because of bad dental care due to plaque. Even with everyday brushing and flossing many persons teeth get plaque  resulting in tartar buildup between to 1 to 3  leading to gingivitis and bad breath.
    Why would you clean your plaque and tartar at home ?
    There are person who are literally afraid of the dentist or just cannot pay $100 to $300 to see them so their only option is to DIY themselves at  home .
    How to test for plaque on your teeth?By Themolarbear (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
    You can see the plaque on your teeth by using  Disclosing tablets , these tablets are made of a harmless vegetable dye.It's hard to see plaque with the naked eye but with these tablets its stains the teeth and highlight where plaque is located .Look at the picture all the areas which have the red color has plaque . You can use disclosing tablets by chewing it  then swish it around your mouth then rinse with some water .You will now see all the areas which has plaque and you can brush and floss away them away . Disclosing tablets are great to have in your home to teach children to brush their teeth correctly by showing them the calculus build up or the plaque there toothbrush missed. Check it out.


    What options you have to remove plaque and tartar at home ?


    1. Use Plax Advanced Formula Plaque Loosening Rinse

    plax plaque remover   My  sister has been flossing and using Plax  for 10 years now because she was so afraid of deep cleaning .Whenever the family gets her to the dentist because she is so scared of them they are always surprised what good condition her teeth is in. Plax is made of an ingredient called   tetrasodium pyrophosphate acts as a tartar control agent, serving to remove calcium and magnesium from saliva and thus preventing them from being deposited on teeth. Plax does not work if used alone . For success it you must rinse your mouth for 30 second to 1 minute before brushing and flossing to loosen up the plaque  if you have thick layers of plaque it can take about 4 to 6 week to see success  . Some studies  on Plax mouthwash was done but result were inconclusive but did show  some minimal removal of plaque. According to a number of customer on Amazon it does work for them. Check it out.

    2.Periogen "Hygienist-clean" Tartar Removing Oral Rinse

                  Any dentist will tell you that the key to prevent gum disease is to remove the tartar. Periogen makers claim this is the alternative to remove tartar at home its the world's first dental tartar remover that has been used for years by dentist.   Periogen has been tested by Nelson Labs,SLC Utah for home safety use following FDA guidelines to progressively and safely  removes dental tartar .
    Helps stop bleeding gums, oral bacteria, Gum Disease (Gingivitis), and Periodontal Disease.Recommended by dental professionals.
    (a) You can use with a waterpik (this is the most effective method) which I will discuss later in this post. Periogen is in a powder form you can add one to two scoop in the waterpik reservoir  depending on the thickness of the tartar. Use warm water which will make cleaning easier on your gum.Apply for two to three week for full results. (b) Use Periogen when brushing by apply  a scoop to a cup of warm water add some natural or simple toothpaste to your toothbrush stir the toothbrush in the warm mixture and brush repeat again until satisfied. (c) The swishing method is done by placing a scoop of the powder in a warm glass of water and swish for about 1 minute then brush with natural tooth or regular toothpaste. I haven't seen any  studies which prove that is does work except from the makers themselves , but it get great reviews from customers. Check it out.

    3. Activated Charcoal for Tartar and plaque removal.

    Activated Charcoal
      Activated charcoal is a natural way to remove tartar and plaque it use can  date back to over 3000 year, long before we had toothpaste to brush our teeth . It has a number of medical uses such as removing poison and toxins from our body ,whitening teeth getting rid of bad breath  and removing tartar which we will be looking at .
    How to use activated charcoal for teeth cleaning?                                        
    (a) Make a toothpaste 
    1/3 cup charcoal powder 2/3 cup raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil peppermint essential oil (food grade) 3 drops or more to your taste/optional  mix them to form the paste.                                                                                                                                                                                             
    (b)Buy a charcoal toothpaste (c) You can also buy activated charcoal  it cost about $5 a bottle  apply it on your toothpaste when brushing . Read more about activated charcoal  there uses and side effects.


    4. Use toothpaste with tetrasodium pyrophosphate and Triclosan to remove tartar

    Tartar or calculus is formed when calcium and phosphate bind in your mouth they form crystals these crystal harden and thus you have tartar . Using toothpaste with tetrasodium pyrophosphate  helps to prevent tartar from forming by removing calcium and magnesium from our saliva inhibiting the formation of calculus. A clinical study on tartar was done over 12 week period using toothpaste with tetrasodium pyrophosphate and sodium tripolyphosphate  on 73 subjects who had a Volpe Manhold Calculus Index of 7.0 and greater. After the twelve weeks  the subjects saw a 43.5 % reduction in Calculus Index score. Triclosan is an antimicrobial which clinical studies shows kills the germs  between our teeth and  gum but some dentists believe this is not that important ingredient once we keep our mouth clean. These toothpaste can be easily be found in your local store check them out.

    5. Natural home remedies for removing plaque and tartar( calculus ).

                    For persons who don't care too much for chemicals there are 4 home remedies you can try. (a) you can make a natural tooth using 1/2 cup coconut oil ,3 spoons of baking powder,2 little packets of stevia powder and 20 drops of peppermint oil for flavour. (b)Rub orange peel also called rind on your teeth and leave it on for an hour then brush . Orange peel has an oil called limonene which is safe solvent for breaking down plaque .

    (c)This is a very old method used by people in Africa ,chew some sesame seeds  then brush your teeth the oil in the seed are known to breakdown tartar.Note many people are allergic sesame seeds so be careful.

    (d)  Place a teaspoon of baking soda and salt  in a bowl mix them ,rub on your toothbrush and brush your teeth .Ensure you cover all areas which  has plaque.

    6 .Use At home Professional Water Flosser to remove tartar
    water flosser removing plaque and tartar
                    Water flossing is the most effective method of flossing to remove  plaque and tartar  base on a number of clinical studies done(2) (3) . With the force of water it removes plaque from your tooth in areas where your toothbrush and string floss would not reach . To obtain the best result from a water floss you should use warm water  along with a solution to soften the plaque such as the Plax or Periogen. You can read more about the types of water flossers here.

      7. Get a Professional Clean With Dental Scrapers

    tooth scraper
    These are professional dental tartar scraper they come with three or more pieces the mains ones are  a dental pick which cleans particles between the teeth it works like a dental floss, the dental scraper is a metal hook which is used for scraping the plaque and tartar from your teeth and under your gum and last we have the dental mouth mirror which is used to help you see difficult area in the mouth. These tool are not easy to use so it advisable to watch videos on YouTube how to use them yourself , or have someone with experience use them on you . Also use a tartar softener such as the two discussed above before using the pick and scraper to make the job easier. Conclusions Even though the above mechanisms can partly or fully help to remove plaque and tartar at some point you should see a  dental professional because he or she would be able to see  dental problem you cannot recognise.