25 Tips for Better Listening

Listening is often overlooked in terms of development because people assume they already know how to listen. After all, the mechanics of listening seem very simple. One person speaks; another person listens and…read more →

Language that blocks communication

Today I would like us to see together one of the elements that  blocks communication between people. These are moral judgments , which are those that we issue when people do not act according…read more →

Empathy vs sympathy vs apathy

When the Civil War of the North ended in America, many veterans maintained feelings of hatred towards the South and wanted to achieve a punitive peace. Abraham Lincoln tried to serve…read more →

Chocolate Keratin

It is a home treatment by means of which a hair recovery is achieved making the hair more healthy and silky in a few minutes thanks to its 3 essential…read more →

What is Liquid keratin?

Liquid keratin is an alternative product for home treatments of smoothing, with a slightly higher cost. This product is composed of pure keratin from New Zealand pure wool and is isolated…read more →

Hydrolyzed Collagen Weight Loss?

Considered the most abundant protein in the whole human body, collagen represents approximately 30% of the total amount of this nutrient found in the body. This strong and hard structure is…read more →

Collagen for weight loss : Benefits and tips

Collagen supplements have been increasingly used by people who want to lose weight and improve body health. Collagen has several beneficial effects scientifically proven, so that its consumption is generally recommended. If…read more →

How proteins help us to lose weight

Proteins are considered as plastic nutrients, that is, essential for the construction of structures of our body, the muscle between them. But proteins also help us lose weight by the impact they have…read more →

Keratin treatment without formaldehyde

We already advance in previous articles when we explained the benefits of keratin  that it was always advisable to do it with a solution that does not have formaldehyde . There are many different treatments and we…read more →

Keratin straightening at home

If you have come this far, it is because you already know the benefits of keratin straightening , I personally have tried a lot of treatments in houses and I have had some bad experiences…read more →

Collagen and Keratin: Hair Benefits

Collagen and Keratin: Benefits for Hair. If you are desperate because your hair does not recover from summer, the solution lies in collagen and keratin. With them the hair recovers from what…read more →

Classification of proteins

Types of proteins Proteins are the most abundant macromolecules within the cell. Each of them has a specific function, but not all are equal, so they have a classification, which determines…read more →

Difference between genotype and phenotype

Two important concepts for the development of genetics at the beginning of the 20th century were those of phenotype and genotype , created by the Danish researcher Wilhelm L. Johannsen (1857-1912). Phenotype The term…read more →

Soap with ph 5.5

The pH of the skin is acidic, usually between 3.5 to 5.5; range in which they inhabit approximately 1.5 million microorganisms per square centimeter, which feed on the dirt to which…read more →

Difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

As many know, information technology is the processing of information through electronic devices that perform three specific tasks: input, processing and output information. Thus, in computing, a port is a connection…read more →
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