Advantages and disadvantages of fuel cells

Fuel cells are considered to be future energy and a very promising technology. Despite the expectations the truth is that the fuel cells present advantages and disadvantages from their use and even in the manufacture.…read more →

Water birth pros and cons

Childbirth in water consists of the birth of the baby with the mother immersed in water, in a bathtub or pool. It's a very old way of being born. Hieroglyphs reveal that…read more →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using CT Scan

Providing a clearer spatial perception than conventional CT scanning is certainly one of the greatest advantages of Helicoid Computed Tomography . This is achieved because, in it, the images are obtained from cross-sections of the body…read more →

Advantages of hydraulic system

  The hydraulic system acts, basically with the generation of movement or force, through the fluid, which promotes mechanical strength. Among the components present in the hydraulic system are the pump,…read more →

Advantage and disadvantage of protectionism

Supporters of "free trade" propose an open system, without obstacles. The protectionists believe that the government should regulate commercial matters and subsidize industries and products to protect the domestic economy. Historically,…read more →


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