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Do ab wheel work?


Ab wheel is a must have piece of equipment if you whow to do work out with ab wheelant to achieve great abs or just work out your abs,  abs wheels will work for you once used correctly ,even if you are a very fit person  these wheels will give you a workout to remember.This post will give the the fact on what are ab wheels how to use them to burn belly fat and review the best ab wheels .


 What is an abs wheel or ab roller?

The abs wheel have been around for decades used by bodybuilders and fitness trainers as a highly advanced training tool for core strength and stability , they were usually made at home using a small wheels ,a piece of wood or iron .Today they are made and design by a number of sports manufacturing company .The traditional ab roller is made with a single wheel , non skid rubber  at the center and the two exposed ends  fitted with rubber grip handle ,it usually has a dimension ranging from 6 inches to 9 inches .There have been a number of moderation made to the traditional wheel ,some have two wheel very close to each other with the rubber grip passing through the middle , some have a broader wheel and other have made adjustments to the angle of the handle.

What muscles does the ab wheel work?

The ab wheel was designed to give you ripped abs without doing crunches it is one of the best core exercise equipment out there and it also works other parts of our body, but the exercises has to be done progressively from a beginner stage to advance stages . Ab wheels can work your:

  • abs,
  • obliques, 
  • back (lower and upper back)
  • hips, 
  • glutes
  • chest,
  • arms, 
  • hamstrings, 
  • calves
  • bicep
  • triceps
  • shoulders


This home gym takes a good deal of core endurance and stability to be used effectively and safely once mastered there is a wide range of lower and upper body exercises .The list of exercise which can be performed are :

    • roll outs
    • push-ups(five different strength levels)
    • leg curls, 
    • inch worms, 
    • crab walks
    • resisted diagonal roll outs (require a resistant band)
    • resisted diagonal push ups (require a resistant band)
    • resisted roll outs (require a resistant band)
    • single leg squat roll out
    • plank knee in
    • knee ins
    • pike
    • This book below has way more  exercises for your arms, abs ,legs and back using the ab wheel and you can also check Youtube .

50 exercises which can be done with ab wheel

So to answer the question does the ab wheel work we will review 4 top rated abs wheels .

1.Lifeline USA Power Wheel II 


This is my personal favorite I have used this for 13 months its a very durable and must have gym equipment .
Product descriptions :The Lifeline USA Power Wheel 11 , axle is designed to accommodate both foot and hand .It has a Velcro toe fastener with latex loops to fit your heels so it can basically adjust to any size feet.The wheel is 14 inches in diameter and 6 lbs in weight which makes it lightweight and easy to store.This wheel is designed to perform lower and upper body workout.The product comes with an instructional DVD which shows you different workout you can perform.





4 to 5 star customers

On Amazon 84 customer reviewed the products 89% giving it 4 to 5 stars most of these customer stated this is one of the best exercise equipment to have . They also stated it was easy to assemble ,sturdy,provides the best core workout and increase your balance. Truc Nguyen “TN” (CA, USA) wrote  This is a great product. I consider myself sufficiently fit and man, this wheel kicked my butt.Highly recommend it!!!

3 and 1 stars customers 
All these customer were upset that the straps didn’t fit their feet properly because of their wide  feet.One customer wrote the plastic strap broke off while trying to place on their feet.
Pros:gives you a wider range of upper and lower body workout than most abs wheels
Con:Some person have difficulty putting on them by themselves which can cause it to break. 

Video show some exercise which can be performed with the power wheel
 Updated  May 2015 (I decided to buy another one of these abdominal rollers and found that it’s a scare product and the price had doubled over 2 two year so I bought the P90X Hard Core AB Wheel .You can read the review below. 


2.Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro
Product description: The Fitness Ab Carver Pro it a wide version of the ab wheel which provide the best stability.It is built with an internal Carbon Steel Spring recoil  which prevents you from rolling back when rolling forward and provides assistance when rolling backwards.The grip is Rubberized to prevent slips.It also come with a foam knee pad.
144 customer reviewed this product  90% give this product 4 to 5 stars making this wheel one of the  best rated abs wheel on Amazon .Most customer praise the product because it was great for working your obliques. It also provided great resistance when rolling because of the internal spring .Some customers started seeing results within 2 to 4 weeks using the the fitness ab carver pro .
7% of the customer rated the product between 3 to 1 star complaints were it was a little too easy to use ,these customers were very fit,a little too difficult for 2 beginners and one customer complaint that the spring broke but the wheel was still able to roll but without the recoil
Pro :it great for working obliques ,great help with stability unlike other ab wheels because of the broad wheels. The recoil action will help those persons who have problem maintain neutral spine position.
Cons:If you are a fit person you might find this product not challenging enough

3.Valeo Ab Wheel

Valeo Ab Wheel
Product description: This wheel was constructed for stability with two non skid wheels,rubber foam grip for easily handle .This product comes with an instructional guide to work every major muscle groups of your upper body.





This product was rated by 361 Amazon customers 87% rated it 4 to 5 stars .One customer wrote that is created a nice line down their stomach to give a defined six pack ,a number of customers wrote they used other wheel and this worked the best ,it is sturdy and rolls out very well .

Customers who give this product low rating wrote the handle made of a very thin plastic ,one customer said his handle broke because he was 185lbs ,some customers had difficulty rolling out and the handle was difficult to put on the metal bar.
Pros:It has two wheel for more stability ,roll out well for for beginners to advanced workouts.

Cons: It can wobble a little ,when setting it up you will have difficulty putting on the plastic handle ,ensure you use oil to slide it on.

 (Check it out)

 4.Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels

Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels
Product description: Firm grip foam handle,ball bearing design for smooth rolling,light enough to carry around in your gym bag ,design with the purpose of toning your lower abdomen ,strengthen your shoulders ,back and back.





This product was reviewed by 23 persons all give it 5 and 4 stars .They wrote that it worked great at working their abs and back ,it rolled very easily and allowed them to perform very difficult exercises.Only complain was that it hit each other when they come together and they are little bulky.

Pros:You can achieve a wide range of work out unlike the single wheel eg push ups ,the roll out well because of the internal ball bearing.

Cons: Tend to collide to each other if not used correctly.
(Check it out)

P90X Hard Core AB Wheel


Product description:  The PX90 is similar  to the Lifeline Pro Abs Wheel   it is a roller wheel which has a foot strap which enable you to strengthen your lower body and hand grip to strengthen your upper body. I bought this piece of equipment for my core strength exercises after my Lifeline Abs Roller which I had for two years was broken. I must say it is made of very strong materials and it works exactly as it should.
13 customers rated this roller   84%  give it 5 and 4 stars they found that it was sturdy and  comfortable  one customer stated it was of high quality plastic and metal that will surely last for years  another 5 stars customer stated that he leaves his old shoe in them and just put in next day ,  another customer wrote it ran smooth on his floor causing no damage.
One 4 star said it’s the best  foot strap he used but he give it 4 stars because  one of his toe  was dragging on the floor and he wears 10.5 shoes.
One customer give it 3 stars she didn’t find any fault with the      device , she thinks the fault is with her not using the roller
The only 1 star customer mentioned it was not sturdy.
Pros: You can perform more exercises with this wheel than the previous three ab wheels . The The Lifeline USA Power Wheel had an allen screw which would fasten into a plastic hole  to tighten the foot strap that holds your boots . But PX90 has a has metal screws and a metal hole you may ask what’s the improvement  basically the allen screws would usually become loose and worn out  not hold your foot tight as you workout . It can also workout both the upper and lower body.
Con:Some users may find the foot strap uncomfortable to use .
Conclusions and tips
So in conclusion base on hundred of reviews ab wheel do work ,you  do need to use them correctly for best result start from the basic steps doing roll outs on your knees ,or you can use an exercise ball to do the roll out if you have difficulty keeping the correct form .Always ensure you keep back straight to feel the full impact of the exercise and to avoid injuries. Use a yoga mat since it can feel a lot of discomfort  on your knee

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