How to stop peeling nails?



Many women are very concern about making their nails grow longer and stronger ,this can usually be difficult when you are experiencing peeling or splitting nails. So why does our nail peel and how can we stop the peeling, this post will cover all the possibilities.

My fingernails are peeling whats the matter you may ask.Our finger nail is a composite of  100 layer of keratin cells and our toe nail 150 layers tightly pressed together .The nail composite of kertin cells needs a balance of 18% moisture and 5% oil .Too much water makes your nails flexible ,no water makes the nail dry cracky and breakable. Less than 5% oil in the nail cells make the layers separate and peel.

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A list of possible reasons our nails peels.

  • iron,silicon and calcium deficiencies
  • lack of vitamin C and B in our bodies which helps with the absorption of iron
  • a deficiency in amino acids from protein (often occur in vegetarians)
  • your body does not get the right amount of water daily
  • using of harsh chemicals on your hands 


  • in more serious case it can be an indication that you are having problems with your circulatory system ,kidney or and your thyroid.



How you can prevent your nails from peeling?

vegetable provide vitamins for your nails
  • pay more attention to your diet if you are a vegetarian you may need more protein in your diet, you can get them from tofu ,beans and nuts.You may need foods high in  vitamin c ,iron ,vitamin b and zinc .

longer stronger hair and nails
Longer stronger hair&nails


  • consider vitamins and mineral supplements for your nail ,a good supplement should have contain Vitamins A and C,Folic Acid,Silica (from horsetail extract) ,collagen and Biotin.  



  • Drink enough water since your nail needs moisture to stay strong it important that you drink enough water to keep your nails hydrated.bottle water
  • Avoid harsh products which depletes moisture from your nails such as antibacterial solutions and soap .Also strong chemical such as bleach and other cleaning products, it advisable to wear a gloves if you are cleaning with these products or doing gardening.File:Liquid antibacterial soap.jpg
  • Acetone remover should not be used more than once a week since they dry your nails and make them brittle.
  • Inquire about the side effects of your prescription medication ,some of them cause peeling. prescription drugs
Jojoba oil  
Bee nuts  
    • use cuticle oil moisturizer and massage your nail several times a day to add oils to your cells.Cuticle oils are usually made with sunflower oil,almond oil ,sesame oil and jojoba .Note all oil penetrates your nails but the most effective oil to penetrate at a cellular level of our nail is jojoba oil since compare to the other oil  their molecules are very small . Jojoba is a oil that penetrates the nail very effectively so ensure your nail moisturizer has this oil .Below are a few well recommended brands you can click the pictures to read more.

  • trim your nail after bathing because our nail absorb water and become soft so they can be trimmed without our breaking.


  • use nail glue on broken nails to prevent further nail damage


  • Push back your cuticle to help keep your nail health ,use a two natural nail files rub them aganist each other to reduce the roughness then file your cuticle



girl repairing her nails
  • avoid submerging your hand in water for a long periods eg when washing and swimming
  • use nail polish strengthener 

Stopping peeling nails will be different for each person so you need to observe your nail on a daily bases to help identify the problem .

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