How to prevent ingrown hair or razor bumps?





This post will look at all the causes of  ingrown hair, the  methods use to remove the problem of razor bumps, permanent solution to razor bumps ,how to fix ingrown hair and the best products to prevent ingrown hair.

One in five men are affected by razor bumps some very mild and some very severe .Those men who experience severe ingrown hairs can be notice from a distance by scars on their chins,face  and neck which would have been as the result of plucking and tweezing the hairs. Women also are affected by ingrown hair especially after waxing,  but its doesn’t matter how often we experience this problem we all want to know how to prevent it . 

What is ingrown hair?

Razor bumps or ingrown hair also scientifically called pseudofolliculitis barbae is the nemesis of a shavers or persons who wax existence . They  are basically hairs that curl back into the skin ,a straight hair has a round shaped and grow straight out of the follicle opening . A curly hair has an oval shape and curves out of the follicle . An ingrown hair is a shorten curl hair and curls into and penetrates the side wall of the hair follicle the spot becomes inflamed develops a Pustules which is very tender and look like a pimple this is because the hair causes aggravation .

Who can get ingrown hair or razor bumps?

  • Anyone can get ingrown hairs,both male and female .
  • They are more common for people who have naturally curly hair , stiff hair and dark hair . 
  • African men and women or dark skin races are more prone to ingrown hairs than lighter skin . 
  • Anyone one who shaves or wax can get ingrown hair.
  • People who have thick skin
  • Shaving and waxing without pre and post  skin attention

What are some of the causes of Ingrown hairs ?

  • Dry skin
  • Embedded oils 
  • Built up of dead skin cells in the hair follicles
  • Improper shaving technique the problem arise generally when trimming off the end of the hair shaft causing the sharpening of its tips sharp hair tip pierce more easily into the skin
  • Because of the coarseness of the hair around the bikini area or upper thigh after waxing this can lead to ingrown hairs ,waxing also  destroys  the straight path which the hairs grow causing it to grow curly ,hence ingrown .

How to prevent ingrown hair or razor bumps when shaving your face ?

Step 1

To fix the problem of ingrown hair exfoliate your face two to three time a week and just before shaving so as to remove dead skin cells, built up dirt and bacteria. This allows the hair come out correctly, clog hair follicles will prevent the hair from growing back through the follicles. 
  • Before you exfoliate place a hot rag on your face for about one to two minutes to open your pores .
  • Then you can scrub your face using either a home remedy such as sugar and water ,sugar and olive oil or dermatological products .
  • These can be applied using your fingers , bath gloves ,scrubs or wash cloth rubbing gently in a circular motion. 
  •  Insure the sponge , scrub , mitt ,gloves etc is cleaned properly after use with hydrogen peroxide to prevent bacteria build up .

Note: Dark skin men and women especially Africans sometimes develop skin discoloration where one part of the skin looks light and another part looks dark this is called hyper pigmentation. If this occurs use natural exfoliates like sugar with a sponge very gentle , reduce the number of time per week you exfoliate or use a gentle face scrub like St. Ives, Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. 
 St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub, 10 Ounce Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub
Step 2
Apply shaving cream over the entire area which you would be shaving for best results use warm shaving cream this can prevent razor burns or bumps .

Step 3 
Shave using a new razor blade so as to reduce abrasions .You may ask so what razor should I use to prevent ingrown hair  avoid using  double and triple blade razor even though they give a cleaner shave they have been known to cause your hair to have a sharp tip which turns back into your skin so best to use a single blade razor you can also use bump free razors  . How should I shave to prevent razor bumps? Shave in the direction which your hair grows this will also prevent the sharp edge which the hair can develop from cutting, use short strokes with minimal pressure, clean the hair from between the razor after every stroke so as to have a clean shave avoid repeatedly shaving the the same area . Rinse the shaving cream from your face using cold water so as to close your pores and wipe your face with a clean towel . Use an after shave lotion or balms to soothe your skin and avoid irritations ,tend skin care solution is one of the best for unsightly razor bumps ingrown hair and razor burns

Note : do not use the same towel you used on other parts of your skin on your face also clean your face towel after use to avoid bacteria built up in your pores


Many persons get ingrown hair as a result of body waxing. For men is can be on the chest and back for women on the legs, bikini area and vagina .In women one of the reason hair grows back into their skin in these areas because  the skin is thick so when the hair is being removed it may break resulting in it growing back into your flesh.
  • Moisturize your skin daily this will prevent dry skin which can result in dead skin built up that leads to blocked pores.Don’t moisturize the day of the waxing
  • Exfoliate at least twice a week and a few hours before waxing to remove any dead skin or dirty blocking your pores .
  •  After waxing ,your pores will be open for about 24 hour so you should use an antiseptic to prevent the bacteria on your skin  from entering your pore  Use products with glycolic acid which will eat away dead skin and keep your body hydrate unlike alcohol products, a good product should have tea tree oil which is a natural antiseptic and does not block your pores.
  • Avoid tight clothing for 24 to 48 hours after  waxing Thigh clothing often cause friction and abrasion which prevent the hair from growing back through the hair follicles.
  • Avoid sweaty activities for few hours after hair removal since this can increase body heat and multiply bacteria in your pores making you vulnerable to ingrown hair.
  • Avoid using products that clog your pore  such as lotion or cream that has mineral oils 

How to treat an ingrown hair and get rid of it ?

If you have an ingrown hair  it may or may not become infected and you would most likely want to remove it.

You need to first lightly exfoliate the area then use a tweezers for ingrown hairs  with the pointed tip to remove the hair be careful not to break the skin when using the tweezers to lift the ingrown part out of the skin and remove it in the direction of growth as this would prevent the breaking of the hair.
tweezers for in grown hair
If the hair is too deep in the skin and you have some problems removing them leave the hair alone because this can make the problem worst . You can buy an ingrown hair removal lotion one with Hydrogen Peroxide this will remove the dirt and oil built up which will remove the hair over time or make it easier for you to remove the hair later. You can also try an acne treatment this which has hydrogen peroxide or salicylic acid they will reduce the bump and flatten the surface so as to enable you to remove the hair.


Best products to treat ingrown hairs


Tend skin is a razor bump and ingrown hair eliminator my wife and I have  been using this for over 5 year .This is an amazing solution  that my wife usually  use under her armpit,bikini area ,legs and under her chin for ingrown hair.
I have used it for razor bumps on my face and does an excellent job .It’s the  number one selling product on Amazon for removal of ingrown hair .My experience is that within hour Tend skin works on removing my ingrown hair just apply it to the bumps and in 24 hours the hairs pushes out and you can remove them .Once you use it after shaving it keeps away razor bumps.I have also seen it transform my wife armpit which had bumps for years into a smooth clear armpit.


  • reduces razor bumps and keep them away
  • works fast compare to other products
  • get rid of in grown hair
  • fade dark and red marks from razor bumps without lighten your skin
  • can be used by men and women after waxing ,shaving and electrolysis to prevent in grown hair


  • it burns especially if you have sensitive skin
  • not kind to dry skin make the skin more dry
  • not so great smell
Tend skin is an Amazon best selling product it has been reviewed by 1395 customers on Amazon  1174 give the product 5 and 4 stars that 84%. 
 All the 5 star customers liked the product they made comment such as no more razor burns ,amazed that it really work because they were skeptical,some African
American males stated that they suffered with razor bumps for years no other stuff worked until they started using Tend skin ,quite a number of reviewer received recommendation from their dermatologist to use the product, some women even used it for skin blemishes and with excellent success also in preventing ingrown hair after waxing.
4 star customers most like the product they saw quick result within 24 hour on ingrown hair but they stated it was quite expensive and some didn’t like the burning.
3 stars customer like Tend skin somewhat but they complained it was too expensive ,one customer said it burned like gasoline a few said it did not take away their red mark.
141 customer choose 1 and 2 stars which amount for 10% of the overall reviewers
I found that many of them said they think the seller sold them a fake products because they found the product work in the past but that time it didn’t work .
They also had similar complains of some 3 and 4 star  reviewer  they mention it burn  

The bottom line

It works on most person but my advice is to get a good moisturizer to use because it can dry your skin and it also stings for about a minute after using.


I had used B&C Skin Tight for about 4 months it worked great in removing ingrown hair from my face and my wife chin .
I notice it also cleared up the marks caused by the ingrown hair but I had to stop using it because I noticed on the last bottle I bought on the label it said may cause birth defects and since my wife and was trying to have a baby this wasnt for us. The ingredient Acetylsalicylic acid is another name for asprin which is known to cause bleeding in pregnant women and birth defect.
  • removes ingrown hair
  • removes razor bumps
  • bikini line bumps and keloids
  • fight acne


On Amazon 151 customers review this product and  127 customers give this product  5 and 4 stars that’s 84% of the reviewers . Many African American men and women rated this product high because  they found that it carried away the bumps on their face and under the chin. 
Yvette (Virginia) stated she does Brazilian wax which would normally lead to ingrown hair since she has been using this product she has not seen the problem. 
One 5 star customer said he had ingrown hair bumps for two years under on his chin after using the product for a week the bumps are gone.
The 4 star customers also found that Skin Tight work but they didn’t like the smell and also the burning sensation after use. 
3 star customer had mixed feeling most said it did carry away razor bumps and in grown hairs but Tight Skin dried their skin very quickly also cause peeling on their finger and the areas where the product was applied.
A customer said he  applied it on his chest and abdomen after waxing it did keep the in grown away.

 2 and 1 star customers were 16 in total most of them didn’t use the product because of the birth defect warning for women the said it burned really  bad , one stated it caused rash and dry her skin.


The bottom line 
B&C Skin tight did work in prevent ingrown hair and keeping them away but it tends to dry your skin because of the alcohol so use a thick moisturizer cream or you can use B&C Skin tight Creme for ingrown hair this has no alcohol and has tea tree oil along with vitamin A & E.

In conclusion to fix the problem of ingrown hair we need to follow the regimen above which is basically free but if it is still persistent you may just have to spend money on one of the above product.



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