Best shaver for your testicles or balls

Shaving your pubic area is an important part of manscaping but sometimes it can also be scary since many men experience nicks and cut .  This blog will give the benefits for shaving your pubes,the best way to shave this area  review the best electric shavers for shaving your balls or testicles also your pubic area base on my experience and views of Amazon customers.

Growing up as a teenager I never cared much about shaving my pubes until age 18 when my girlfriend told me two things how unattractive pubic hair looks and it has a weird smell. Since then I have been shaving every five to eight days . I first started out with razors and trimmers then later in life  using electric shavers. Razors do gives a clean shave , but you can expect blood to be pouring from your balls ,the reason being is that your testicles skin is not as smooth as the rest of your body so it often times get caught between the razor blades ,also the skin in this area is very tender . This means using the right shaver and the correct  technique to shave your balls is very  important.


How to shave your pubes and testicles without bad results.

  • Apply warm water or a hot cloth to the area this will help raise the hair and make shaving easier.If you are trying to have a baby you can shave dry or just use normal water since the hot water can kill your sperms.
  • Apply shaving cream this would help with a close shave and protect against nicks and cuts .
  • Use shaving cream for sensitive skin since these would have natural ingredient and will not cause irritation on your testicles.It also best to use non scented since the other will cause an odor in the pubic area.
  • Use a trimmer to reduce your hair if it is long the reason being it can be caught between the razor or shaver blades which can be painful.
  • Pull your skin tight so as to prevent nicks and cuts and then pass the razor or electric shaver in the direction of the grain close to the skin.
  • Wash off the razor or shaver after every cut so as to get a clean shave and avoid any tangling.
  • You can apply talc powder or baby oil after shaving.
This video shows how to shave your pubes.

Why should men shave their pubic area and their testicle and area what are the benefits?

1.Hair holds heat (for men too much heat in the pubic area can reduce our sperm count)
2.Hair can increase sweating in our groin area and testicles.(see:how stop sweaty smelly balls)
3.Hair in the groin area is a fertile ground for bacteria (this will result in bad odors )
4.Women don’t like hair down there.
5.It makes your penis look longer.
6.Reduce itching.


We will now look at the best shavers for shaving your pubic area,balls /testicles.

My personal experience with shaving my pubic area is that razors shaves the cleanest but expect cuts and burning sensation afterward but one razor I have used and had a good experience was the Gillette fusion pro glide styler this will be the first of my review 

Product descriptions     

This shaver was design for face and body with three options  1.It can be used for trimming with combs at three different lengths 2.after trimming you can shave closely then 3.use the precision edging blade for polishing your look .

The package comes with 1 trimmer, 1 pro glide power cartridge,3 combs an organiser for the parts and an AA battery.

This is one of my favorite shaver it gives a very close shave and can trim your long pubic hairs

  • Waterproof(can be used in the shower) 
  • Can be used manually or with a motorized blade
  • Lubrication strips with mineral oil for smooth shaving and sensitive skin
  • Trimmer,close shaver and edging blade in one
  • Great handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy storage


  • Doesn’t work well with long stiff hair 
  • You have to buy replacement blade when present ones become dull
  • Comes with AA  non rechargeable battery 
  • Can get jammed up in very long bread(2″ and longer)
Amazon customers review.
A total of 2159 customers reviewed this product
1944 customers (90%) rated this Gillette shaver as 4 and 5 stars those who rated it 5 stars were really excited about how will it trimmed their beards and it give them a really close cut.  
Those who choose 4 stars loved it as a trimmer it trimmed very evenly but the not great for lining hair and the battery life not long enough.

Those who choose who choose 3 stars could not get the trimmer to trim their long beard , a few had problem using the razor while it was vibrating. 

Customers who choose 2 and 1 stars had problems with the battery life it lose it power very quickly and it can be noticed by the slowing down of the motor, didn’t like it because it was not rechargeable ,product problems such as broken guard ,dull blades, stubble guards are pretty flimsy,disposable head broke after few use.

As a shaver for pubes and testicles 

Most men  give 5 and 4 stars for this shaver using it in their pubic area 28 men in total.

 Anderson “LemmingRush” from Austin TX  stated that he was not sure at first about using a motorized razor any way close to his balls but did build the nerve to do and he did not experience any cuts he like the guard it came with which allowed him to cut and trim his pubes then use the razor for a close clean shave. He was quote as saying:
The way the blades are curved down decreases concern of getting your flesh balloon caught in the razors.

2 men give 2 stars since they got nicks  using it on their balls

2.Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro Product Shot
Product descriptions 

Cordless, rechargeable ,designed for shaving and trimming it features a two end design with a groomer above and with a 3-D pivoting head which follows your body curves closely to give you a clean close shave without causing scratches, the head also includes a pre trimmer so you can trim your long hairs. The bottom has a trimmer which can also cut ,you can select five different length setting for more refined grooming.


  • Can be used dry or in the shower
  • Its rechargeable and cordless
  • Provides 50 minutes of use
  • 5 Integrated Length Settings
  • Beard and body groomer
  • Oscillating head that go over the curves and grooves of your body for a close shave
  • Self cleaning and self sharpening 

  • It a little too long 
  • It cannot cut when charging because it is cordless
  • Cannot trim long hair if used incorrectly 
  • Clogs up using on long hair 

Amazon customers reviews

1130 reviewed this product   73% give it 5 and 4 stars most liked the shaver it was easy to use ,easy to clean ,very few exchange parts so they don’t have to look for part when they need to shaves,they love it because they can shave their eye brows ,
then beard their back by just making easy adjustments,nice clean cuts without nicks,loved the charging stand,works well in the shower without rusting. Those persons who selected 4 stars mentioned some of the same stuff as the 5 stars but had a few reservation about the plastic trimmer blade guard which looks cheap like it going to break,did like the size it was little too large and some persons were having problems shave clean under the shower.

3 stars reviewers account for 12% these reviewer liked the Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro somewhat but had a few complaint many of these persons upgrade from the older version and didn’t find much difference with this new version ,some were not please that they were not able to get a smooth and very clean shave as when you are waxing and a  number of persons complain that the battery life does not last long enough some said ten minutes of shaving some said 20 minutes .

2 and 1 star reviewers were upset that they paid so much for the device and they didn’t get a smooth shave , they found that the trimmer worked fine but it did not cut evenly they had to go over the same area twice ,quite persons weren’t sure if they were using it correctly since they got scraps on their skins .

As a shaver for your pubes 

35 person spoke about using this shaver for their pubic area and on their testicle a few were uncertain about using it on their testicle because they were afraid of scratches and nick but they found it quite comfortable 
C. Miner (Madison, WI USA) stated i quote 

I’ve been using this to shave my groin pumpkins and the surrounding regions for the last 1.5 years. This is far better and easier than using a regular shaver. The skin on the pubic mound and between the leg and the sack are thick and tight enough to use the shaving foil for an extra close shave. Be cautious when doing the perineum, the part in between the scrotum and the backend, its bumpy.

J. Heyerdahl (West Hollywood, CA) stated i quoate

The pivot head is great because it better follows the contours of your body and is especially handy in the groin (be careful down there!)

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3.Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver


Product descriptions 
This is one of cleancut products which is a company(by Seiko) in Japan it is a motorized shaver design for body trimming of beard ,underarm hair ,legs and pubic area  without nicks and cuts.
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Light weight
  • Trims without cuts and nick once used correctly
  • Not water proof 
  • Non rechargeable
  • Uses  AA battery
  • Leave some stubble
Amazon customers review.
194 persons reviewed this trimmer 69% choose 5 and 4 stars they mentioned that it gives a very satisfying shave ,the motor runs well ,the clippers cut very close,those who give four stars didn’t like the problems they experience when cutting long hair they had to move very slow over those areas and when the battery gets low it slow its speed

3 stars customers ,they were some that were satisfied they found it cut with out razor bumps , it cut pretty close but had a few complaints one customer said they though it would have adjusted to different lengths but it didn’t ,it came apart when it was dropped but they put it back together. On the reviewer said it has lasted him for years but it gets caught in his long hair some time .

2 and 1 star were 42 persons in total a few person said some good thing such as its worked well on their sensitive skin no irritations or bumps but it fell apart most complained about how the product is cheaply made and a few persons said the product came damaged.

As a shaver for ball 

This shaver was made for female but over twenty men reviewed it as using it on their pubes most men liked it because it give them quit a satisfactory shave without nicks and cuts except two who said it scratch their tender skin on their testicles .



I have been searching for an electric shaver that I could use to trim my nether regions in detail and not have to worry about getting nicked and taking forever to finish the job.

Wm_247 (Palo Alto, CA)


Will work on your private areas as advertised (I’m a man), as long as you are willing to bear some pain. It will hurt less than using razors though.


Safety Information Do not submerse. Do not use in shower orbath.

Directions During the initial trim, work slowly. Working the trimmer too quickly on long hair can clog the blades, causing them to catch and bind. If the trimmer binds, remove hair from blades with fingers. On long hair use with the direction of hair growth first (the grain) to reduce hair length and quantity somewhat, then against the grain for a close trim. May require multiple passes to trim all hairs.

Conclusions and tips

Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro and the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Men’s Body Groomer  are two of the shavers I have used in the past and still do to this day and my first time experience with each one was intimidating but they do give a nice clean shave with no cut be sure to read the instruction how to use them to avoid accidents. You can also read about removing other unsightly and unpleasant body hairs at my best nose hair trimmer post . 


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