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How to stop smelly and sweaty balls?

Sweaty and smelly balls is a problem that all men experience but no one talk much about, this post will look at this restricted topic giving you details on how to prevent sweaty and stinky testicles or swamp crotch, the importance of fresh balls, what cause smelly and sweaty balls and the best products and underwears to keep your groin area dry and fresh base on my experience and reviewers on Amazon.

 I  think the first time I realized that there was such a thing as sweaty smelly crotch was during my teenage years when a male friend of mine was cutting my hair. As he circled me I could smell this really bad odor coming from his groin area. I decided to go home take off my underwear to check myself and there it was I got a whiff of it that mothball smell. The fact is unattended testes stinks and this blog takes a look at the issue. 

Why should men pay more attention to cleaning, grooming and keeping their balls fresh?

  • Women don’t like smelly balls just ask your girl or some female cousins. Many of them tolerate your smell because they love you but deep down inside they want you to clean up your act.
  • Your friends smell you and they talk you just don’t know, because of our brain sensory adaptation which makes us unaware of our own smells after a time.
  • It bad for your health to have a smelly groin area because it’s a sign that bacteria and fungus are multiplying.
  • It just plain nasty on your behalf.
  • If you don’t keep your balls fresh and dry it can lead to terrible itch which is a result of bacteria and fungus increase this can lead to really bad rashes.
  • Girls would not go down there even if they do the won’t stay long


What cause stinky balls and groin area? 

A number of reasons lead to smelly testicles. Scientifically it’s caused by bacteria which lives in the area and not sweat. Sweat is a salty liquid product which exits our pores without an odor its job is to cool our skin. The sweat which secretes through our hair follicles has a sugar which bacteria loves. As the bacteria consume the sugar from our sweat for the energy they produce a bad odor in the form of a gas.
So here are some other causes of the smelly pubic area.

  • Wet balls (great place for fungus and bacteria to grow)
  • Hairy pubic area remember hair hold smell for a long time just blow some cigar smoke on your beard see how long it takes to get rid of the smell 
  • Tight underwear especially those not made of cotton.
  • dirty underwear
  • heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis 
  • Not bathing regularly 
  • Not scrubbing your balls

How to prevent sweaty and smelly balls? 

I remember my first attempt of trying to have dry fresh balls was to use Brut spray deodorant it felt so cool but as soon as I pulled up my underwear it burnt like my balls had visited hell. I also tried Gillette clear gel deodorant it reduced the smell but I later read that you should not rub deodorant products with Aluminum on your testicles they are easily absorbed by the skin and can cause cancer.

Follow this regimen and you are sure to solve this problem.

  • First shave and clean your pubic area, balls and the hair between your butt, yes between your butt this area holds a lot of sweat and bad odor. Read about the best trimmers for testicles.
  • Take a bath scrub your pubic area and balls with a loofah exfoliating cloth and a mildly scented soap (unscented glycerin soap).Read about: Soap with 5.5ph
    or bath wash avoids sweet-scented soaps this can lead to a bad odor
     within the hour after bathing. Scrub the dead skin on your balls is gone they contribute to your odor.
  • After bathing dry well with a towel but from my experience it doesn’t fully dry our balls so I recommend blow off with a fan or waiting for a few minutes for the air to dry it before putting on clothes.
  • Next, add a balls product to keep your scrotum dry most of them are made of talc powder.
  • Please put on a clean underwear preferably made a micro modal material, cotton and also bacteria resistant read more about them below.
  • Bath twice a least twice a day and repeat step 2 to 4.

Step 1 should be soon as you see new hair growth. 
Note depends on how musk your smell is it make take two to three baths following all the steps to keep your scrotum smelling fresh.

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What are the best products for keeping your balls fresh?                                             

Fresh Balls Lotion The Solution for Men CHECK AMAZON 

Fresh Balls Lotion The Solution for MenAmazon customers review of fresh ball
Fresh balls is a men’s self-dry hygiene cream to keep your balls and groin area fresh, dry and clean. For those who have a concern about applying talc powder to their testicles, this is the right product for you it’s talc free and aluminum free. It is applied as a cream but quickly dries as you rub it in the more you rub it leaves a thicker coating to prevent balls sweat, itch, chafing or unpleasant smells.
This product is like springtime in your pants without all the mess of powder. I have used powder in the past which can be messy become clump up when you start to sweat but this doesn’t
  • It’s made of natural products such as oatmeal and tea tree oil for bacteria
  • It’s doesn’t leave a powdery mess
  • Doesn’t contain aluminum or paraben which means it is testosterone-friendly since some research shows these products lower testosterone.
  • Pleasant fragrance very manly scent
  • It can create stain like the look on your underwear ( ensure it drys before dressing)
  • It more expensive than talc powder product for a 5 oz tube

Amazon customers review

This product received 117 reviews 101 persons give the product 5 and 4 stars that mean 86 % of the reviewer liked the product.

All  5 stars customers found the product is great and that it kept them dry and fresh all day better than powder one customer said he spent hours on a treadmill and the product did not come off even though he was drench in sweat.
Wyatt Robinson


I’m a runner and I needed something that really worked. I HAD a horrible problem with chafing and this cured ALL of my problems. I highly recommend Fresh Balls. The name says it all 🙂

4 stars customer most found the product great but a few said it didn’t completely remove their sweat and left a white residue on their testicles.

3 stars customers varying views stated it goes on dry but doesn’t keep them dry as Gold bond powder one stated he had an allergic reaction.It also takes longer to dry.

2 and 1-star customers spoke about their balls looking white after use , it left their underwear with  white stain and it is not as good as Gold bond powder
Faisal S. “Fas” (NYC, USA)


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Comfy Boys – #1 Intimate Deodorant for Men CHECK AMAZON 

Comfy Boys - #1 Intimate Deodorant for MenAmazon customers review of comfy balls
I have been using this product for about a year it works great as fresh balls but with less white residue.
Comfy boys is a deodorant made for your genital area to prevent odors humidity, discomfort around the groin area and swamp crotch. This product is made with cornstarch instead of talc powder it includes antiseptic for bacteria, deodorant and silica  & titanium dioxide for softening skin.

  • Less residue than fresh balls
  • Doesn’t have aluminum like many deodorants
  • Really fresh smell
  • Girls can go down there no bad taste in their mouth


  • More expensive than fresh balls
  • Nice scent but not manly
Amazon customers review
This product was reviewed by 41 buyers 35 selected 5 and 4 stars
5-star customers said the product is an excellent one it goes on dry and does not leave residue and has a fresh smell. One woman stated it does not have a chemical taste when she goes down on her husband.

Denzil Cuddy (Easley, SC United States)This is a great product! I’ve been using it a couple of weeks and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It has a very light and clean scent. It doesn’t clump or leave unpleasant residue. It also doesn’t stain clothes. A must have for any guy.

4-star customers like it but they complained that the scent was not masculine but smelt fresh. One more customer also stated that the ladies go down there and no complaint about the taste.

3 stars customers five in total stated that they do not like the chalky look on their nuts one expected it to be clear.
Louis Inks “Louis” (Oklahoma)

Well while it worked it was good but should be clear if you don’t want the white residue. It didn’t last but about 6 hours for me. Might be my body type?

The only 1-star customer complained about the residue on his nuts.

Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder-Original CHECK AMAZON

Dry Goods Athletic Spray PowderAmazon customer review of Dry good athletic powder spray
Is a spray powder without the messy residue it has a long-lasting formula that keeps you dry for hours ,it prevent swamp crotch , and chafing. The menthol formula is sure to keep you cool. I have used this spray for about 3 months is works excellent.

  • No residue or white marks on your underwear, unlike other products.
  • It has a nice cooling effect
  • It work well throughout your rigorous exercise routines.
  • Does not come off  if you take a swim
  • Long lasting
  • Does not burn for a spray


  • Cost $14.17 bit expensive since it does last as long as powders and creams
  • Doesn’t smell that great when leaving the can
Amazon customers review
This was reviewed by 46 customers

31 customers  give it 4 and 5 stars that are 68% .
 5 star reviewers think it a long-lasting product one customer stated he is a cyclist and runner he rides in 88 degree heat in Florida and this terrific product prevents chafing and moisture. They like the menthol it is not too strong the spray goes on easier than lotions and powder .
By Steven Buhr

This stuff is great I walk between 2-7 miles a day at work. This stuff keeps me feeling great all 10 hrs of my day. I don’t have moisture or any irritation, couldn’t be happier.

4-star customers they all liked it but  quite a few stated that it finished quickly
3 stars customers liked the product quite a few said it was too little spray for the price but it worked a few also didn’t like the tingle shocking feeling when the spray it on.
2 and 1 stars customers had a complaint about the spray it was too expensive for such little spray, they expected a talc spray and it didn’t last long for heavy sweating. One also stated the spray stopped working after a few uses.

By Mary Jayne Board

I really like the contents of this can and how it works. The reason for the two star review is that it stopped working when the can got down 1/3 to 1/2 of the can. I tried cleaning the nozzle and the tube but nothing I tried would work.  


Underwear to keep your testicles dry and fresh

When it come to keeping your testicles dry , odor free and bacteria free you need to also look at your underwear . I have been wearing Hanes cotton underwear for many years they kept me dry for most of the pubic area except for my balls and butt which would be damp . So I decided to research under wears that’s when I found that there were underwear’s that were engineered to keep you dry and cool also made with odor resistant and bacteria resistant material. That when I discovered Adidas performance climalite trunk it’s made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex it is an underwear that’s sure to keep you dry.







There are other underwears that can keep you dry during a hot day such as Tommy John which is made of 90% micro modal this material is a light weight and is naturally made from the beech tree fiber . When you sweat this material pulls the sweat away from your skin and control body temperature  keeping your balls dry. There cheaper brand on Amazon you can do your own research .




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Conclusion and tips
Maintaining fresh balls and preventing swamp crotch can be a simple task for some while some men have to work hard to keep up because of excessive sweating, the job they do and where they live.
If you think it not that bad and you don’t want to spend money you can simply follow the above regiment and use some Gold bond powder.
I found that all talcum products work but be careful when having sex to wash it off because you don’t want it entering your girl’s vagina.
If you are concern about the tidiness of your groin area you should try the non-powder products.  





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