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How to fix a crick in the neck ?





Getting Rid of that Annoying Crick in Your Neck

You may be familiar with the statement “I have a crick in my neck!” Even if you are unsure of what the statement means, you probably know how it feels to have a crick in the neck. But, how does the neck develop a crick and how can you get rid of that crick?

Having a crick in the neck or in any other part of the body is not an actual diagnosis in the world of medicine. The condition is basically used to describe any type of stiffness or pain that occurs in the neck region or in the back region or when you wake up and cannot turn your neck completely to the side.

The condition is not one that requires immediate or serious medical attention. However, having a crick in the neck could serve as a huge annoyance and cause you a lot of discomfort if not taken care of appropriately. Continue reading for more information on what causes a crick in the neck and solutions for getting rid of that annoying crick.

What Causes a Crick?

Normally and on most occasions, a crick that develops in the neck region is caused by the neck being in an awkward position for a long period of time. If you frequently toss and turn while you are asleep, you may wake up and experience stiffness in the neck as well. This is because the neck is supposed to be aligned with the body.

When the neck is in an awkward position and unable to move from that position after a long period of time, when it aligns with the body as it should normally, it will cause a pain or a crick in the neck. Awkward sleeping positions are not the only cause of a crick in the neck.

If you have ever had an injury to the facet joint you may experience cricks in the neck. Muscle spasms can also cause cricks in the neck, especially if the facet joint has been causing issues in the body. Nerve irritation can also be the cause of cricks in the necks.

Getting Rid of a Crick

In some cases cricks in the neck may be the result of something more serious that may require medical attention ranging from physical therapy to surgery. Especially if your crick in the neck is accompanied by numbness or tingling of your arms or if you are experiencing extreme pain in the shoulders and the back, you should consult a doctor for medical treatment.

If you crick in the neck is less severe, here are a few treatment options that you can try:

  • Massage the neck using a pain cream.
  • Apply heat to the pained area. Although this does not get rid of the crick, it can alleviate the pain temporarily.
  • Perform neck exercises. Start by slowing turning your head in different directions. Do it very slowly to not cause further pain in the neck.

  • Sleep with a pillow specific for the neck. There are pillows specially designed to prevent neck cricks. Such as Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow.
  • Refrain from physical activities and use pain killers.
  • Visit a certified acupuncture practitioner research has shown that it helps relieve chronic neck pain and stiffness or you can just buy an  Acupressure Mat  which has helped thousands of people relieve nicks , necks pains and stiffness.
  • Try (TENS) short for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation research  has show that it relieve different pain conditions .

    TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager for neck cricks
    TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager can prevent fix neck cricks
  • Seek your family doctor advice he may refer you to a specialist who may better cater for your needs.
  • Use heat pads or cold pads both can help with the neck pain

Neck cricks may not be life threatening, but the pain and stiffness caused by cricks may make life a bit difficult. Starting taking care of your neck cricks now to prevent any further complications in the future.


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