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A week ago saw one of my friends who I had not seen in years he had lost quite a few pounds in fact 24lbs and he was in excellent shape. I ask what was his secret he said Dietbet so I enquire more and he mentioned he earned just over a $1000 losing all that weight . He then proceeded to show me the website and the app excitedly explaining how it works. This was News to me so I decide to research and see if their were any other website that you can earn money or rewards to lose weight I found 4 including Dietbet.


Money is one of mankind greatest motivator and these websites were designed with that in mind .


Dietbet was created by Waybetter company in 2013 since then over $10,000,000  has been won by contestants. Dietbet mission has 4 steps.

  • You make a monetary commitment  by putting money in the pot to bet on yourself to lose weight.
  • Then you set a goal this is where you decide how much weight you want to lose it can be small amount or a lot for a specific period of time .
  • Collaboration this is where you work along with group member or friends to win the challenge.
  • The reward all who wins the challenge divide the money in the pot.

When making your commitment  you  have two options to choose .

  • You can decide if you want to lose a little weight by joining a game starting soon or create a kickstart by ask some friends to join the challenge . You are allow to bet from $25 dollars or higher and after four weeks  all those who lose 4% of their body weight collect from the pot.
  • The other option you can decide to lose a lot more weight, for  example you can bet to lose 10% of your body weight for 6 months with each month having a percentage weight loss starting from 3 %  in the first month.
  • The percentage goals increase as the months go by until you achieve the 10 % weight loss  but you only collect your reward at the end of the 6 months. Check them out at


  • Is another website which pays their  contestants in the US ,Canada,Australia and UK to lose weight . They receives monies from sponsors to help pay for the winning along with the contestant wagers.
  • Many individual, government and non governmental organisation have been using this website to help their employees lose weight.
    You can take the individual challenge and set your range.
  • Example if you want to lose 20 lbs in 6 months and you want to wage $20 a month you can win as much as $133 to $352 and for every person you encourage to join they add $40 to your winning.
  • There is also group wager this allows you to take the challenge as a group with the first prize being $10000 2nd prize $5000 and 3rd prize $3000, along with other prize. Check them out at


  • Gympact allows us to get paid for exercising at the gym by the persons who do not. This is how it works first you download the app register then make a pact.
  • Let say you want to go the gym 4 times a week you can earn $1.60 a week once you attend the gym as you agreed with no charge to credit card but if you fail you can be charged as much as $5 for the week depends on how much you bet. They verify that you are attending the gym by using the GPS on your phone. Check them out


  • This is a app that tracks your workout using GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer. It rewards you with gift cards , coupons and discounts from donors . This is a great app to motivate you to attend the gym and lose weight.
  • Once  downloaded  you can set  your goals and then earn points as you achieve them you can then exchange these points for the rewards. Check them out for Android  and iPhone



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