6 private parts products you probably never heard of


There are some stuff which we as humans use but are not well known because it either embarrassing to speak about , its a taboo or just not profitable for companies to spend money promoting but these products have great benefits to us. Here are 5 private parts that can be on this list:

1. Gas neutralizers







The  gas neutralizer also called flatulence deodorizer or fart pad are for those embarrassing moments when you suffer from excessive intestinal gas which can make you lose your dignity and confidence.These unisex pads are great for persons suffering with digestive disorders such as lactose intolerance or IBS ,suffering from diabetes or using  antibiotic or antiviral medication. The secret of this product is activated charcoal cloth which activates or traps odor causing microorganisms. There are two types those we can reused and  disposable ones ,two popular brands are  Fashion First Aid Women’s Subtle Butt Disposable Gas Neutralizers and Flat-D Flatulence Deodorizer .

2.Standing And Pee Collapsible  Menstrual Cups


Lily Cup Compact Collapsible
Disposable Softcup

Menstruation cups has been around for over 80 years but it’s not a well know product . These cup which offer comfortable period protection are made of silicon and are inserted into the female vagina to collect menstrual fluid they can be empty after 10 hours washed and be rescued . One Menstruation cups can take the place  of over 1000 pad and the benefits are also numerous . There are a number of designs one is called the Lily Cup Compact which collapses into a ring for easy carrying around . There is  Disposable Softcup which is much lighter and softer men love this because it allow them to have sex during the woman’s period.


3.Stop Smelly Bum Spray

booty fresh for smelly butt


There are sprays and creams for every part of our body even men balls why not have one for your bum. This is not a  joke it’s not a deodorant it’s an odor neutralizer for your bum. I read in a number of forum where couples complain about there partner butt smell during sex . So this is a great solution the spray penetrates the area around your booty   killing the bacteria and freshen your   bum thus improving your hygiene and your sex life. It will also benefit persons with swamp ass. This product is highly rated on Amazon.     Check it out.

4. Stand And Pee Pockets

stand and pee funnel

This is a portable urinary device for women who travel a lot , have untidy toilet at work ,a gets infections from sitting on public toilets pregnant women and women who had surgery . Of course women have the option of squatting over the toilet sit  but why perform an exercise just to urinate . There are different design to these devices by different manufacturers but theses design can either be the silicon reusable ones or the disposable one which is made of cardboard

5.Snowballs Cooling Underwear For Men

cooling balls underwear  Research has shown that 40% of all  infertility is the result of men infertility and the major is caused by high scrotum temperate . That how this product came about its basically a cotton underwear which accommodates two  freezable gel packages . So for men who have poor sperm mortality because of an over hot scrotum’s this can be the solution and a better alternative to place cold beans or sponges on your scrotum . Check their website.

6. No camel toe underwearCamel No underwears

Many men won’t like this but for the women who do not feel confident when they notice camel toe while wearing their yoga pants, legging, skinny jeans or tight shorts this underwear is for you. These under wears were designed to hide those embarrassing  frontal wedgies with a flexible silicone liner in the underwear . This idea is not new there were pads before these undergarments  which could be place in your bikini and underwear to prevent  Camel Toe such as the Cuchini Camel Toe Pad which was made famous by the Kardashians. The difference between the pads and the Camel No panties are the pad is less flexible and you have to remember to insert them when you are on the go. Check out the Camel No underwear.


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