How to curb your man bad pee habits?

urinate straight sign

How many times have you told your husband, your son’s ,boyfriends , your boyfriend friends to put the toilet seat down . You tried saying it nicely you left them  a note on a sticky pad and ask them to keep you in mind when using the toilet ,you have even yelled and drag them out their bed to show them how inconsiderate they are but no it doesn’t work. Why don’t men like putting the toilet set down the simple answer is I don’t know ,or maybe we are too lazy .

Another problem women have with men in the toilet, is peeing on the seat and on the toilet floor.Wow! this one’s  bad . Why do men pee on the seat the truth is many men can’t pee straight some of the reasons are: he has gas in the tube so when he pees it sprays , he has hypospadias this is an abnormality in boys it has to do with the urine hole not being at the tip of the penis but somewhere down the shaft or the penis is slightly bent, because he drank too much alcohol ,he has an enlarged prostate and as men get old certain disease affect their ability to pee straight  , these are just a few of the causes . So what can you do about these problems .

1. Tell him to sit on the toilet seat

man sitting and urinating

This method is  granetee to eliminate both of the above problems . Sure he will object and say stuff like I don’t want to put my penis in the bowl , this will surely give you a yeast infection , I am a man with big ego I will not urinate like a female . Dont worry just stand your ground.



2. Put up a sign to pee straight

urinate straight sign



Well this sounds rather rude . No it’s not you are totally fed up . Embarrassing them might be the solution . So just try these signs. Check them out 


3 . Give him a pee cup to pee straight

41Yk9WSxegL._SX425_This has been a blessing for women on the go and those who get vaginal infection from using the dirty toilets ,it has been very useful for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women. I first feature this on my post 6 private parts products you probably never heard of.  They can just stand or sit and urinate .  Well your man can try it too if he cannot aim straight.  Check them out 


4. Make him clean the the toilet seat and mat

You’ve been holding your urine for 2 hour trying to complete your Sticky Balsamic Ribs ,homemade buffalo wing sauce and beer bread for your man and his friends to watch the football game.   Your on schedule so you rush off to the washroom just to take a quick minute to free your bladder  Bam! It hits you in the face , urine all over the seat and the mat. You just hold it go to him nicely and ask him to clean it  , this should resonate long in his memory so he will remember to put up the seat.

5. Buy a toilet seat lifter

41mAUWYmwtL         These hand free toilet  seat lifter will save you a lot a heartache . There is no need to touch the seat , the seat will always be down when you need it . He just need to press the seat pedal and the seat is up, he then urinates leave and the seat goes down. Just hope he remember to press the pedal.

Check them out 






This second set was built to adjust to  a person body type for those who too wide  and those who are too thin  but it can come in handy for those men who cannot pee straight and don’t remember to put the seat down. Check them out


6. Get a put the seat down sign




This put me down sign will be a great reminder . This is a easy to peel and easy to put on sticker that would stay in place for a very long time. Just surprise  him and see how he will reacts. Check them out 

7. Get a deodorising urine mat





You may have an elderly male who just cannot get his aim right because of a specific ailment or one of your  house guests suffering incontinence this mat would be great for you . They collect all that urine spray kills the germs and combat odor to keep your toilet smelling fresh. Check it out

8. As a last resort get him a urinal




Get him his own toilet this is the perfect solution even though it might be little more expensive it’s a sure way to save your relationship.

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