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How to remove nose hair



Nose hair. The older we get, the more visible it becomes. Although nose hair removal is a tedious, tear-worthy task no one likes, trimming and removing it is essential for proper grooming and hygiene. This post will explain ways how to remove these nose hairs.

There are several options for removing nasal hair, including scissors, tweezers, electric and battery powered trimmers and wax. The chosen method depends on the amount of nose hair you have, cost and personal preferences.

Before you begin , when trimming, remember to only remove the unsightly hairs – the ones you can see protruding from your nose. The hairs further inside your nose are there to help keep harmful pollutants from your body and need to stay.


If scissors are your chosen way to go, do yourself a favor and use the   special nostril scissors designed specifically for nasal hair removal. They have rounded safety tips which curves away from the skin to prevent cuts and discomfort to the sensitive areas of your nose. Other scissors can, and most likely will, cut or scrape the delicate areas where nose hairs grow, causing pain and potential infection.


How to use the scissors ?

Before you begin ensure you sterilise the  scissors  using  either alcohol or peroxide . Your scissors should always be sharp before it is used to ensure clean cuts .Then position yourself in  a well lit area in front of a  mirror (  magnification no fog mirror would be best) so you can see the hairs clearly. You can then open your nostrils by either smiling or press the tip inward . Then position scissors  slightly in the nose and carefully cut any long visible hair that affects your appearance. When you are finish remember to clean the tool.


Similarly, if using tweezers to remove nose hairs, select tweezers with slanted tips and handles for ease of use. Tweezers are probably the hardest devices to use to remove nose hairs, as they aren’t designed to clip or trim, but to pull. As a result, tweeze only the hairs that are visible, and work gently and carefully in front of a well-lighted mirror.For tweezing nose hair we need special tweezers to avoid spending time tracking down the hairs or fumbling to get it pulled from the root. These tweezers  should have a a good no slip grip which should be broad enough to apply enough press to pull the hair . The tip should be slant about 20 degrees with excellent grip so when you pull the hair it comes from the root to avoid discomfort and pain.


How to use the tweezer ?
Same as before when you are cutting the hair with a scissors tilt your head back in front of a well lit mirror . If you wish you can rub inside your nostril with a hot towel or breathe in some hot steam to open your pores this could help remove the hair with ease. Use the high side of the slant edge of the tweezer ensure you grip the hair well and without hesitation  pull it from the root in the direction of the growth .Once you are finish rub some astringent and then apply some ice or very cold cloth in your nose to close the pores.

Pulling nose hairs with tweezers will sting. Like removing a band aid, it is best to pull firmly and swiftly. The longer it takes to remove the hair, the more it will hurt. Here are some of the best nose tweezer Check them out 



If you have an excessive amount of nose hair, waxing may be the choice for you. Is it painful – in a word, yes is not done correctly or with the right wax . However, it will eliminate the hair, root and all, meaning the hair will take much longer to grow back. Waxing is without a doubt the most thorough method for removal of any kind of hair.One of the most popular nose hair wax remover is NADS once used correctly you shloud feel no pain it also doesnt remove all the hair from your nostrils just the long ones to the front . It come with a safety tip applicator which is placed into the wax and then inserted into to your nose wait exactly two minutes and remove you should feel no pain once you follow the steps exactly.

Special nose waxing kits can be found at most pharmacies Check them out 


If you don’t feel like fumbling with scissors or tweezers, have dexterity issues or want a more uniform, closer trim without resorting to waxing, an electric or manual nose hair trimmer is probably your best bet. You can either use a manual trimmer which works without battery . You place the tip in your nose and turn the back and it cuts the hairs . Most of the other trimmers are cordless and work with a battery you can read about the best nose and ear trimmers here to make the best choice.

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