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Foods and drinks that stain your teeth


Over time as we grow older our teeth will change colors due to the things we consume . This post will give a list of food that stain our teeth and tips how to prevent these stains. Chromogens and Tannins are the main culprits in food and drinks that stain your teeth. Chromogens are found in foods with high acidity these molecules attach themselves to your teeth and converts into dyes or stains . Tannin are naturally occur in plants the have a number of positive benefits to our body but the negative effect is that  our teeth because they stain.


The number one thing that stain your teeth is coffee anything that stains your porcelain cup will stain your teeth.

Solution : The darker the coffee the darker the stain you can add milk or cream to your coffee to help reduce the staining also drinking coffee with a straw keep the stain off front teeth . Drink your coffee warm because hot coffee opens up the pores in your teeth and increases staining .


Black Teas can stain as much as coffee  but they also do good for your teeth because they  have a compound call tannins which fight bacteria that fight cavity and plaque .

Solution : Drink your tea with a straw or use white or green tea they have less caffeine .

3. Red wine

Red wine has polyphenols which are antioxidants that help fight periodontal disease  but it does stain your teeth .

Solution : wash your mouth with water after drinking red wine.Remember don’t not brush after because it can damage your enamel this is because of the amount of acid in your wine that soften your enamels .



Any cola will discolor your teeth  the darker the worst and the more cold it is deeper the stain .

Solution : Again you can use a straw

5. Cranberry

Drinking cranberry which is highly pigmented will  blemish your white .

Solution : it is advisable to use the white cranberry rinse which has less effect on your teeth .

6.Energy drinks have way more caffeine than coffee so contribute to the darkness on your teeth.

Solution : Drink with a straw

7.Balsamic vinegar 

Solution : you can use a light vinegar instead or eat it with lettue which help prevent staining other such foods as  broccoli , apple and celery sticks

 8. Soy sauce and tomato paste

Solution : the solution would be the same for the vinegar also you can rinse your mouth with water. Replace your soy sauce with red sauce or use with olive oil base sauce.

9. Other foods  Popsicle and Black licorice .

Solution : Wash mouth with water

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