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How to prevent a cold ?(PROVEN METHODS )


We cannot avoid getting Cold and flu, viruses are all around us continually,  everyday we breath them in   but we can prevent ourselves from being infected  . Basically when we get the common cold or flu is not that we have been hit by a bad infection but is that  various stressors has suppressed our immune system so you succumb to these viruses. So here are some habits we can follow to prevent the suppression of our immune system .


So here are some habits we can follow to prevent the suppression of our immune system .

The eyes, nose mouth and ear are all connected cold virus can pass through these tube and cavities to cause the symptoms of a cold and since the virus multiply and grow in soft warm surface these microorganisms  love living in your nose and throat airway and sinuses . This is where a nasal rinse comes in using a neti cup or nasal irrigation every morning will flush out the viruses and bacteria living in these airways before the can multiply and make you ill.  Using neticup you can pour  saltwater solution into one nostril it rushes and wash out your sinuses and pours out the other nose.

  • Hydrogen peroxide in the ear


Hydrogen peroxide has been use for ear infection and removing wax for many people all over the world but Dr Richard Simmons in 1928 hypothesis that we become infected by the cold or flu virus through the ear he was dismissed by the scientific community but today their is evidence that they  do breed in the ear canal  .
Many person swear that this method cures you of the cold or flu virus with in 12 to 14 hours . The method is to pour 3% Hydrogen peroxide into your ear for about 3 to 5 minutes for it to kill the viruses you will feel some bubbling and tingling once it stops allow the peroxide to run out and do the same to the other ears.

  • Oregano oil

Oregano oil is anti bacterial ,anti fungal  and antimicrobial  it one of nature most powerful antibiotics it has proven very effective against cold and flu in its early stages . Once you feel the symptoms of the cold or flu you can drop 3 to 4 drops on your tongue swallow and then drink some   water because it has a very horrid taste . You can also place 4 drops in a glass of water and drink . This can be done 3 times daily until the symptoms go away .

Vitamin produces about 200 to 300 antimicrobial pep tides which kills virus bacteria and fungus. Studies (1) have shown that high vitamin D levels can prevent cold and even if you do get the cold it will last for a short period .
A person normal vitamin D levels should be around 30 -100 ng/ml if it is not there are numerous diseases which includes heart attack ,thyroid problem and respiratory illnesses which can affect your body and one of them is the cold or flu. One of the reason many persons get sick during the winter is because of the lack of daily dose of vitamin D. So get  sunshine daily without sunscreen  fair skinned people need about  you need about 5 minutes midday sun , if you are light brown like Hispanic you need about 15 to 20 minutes daily dark skin people need about  1 to 1 1/2 hours daily.

  • Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamin c  may not prevent cold but gives your immune system a vital boost that is need to prevent cold. Zinc also does not prevent the cold as research has shown drinking 75 mg zinc supplement within 24 hours of a cold symptom reduces the longevity .

  • Reduce sugar intake

Sugar can reduce the ability of your immune system to fight off the flu virus within 2 hours of consuming it and also depress your immune system for up to 5 hours. 80% of our immune response comes from our stomach too much sugar  can increase the growth of bad bacteria . You do not need to totally eliminate sugar you just need to eat a balance and stay away from sodas , artificial sweeteners and too much juice. Its important reduce sugar and drink a lot of water during the season changes  thats when many persons become infected.

  • Get enough sleep

One of the most important component to prevent cold and flu is to get enough sleep every day, it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat and how much supplement you use if you lose sleep because of interrupted sleep or working too much you will diminish your immune system that protects your respiratory system .

  • Keep stress to a minimum

Stress is silent  factor that contributes to cold it creeps in many times unknown to us and suppresses our immune system leaving us vulnerable to many viruses . The reason I am saying this is because many person are emotionally stressed and are not aware of it but there signs that you are stressed so you should be aware of them to prevent cold and flu.

  • Exercise

Exercise but don’t over do it . Exercise  increases your body temperature like a fever which help to kill bacteria so it very effect in the early stages of a flu .Exercise also gives your immune system a boost by improving its ability to find illness in our body  due to the increase blood circulation. Studies have shown that persons who exercise regularly body was able to fight both cod and flu better than those who do not exercise regularly .Exercise reduces stress and control blood sugar which are ideal conditions your body need to prevent the flu.

Propolis is one of nature premier natural antibiotics which has sames properties as oregano oil and much more such as anticancer anti-ulcer properties  . Modern research has shown that persons who take propolis on a regular basis build up a resistance to winter colds and strep throat and most common viruses that cause flu . Unlike  persons who take prescribe antibiotics and have most of there good bacteria destroy propolis saves your flora in your gut will killing the bad bacteria. Propolis can be taken orally or put directly on the skin.

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