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Antibacterial sponges

According  to one of the best microbiologist  professor Hugh Pennington the kitchen is one of the dirtiest part of our home especially the cleaning sponge . The sponge is said to be 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat and it hold some very dangers bacteria  which can paralyze a person.

This is where an antibacterial or antimicrobial ,anti-germ ,anti mold sponge comes in , these sponges are treated with products that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. When you see the word antibacterial sponge you may think they kill bacteria on contact but this is not the case these sponges are treated with nano-particles such as  silver triclosan or triclocarbon which helps to prevent growth of bacteria , germs , fungi and mold . Most house wives do not like smelly sponges and antibacterial sponge are one the solutions because if these microorganisms cannot multiply you would not get that stinky odor coming from your sponges so they are anti-odor .

There are many brands of antimicrobial sponges one of the most popular one is Lysol multi purpose scrubber sponges with anti microbial protection. They are odor resistant and come in 2,3,4 and 6 pack .Libman antibacterial sponges
Libman antibacterial sponges absorbs 3 times more water than the cellulose sponges and  fights odor and mold built up .
Nano sponges are very durable they pull up grease , dirt and spills very easy and guarantees no stink smell for 30 days or money back  .

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