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Best dead sea mud mask review

The dead sea is bordered by Israel, Jordan and Palestine and is one of the most unique bodies of water in the world people from all over the world go there to be slathered in this mineral rich mud . Legends says it was first the  Queen of Sheba who first  believed in the mystical power of this mud ,King Herod  from bible times also used it as a health spa resort ,Queen Cleopatra used it to maintain beautiful skin and many people today follow in these royalty foot steps all year round some go to easy their pain from arthritis , some for skin beauty , cancer effects , blood circulation ,eczema , porosis or just to experience this  legend . The dead sea is the big spa on earth and it was first sold  commercially by Ziva Gilad a spa technicians who say women taking the mud home . Since then many beauty companies have followed in his foot steps bringing it to your home as mud mask from the dead sea .

What are benefits of a good dead sea mud mask ?

1. A good dead sea mud mask can be used to clean your pores to fight blackhead , acne and pimples . The minerals in the dead sea mud pulls dirt and sebum ( an oily substance that cause acne )  it also has minerals which helps to repair skin damage done by acne.

2. IT moisturizes your skin , the minerals in dead sea mud stimulates the skin at a cellular level to store moisture .

3. Improve skin complexion and prevent ageing the dead sea mud mask clears your skin of blemishes by removing dead skin cells and renewing your skin giving you that smooth look and sense of softness . The mask also reduces  wrinkles in your face when the new cell that were regenerated by the skin fill up your pores and lines it also tighten your
face thus improving skin elasticity.

4. Great for oily skin person who face produce excess fats and dead sea mud mask can help to balance this secretion and remove the excess fat. You read the full benefits of dead sea mud .

5. Treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis .

We will take a look at 4 of the top rated dead sea mud mask

1.Pure Body natural dead sea mud

Pure Body natural dead sea mud

Pure Body natural dead sea mud is the # 1 best seller on Amazon in facial mask . The description states that this natural product  helps to improve your skin complexion by treating many of your  common skin problems such as blemishes , pimples , acne scars , reduce the appearance and wrinkles and fine lines , give you smooth and beautiful skin by removing cellulite and minimize pore sizes thus giving you a smooth look with super skin elasticity. This mask is not just Dead sea mud it is made to Spa Quality level with added natural ingredients  of Shea Butter , Sunflower oil , Aloe Vera Juice and Jojoba oil, Kaolin , Vegetable Glycerin, Hickory Bark extract and  Calendula oil .

What happened when I tried it ?
Applying pure body brand you will find it is dark in color and does not have a scent direction says to rub on in a circular motion and leave on for 10 -15 minutes the mud is thinner than the real dead sea mud and it goes on easy, as it drys you start to feel your face  tighten  with a tingling itchy feeling . I left it on for 15 minutes it was easy to wash off with warm water . My face felt tighter , most of the blackheads were gone and my pores were smaller.

Customers review
It was reviewed by 8493 customers 91% give it 4 -5 stars .
Quite a number of these customers  said it worked great for sensitive skin while other similar products got there skin itchy ,red with rashes. Many saw smoother and clearer complexion after 4 to 5 weeks of use and over 200 customers said their acne cleared up over time.
4% give this product 3 stars said that it did remove the the oil and dirt but they didn’t see change in their skin complexion and it did not feel soft . While some said their face felt soft after use but didn’t get rid of their blackheads most people who give this mask 1 star said they some form of skin reaction one woman said her eyes puff , a few saw rashes and some redness they also mentioned they didn’t see no change after using two said their face felt dry after use .

Pros of Pure Body natural dead sea mud

1.Seem to work on most persons with sensitive skin.
2.Clean pores by removing dirt and oil from pores.
3.Skin feel softer after use and not dry like some mud mask.
4.Helps remove blackheads

Cons of Pure Body natural dead sea mud
1.It can cause reaction on some skin time so test a small area  first.


2.Dead Sea Mud Mask by FOXBRIM

Dead Sea Mud Mask by FOXBRIM

Dead Sea Mud Mask by FOXBRIM  is one a the few mask on the market that is 100%  natural mask with no additives 99.75% of the mask being the dead sea mud and 9.25% of grape fruit Seed Extract to preserve the freshness. They claim to pass Cleopatra test because she only used natural dead sea mud with out additives to keep her looking beautiful It promises to increase circulation to rejuvenate skin cells , cleanse your skin of dirt , oil and dead skin cells, kills the bacteria that causes acne , treat psoriasis , minimize pores , and reduce  skin discoloration  , wrinkles and fine lines.

Customers review

2478 persons reviewed it on Amazon 92% rated it 4 -5 stars these reviewers said it went on easy and moist there face felt refresh and they noticed shrinking of their pores and the cleaning of a lot of dirt from their face . Those who give 4 stars agreed with most of the above but didn’t like the smell and that there face felt a little dry. 3% complained about there skin being a little dry after use some said they felt burning sensation. 1% of the customers rated it as 2 stars and no one rated as 1 star .

Pros Dead Sea Mud Mask by FOXBRIM

1.The most natural and organic mud mask you can get
2. Goes on easy
3.Remove dirt , oil and blackhead from your skin

Cons Dead Sea Mud Mask by FOXBRIM

1.It pure dead sea mud with no additive so has an odor

3.Aria Star dead sea mud 

Aria Star dead sea mud

Aria Star dead sea mud is a spa formula made from Dead sea mud , Shea Butter , Aloe Vera , and Jojoba oil . This mud exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells it also deep cleans by deleting  face impurities such as oil , dirt and toxins to give fresh glowing skin . The features of this mud is that the mineral sulphur, bromide, iodine , zinc , magnesium and potassium helps to kill the bacteria that causes acne ,  treats and detoxify your face. Increases blood circulation to help you achieve tighter skin for anti-age and anti-wrinkle. This mud also has a number of oils to help moisturize your skin.

What happened when I tried it ?

Take a scoop of Aria you will get a pleasant smell it is very easy to rubs on and looks blue-gray on your skin . After a few minutes you start to feel a burning and tingling feeling , my face also started to feel tight but not very tight so that I couldnt spesk after 15 minutes it washed off easily I noticed quite a few blackheads were removed and my face felt refresh and smooth .

Customers review

It is rated by 1197 customer with 95% giving it 4-5 stars . These customers said
they love the smell and their skin looked more smooth and radiant after weeks of use .One customer said they have very sensitive skin which would break out when they use various  cosmetic on their face but this mud mask worked great no rashes. Those who give it 4 stars  said it was ok but not a miracle worker one 4 star customer said it took  long to dry compare to other mud mask.
3 stars customers were 2% in number they said they saw some changes in their skin texture being  softer and a little smooth but many didnt think it help with their acne.
1-2 stars customers said the clay made a difference in their complexion some said it did nothing for them ,a few noticed it  caused them to breakout

Pros Aria Star dead sea mud
1.It natural with no chemicals or parabens
2.Easy to apply texture
3.Dry easily
4. Remove dirty and oil from face
5. Doesn’t leave your face feeling dry like most face-mask

Cons Aria Star dead sea mud
1. Not organic
2. Doesn’t dry as quickly as

4.Seacret Dead Sea Mask

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Seacret Dead Sea Mask has two different mud mask the (a) Mineral Rich Clarifying Mud Mask is  for normal to oily skin , a formula comprising Dead sea mud , Vitamins and Natural extracts  such as Aloe Vera , Chamomile , Glycerin, Joboba oil , sunflower oil , Allation , Kaolin and Sunflower seed  oil . The other version (b) M4 mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask is for dry to normal skin with the might of magnetism within a deeply hydrating and norishing mask this blend is made from Dead sea Mud Bee wax , Chamomile flower oil, Kaolin , Shea Butter , Vitamin E , Rosehip oil , Glycerin and other extracts this mask uses comes with a magnet which is used to remove the mud from your skin. Both mask  cleans your pores , removes your blemishes and gives you even complexion .

Seacret Mud mask was rated by 14 persons on Amazon  with a 4.8 out of 5 stars 100% of the customers give the mask 4-5 stars . They all were thrilled by this product it went on easy , dried quickly and washed of easily.  After washing most reviewers said they say the difference in their skin it looked brighter , felt smoother and tighter . One customer recommended for sensitive skin since it did give her rashes.

1. It’s goes on easy
2. It has a nice smell
3. It’s natural with extracts to leave your face moist
4.Two different mud mask one for dry skin the other for oily skin .
5. Gives the skin a great clean
6. Best among similar mud mask for sensitive skin

1. Expensive compared to other Dead sea mud mask


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