Antimicrobial and antibacterial cutting boards

Every year there has been many food recalls because of food being contaminated with E coli and salmonella bacteria and we may be serving our family and friends these contaminated food which can make them sick . I read a few year ago how a family got typhoid from  bacteria infected cutting board even though they cleaned it everyday with bleach . I have said in my post about antibacterial sponge that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest place in the house and the sponge and cutting boards are two items which holds a lot of bacteria , fungi and viruses.

What are antibacterial cutting boards ?

These are cutting boards that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms . Different companies may use different methods to keep these boards bacteria free.

  • Some antibacterial cutting boards are those made with silver ion intertwine in the fiber of the board during the manufacture process  . Silver-ion kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and it does not leach out of the board on your food or absorb into your skin it is one the safest antibacterial method . Silver-ion can kill bacteria it comes in contact with in less than an hour.
  • Phytoncide cutting boards are antibacterial , Phytoncide which is a volatile oil or substance produce by plants is glazed onto the board surface . Phytoncide has a number of useful purpose in medicine and cosmetics for the cutting boards it is used for it antimicrobial properties because bacteria is unable to live and multiply when in contact with this substance. This is a very organic method for since the antibacterial product comes from plants.bamboo cutting board
  • Some antibacterial cutting boards are also made from bamboo these have become very popular as a renewable resource for making hundreds of products including cutting boards . It grows quickly , insect and disease resistant so it doesn’t need to be treated with pesticides but the amazing things is that it is antimicrobial and odor resistant . The reason bamboo is antibacterial is because of a bio agent called bamboo kun which was discovered by Chinese scientist to be found naturally in the plant .
  • Some plastic cutting boards are made with nano particles such as triclosan and triclocarbon which kill microorganisms, studies have shown that they can leach and contaminate food they have also been ban in many European countries.
  • Some woods are also shown to have antibacterial properties and the US Department of  Agricultural ,Meat and Poultry  recommends maple wood and close grain wood for cutting boards because wood is porous and it allows bacteria to pass through it grains . However studies done by Dean O Cliver , PhD from the University of California found that wood cutting boards inhibits the growth of bacteria once they move between the cracks most  of them die and stop reproduction other similar studies found the same results . These studies used  various types of wood but were not able to show which wood had the best antibacterial properties.[wp_ad_camp_1]

Why use antibacterial cutting boards .

There many people who become infected by contaminated food daily  resulting in food poisoning or typhoid  you can help prevent this problem using a antibacterial cutting board. Many foods are affected by the Bacteria left on your cutting board sometimes what you do not see may still be there hidden in plain sight. Many typical cutting boards can be found with knife cuts and between these cuts you can see black and brown stains which are the molds , fungi and bacteria living there . A single bacteria can grow exponential to 18 million within 8 hours so many cutting boards are not safe .Many persons would bleach there boards to remove harmful bacteria but bleach is not a safe method since your board will be in close contact with food and to really kill the microorganism you need to soak your board in diluted bleach for at least 20 minutes which will reach bacteria living in the crack and crevices of your cutting board.

The best rated antibacterial ,antimicrobial cutting boards

There are quite a number of well made antibacterial and antimicrobial cutting board Iwill tell you of two the first one  is Kitopia antibacterial cutting boards are flexible polypropylene BPA free and made from natural Phytoncide material  they come 3 in a set each one for different use one for meat , vegetables and fruits and one for seafood . There flexibility allow them to be microwaved to sanitize and it allow you fold so you can easiKitopia antibacterial cutting boardsly pour your cutting in your pot. It has a non slip backing also drains on the edge to prevent the juices from your food running on your counter top. They do not break or flake like other POLYPROPYLENE cutting board so they don’t leaves grooves or cracks that allow bacteria to settle in and reproduce . They are very durable and the  great thing it doesn’t  dull your knives .

Antimicrobial bamboo cutting Greener chef cutting board is a durable natural bamboo cutting board . It never dulls your knife , made with drip grooves to prevent liquids on the board from making a mess. If you  do your research you would find some other well rated boards.

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