How to clean a sponge ?

You may think the toilet seat or bathroom is the dirtiest thing in your home but did you think of your kitchen sponge . According to research it hold 200000 times more bacteria than the toilet seat , when you clean spills , wash dishes or clean your cutting boards with your sponge it holds the food particles .

Even though most of us would wash our sponge after use it still hold these food particles within there fibers , with the moist environment and decaying food protozoa and bacteria starts to multiply and they can be deadly . They are reports of sponges causing food poisoning , have bacteria than can paralyze you and even bacteria found in feaces such as E.coli .

With these known facts it is important to sanitize your sponges to get rid of most of the bacteria this also prevent bad odors from and build up of molds and fungi. You can simply change a sponges everyday or use an antibacterial sponge but that might not be an option for you , so how do we go about cleaning a sponges.

Everyday ordinary cleaning of your sponge

Once you would have finish using a sponge allow water run on it warm preferably , wash out what ever food or waste you can see . Wring it until most of the water has been removed  then place it to dry in a sponge holder which will allow the remaining water to drain .

Kill 99% of microbes on a sponge with the microwave

One of the most effective method to disinfect a sponge is to microwave it the heat kills 99% of the bacteria . First you will wash the sponge then squeeze it to get some of the water but not all place the sponge on a paper towel to absorb any water residue  and place them both in the microwave , close and set at 1 minute . The sponge will be very hot so protect yourself when removing or keep the sponge in the sponge in the microwave until it cools.  Note some sponges are made of plastics so they melt if they do the paper towel will collect it. Also do not put sponge with metal in the microwave .

Kill 98% of microbes on a sponge with the dishwasher

You can also running the sponge through an automatic dishwasher select heated dry setting or high temperature setting .

Soaking your sponge in a antibacterial liquid (these method kills 97 to 98 % of bacteria)

Another method is to use bleach , you can make a sponge cleaner by mixing 1 gallon of water with 3/4 cup of bleach if you don’t wish to make such a big batch you you can mix 1 part bleach to 8 parts water. Soak the sponge for 5 to 8 minutes.

Mix one part vinegar to one part water soak sponge for 8 minutes .

Mix one part ammonia to one part water and soak for 8 minutes .


Depending and what it is used for sponges should be changed every 2 to 4 weeks .

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