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Rosehip Oil For Hair:One of the best hair growth oils

rosehip for hair

If you have read our blog or our website you might know about the benefits that rosehip oil has on your skin.  It is capable of rejuvenating your skin, reducing acne scarring (if not eliminating it), and treating acne.  What a lot of people don’t know about the wonder benefits of rosehip oil is that it can be used on your hair too.  When it is used on the hair there is a whole new selection of benefits and different ways to apply it.  Here is some information.

How Does Rosehip Oil Help The Scalp and Hair?

Your scalp is part of your body that tends to get dry without you even noticing.  One of the major benefits of rosehip oil is that it is absorbed by the scalp, moisturizing the skin and softening the scalp which allows for better hair growth.  It also helps prevent dandruff and scalp flaking which can be embarrassing when it falls on your clothes.

Rosehip oil is also used to fight oxidants which can cause hair loss.  It does this via the antioxidants that are in the rosehip oil naturally.  This is a major plus because the free radicals that cause the oxidants can build up from just about everything that your hair is exposed to.  Second-hand smoke, pollution, other parts of the environment, and stress can all lead to oxidants.

Both the anti-oxidants and the moisturizing properties help to keep your hair looking its natural appearance.  Anti-oxidants help to prevent your hair from graying, which is a benefit to anyone.  The moisturizing helps to keep your hair smooth and fresh.  Rosehip oil moisturizes the hair without adding weight and without causing oily/greasy hair that people hate.  

You can also use rosehip oil for your regular hair care.  It will de-frizz hair and also help to fight split ends.

What Vitamins Does Rosehip Oil Contain?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C works with hair to help make it grow longer, faster.  It also helps to make your hair grow stronger.  This means that your hair is less likely to get split ends and to be stronger when treating it.  The fact that it enables your hair to absorb more iron helps to add to the strengthening of your hair.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A contains the anti-oxidants that help to keep your hair looking young and prevent free radicals from causing your hair to fall out.  Vitamin A can be found in a wide variety of hair care products to help keep the hair fresh.rosehip oil

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also full of anti-oxidants which help for the same reason that Vitamin A does.  It also helps to promote healthy hair growth.  The Vitamin E also helps to preserve the other vitamins that are contained in the rosehip oil because it is very sensitive to heat and light.

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Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are contained in fish oil and other sources and they allow your hair to get a luscious shine that you desire.  They also aid in keeping your hair healthy and hydrated.  The essential fatty acids are aided in their shelf life by the Vitamin E.

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How To Use Rosehip Oil In Your Hair

Rosehip oil in your hair works best when it is massaged into your hair and scalp.  Once the oil is in place, leave it for 30 minutes so that it gets the maximum effect.  After the 30 minutes is over, shampoo your hair with your normal shampoo.  Repeating treatments once a week helps you to get the maximum effect.

Some people prefer to add rosehip oil to other oils and hair care treatments to maximize the benefits.  Coconut oil is one of the most frequently chosen oils to add to rosehip for haircare.  This works for hair treatments as long as the rosehip oil is given the time needed to work.

Rosehip oil is great for hair care.  It enables you to have the healthier, younger looking hair that you crave and it does so in a natural way.  Make sure that you get rosehip in its oil form as it is the purest form it comes in and is most effective that way.

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