Best Antibacterial For A New Tattoo

Tattoos are amazing pieces of art but they won’t last long if you don’t take care of them and your skin. One of the best ways to do so is to use an antibacterial on the tattoo. The antibacterial helps to keep your tattoo from getting an infection which can cause your skin to have issues. It is very simple to use and can help to ensure that your tattoo doesn’t get marred.

What To Do After You Get A New Tattoo

After you get a tattoo there are several steps you need to take to safeguard it. The most important thing is that you listen to the steps that your tattoo artist gives you to follow in regards to protecting your tattoo. While in most cases you will have to have it in a bandage for a while, all cases should have you using an antibacterial ointment to help keep your skin healthy.

How To Wash It With Antibacterial Soap

You will want to wash right after you take the bandage or plastic wrapping off your skin. Wait for the water to get lukewarm and then run the water above your tattoo so the water runs down your skin. Alternatively, you can shower or splash water on the tattoo. Directly washing the tattoo might cause pain and potentially issues with the ink.

Using clean hands wipe all of the traces of debris off the skin where the tattoo is. After the tattoo, you will probably have some blood, plasma, and/or ink left over. Do not use anything but clean hands to wipe off the debris. Washcloths, sponges, and other cleaning tools harbor dirt and bacteria that you don’t want exposed to your tattoo.

While you are washing the tattoo make sure that you are using an antibacterial soap. There are some that are designed just for tattoos. The next section is about how to pick the best antibacterial tattoo soap.

After you have washed your tattoo off don’t use a towel to rub it dry. Instead, dab your tattoo dry. Rubbing the tattoo dry will cause irritation and can cause you to rub bacteria into the skin. A soft towel is best for this task.


The Best Antibacterial Soap To Use On Your New Tattoo

Choosing the right antibacterial soap for your tattoo is critical. You don’t want your tattoo to get infected and you also don’t want your skin to hurt due to the tattoo. Here are a few tips for choosing the right soap for cleaning your tattoo.

  • Go for an antibacterial soap that does not contain alcohol. The alcohol will be harsh on the healing skin and also cause pain.
  • Smooth soap is best, don’t opt for a soap that is rough and will scrape the skin.
  • Having moisturizer in the soap can help your skin feel better.
  • Avoid harsh ingredients that can hurt the open skin of the tattoo.
  • Use a soap designed specifically for tattoos so that you know the ingredients.

TattooGoo Deep Cleansing Soap

The TattooGoo Deep Cleansing Soap was designed specifically for cleaning tattoos by Tattoo Goo. It is made to specifically go deep and provide an extra good clean. Without being harsh the soap also helps to remove your dead skin and grime from the area of the tattoo to leave it clean. Customers praise the Tattoo Goo Soap for not hurting the skin and for getting all of the icky body fluids off after.

H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap was also designed to wash your tattoo but in a foaming, gentle way. The foam is gentle and the ingredients are harsh chemical free so the colors won’t be ruined. It is designed to clean out the skin without hurting the tattoo while remaining all natural. That is quite the big task and it manages it well. Those who buy H2Ocean soap say that it feels really nice when it goes on and works better than other products they have used in the past.

Keeping your tattoo clean after spending so much time and money on it is critical. Trusting the right soap to do the job is a big task but as long as you look at reviews, ingredients, and recommendations, you will have a clean and healthy tattoo. Good luck on your new tattoo!


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