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For many people there is nothing more annoying than to have something stuck in their ears.  Unfortunately, for a lot of people around the world they also suffer from having flakes in their ears canal.  These flakes are annoying and can make you feel uncomfortable when you notice them in your ears.  You feel like people are always noticing them.  There are a variety of causes to dry skin in the ears but there is good news, there is also a selection of treatments.



Overeager Cleaning or Cleaning Too Often

It seems counter-intuitive but those who clean their ears too often or those who clean them vigorously will notice that they start to develop dry skin.  This is often caused because they are drying out the skin with q-tips or a similar cleaning implement.  You are also cleaning away the earwax which is meant to protect the ear canals.

Excess of Oil or Yeast

There are a handful of medical conditions which can cause your skin to produce excess oil or excess yeast.  Conditions that cause these problems will often also cause dry flaky skin in the ear canal.  Often these conditions will also cause itching along with the dry skin.

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions will also cause dry and/or flaky skin to appear in the ear canal.  If an allergic reaction is the cause of your condition then it may be due to a new hair product, skin care product, or similar product that is used near or on the ear.  This may be the easiest cause of flaky and/or dry skin in the ears to treat.  Simply stop using the product you are allergic too and the problem should go away after a while.


Many people think that dermatitis only causes skin problems on easily visible parts of the body, this would be a wrong assumption.  Dermatitis can cause dry and/or flaky skin in the ear canal too.


Eczema can also be the cause of dry, flaky skin in the ear and ear canal.  In fact, there are people who only suffer from ear eczema.  Eczema of the ear alone is difficult to diagnose because it is hard to see the skin discoloration that appears inside the ear canal.



Clean Your Ears Properly

Stop using q-tips to clean your ears, they dry out the ears and can push ear wax into the ear drum, causing a multitude of problems.  Water picks and drops designed specifically for use in the ear will tend to work best.  Try to avoid getting any products that are not designed for use in the ear from getting in the ear and let the ear air dry after showers or baths.

Thick hand cream

Thick moisturiser work well to remove the dry scales off your ear and keep it moist all day to avoid that embarrassing look . Nivea hand cream is an example of thick cream that provides over 24 hours hyrdation for your skin. Product Details[symple_button url=”” color=”orange” size=”small” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Buy on Amazon[/symple_button]

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly not only soothes skin but moisturizes it too.  It will work great for many people who suffer from dry, flaky skin in any location.  Because of the sensitivity of your ear canal, do not place petroleum jelly in the ear canal itself.

Use Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used to lubricate the ears and ear canal.  Using a small dropper, you can place drops in your ears.  It is important that you never let the dropper touch the inside of the ear canal as this can cause an infection or spread an infection to the other ear.

Prescription Medication

There are some prescription medications that can treat specific conditions that treat dry and/or flaky ears.  In order to get these medications, seek assistance from your doctor.  Before using over the counter or other medication you should also consult your doctor to ensure that you are getting medication to target the right condition.


A variety of different creams can be used to target your dry, itchy, and or flaky ears.  Lotrimin cream would be one of the most recommended creams for such a purpose.  Hydrocortisone cream can also be used.  Because creams are versatile, you can also mix them to thoroughly treat your condition.

Dry, flaky ears are a pain for many people around the world but they don’t have to be.  Use this guide to help you start curing you dry and/or flaky ears.  In some cases, it will only take days in order for your ears to show results.  Good luck getting rid of the dry/flaky skin in your ears.


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