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Fruits That Help To Fight Constipation

For many people when they go to the doctor’s office about constipation they are prescribed medication but medication isn’t the only way to fight constipation. Many common fruits can be used to get rid of your constipation. Here are the most common fruits that can be used to help you get over constipation.


Mangoes are great for constipation because they contain a good amount of fiber which is necessary for proper bowel movements 100g  mango gives you 3g of fiber. These wonderful fruits also contain a lot of enzymes that help the stomach clean itself out and process properly. In other words, they help the stomach speed up the bowel movement process by increasing the liquid there and  stimulating your gut  . Mangoes also have the benefit of tasting good in a variety of forms, whether raw, in a smoothie or mixed with other fruits. It best to eat 1 to 2 mangoes on a empty stomach when you wake up or during the day for best result .



When it comes to fruits that relieve constipation, there is probably no fruit more famous than prunes. Most people think of prunes before any other fruit when they are blocked up. Prunes are used to relieve constipation because they also contain a variety of fibers that are needed to help the body stay regular. They are also a natural laxative that is similar to dihydrophenylisatin which acts by drawing water into the large intestine and stimulating the bowel. Prunes also have the benefit of having a variety of vitamins that help power the body to stay regular.


Avocados are pretty unique in the fruit world because they contain good fats. Not many fruits contain much fat at all. Avocados are high in magnesium which helps you poop by relaxing your intestinal muscles and attracting water to soften your stool. Avocados also contain a large amount of fiber that is needed to remain regular. They contain more fiber than pears, apples, or bananas. That means that you are getting a whole whopping of fiber from just one fruit.


Dates are great for your dietary health for the same reason that many of the other fruits on here are, they contain a large amount of fiber for being such a small fruit. These dried treats also have a variety of nutrients that help to make the process of having a bowel movement even easier. Furthermore, dates contain an energy boost for people and their bodies which are used to help process our foods quicker. The fact that they are used as a sweetener in some countries gives you, even more, options for eating dates than just by themselves.


Again, blueberries contain fiber which are great for fighting constipation. They also contain a variety of nutrients that help fight constipation. One of the biggest benefits of blueberries is that they are extremely easy to grow. Most people can grow blueberries easily at home. Blueberries can also easily be mixed in with other foods such as other fruits and they can be mixed in with sauces to add more flavor.

Ripe Banana

Ripe bananas are a great tasting fruit with good consistency. They also have a good amount of nutritional values. Some of the nutritional values include potassium, vitamins, and  soluble fibers. All three of these nutritional factors are great for fighting constipation. Ripe bananas themselves are also extremely easy to digest, which makes them great for fighting constipation.Ripe bananas are easy to chew so anyone from toddler to adult can eat them. They are easy to mix with smoothies and other fruits too.



Pears contain both fibers and vitamins, both are needed to remain regular. There are also a variety of benefits that come with pears, they are easily able to be mixed with other fruits or drinks and they are also very affordable. Pears can be found year-round at many groceries stores with good quality all year. A lot of the dietary fiber is included in the skin of the pear, that means to get the most benefit from pears you need to eat the skin.


It is important to make sure that you drink a lot of water. Water works with the fiber and vitamins to help keep you regular. Space the water throughout the day to make sure that you don’t flush out the nutrients and vitamins right away.

Before using any kind of medication it is important that you try fruits and water to help clear up your constipation. Using medication to clear up problems with having bowel movements can create a dependency on said medication in order to have a proper bowel movement. Fruits are also far more appetizing than any constipation medication. Mix fruits on this list for maximum effectiveness.

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