Lazy Bowel Syndrome

lazy bowel syndrome

Around the world there are many people who suffer from lazy bowel syndrome and it can make their life uncomfortable.  Knowing what lazy bowel syndrome is and how to treat it can help make your life easier and help you better understand this common medical condition.

What is Lazy Bowel Syndrome?

Lazy bowel syndrome is a condition in which your bowel works very slow, or sluggishly. From your first bite digestion begins and it completes in the small intestine the waste products are then push to the large intestine where salt and water is removed causing the waste product to become firmer and turning into stool . The stool is push towards the rectum .When your rectum is filled signals are sent to the braining tell you to go to the toilet and your rectum muscle relaxes and the stool heads towards your anus where it exit as a bowel movement.

The time it takes for food to pass through you digestive system is called transit period in men it’s 1.9 days for women 2.4 days .While pooping any number of times between two times per day and 3 times per week can be considered normal, those with lazy bowel syndrome poop even less.  Other terms for lazy bowel syndrome include:

  • Slow transit colon
  • Slow transit constipation
  • Sluggish bowel
  • Sluggish colon

Signs and Symptoms of Lazy Bowel Syndrome

The number one sign that you have lazy bowel syndrome is that you have a very low frequency of bowel movements.  Typically, those who have less than three bowel movements a week should consider getting checked for lazy bowel syndrome.    There are some other symptoms that you can have from lazy bowel syndrome though.

    • Constipation – The inability to poop
    • Uncomfortable or Painful Bowel Movements – Many people with lazy bowel syndrome experience uncomfortableness or pain when they are able to poop.  This is due to the harder feces that is caused by the lack of water absorption.
    • Not Able To Strain – You might not be able to push out poop with the safe force.  This can be caused by a variety of different conditions.
    • Bloating – Many people with lazy bowel syndrome will feel bloating in the stomach because of the slow gut movement.
    • Incomplete Pooping – Unable to pass all of your poop, resulting in feces being left in the rectum.  Can result in soiled underwear.
    • Nausea – You might find yourself feeling nauseous because of the buildup of food.


  • Headaches


Is unhealthy to have slow bowel movement ?

If you going to to bathroom to defecate more than every 3 days you have at least 12 meal backed up in your intestine can be more or less depends how you eat . This can  be toxic , you are increasing your chances of colon cancer and the burden on your liver because your body will absorb the toxins from your fecal matter and your liver has constantly clean them out .

Causes of Lazy Bowel Syndrome

  • Laxative abuse-   One of the biggest causes of sluggish bowel movement is the use of laxatives or laxative dependence.  Those who use laxatives to get skinny or purify their bowel can end up not contracting on its own  without  these medication . So,  the laxative,has now caused a sluggish or slow bowel movement .  This can also happen with colon cleansing products and people with eating disorders might also find themselves with lazy bowel syndrome.  Sometimes this is because of the eating disorder (anorexia) It is extremely important to not build up a dependency to these products, many persons abuse laxatives to lose weight but it can have a very negative effect on your colon and your body . Constant use of laxatives depletes your body of minerals and electrolytes that help our nervous system and muscles –function which includes the colon muscles . Laxatives abuse also stretches your colon and cause colon infection when make your colon lazy or slow with bowel movements.
  •  Hirschsprung’s disease – is the lack of nerves in the colon, these nerves control the function of the colon and without them, the peristalsis that pushes the stool along the colon is not happening.  Hirschsprung’s disease is not common but it can be critical.  It mainly effects newborns and those under the age of five,  one  in 5000 babies are born with hirschsprung’s disease
  • Dehydration – those who do not properly hydrate also notice that they will have proper bowel movements. This is because the body is not getting the hydration it needs to process properly. There is less research towards this cause of lazy bowel syndrome.  
  • Nervous system disorder -lazy bowel syndrome may also be caused by nervous system disorders.  The nervous system helps to control the body’s ability to pass feces, without it functioning properly it could cause lazy bowel syndrome.
  • Stress and anxiety suppresses the gastrocolic reflex thus hampering bowel movement.Stress can also cause abnormal contractions in the colon causing feces to move slowly as a result to much water is removed from your stool causes it to be hard and stiff making it difficult to move along efficiently .


Treatment for Lazy Bowel Syndrome

There are a variety of steps you can take to treat lazy bowel syndrome.  Almost all of them are non-invasive and don’t involve medication.  Here are the ways you can treat lazy bowel syndrome.

  • Proper Diet

Maintaining a proper diet is key to treating lazy bowel syndrome.  Dietary fiber helps the body to be able to pass any stool that it may have.Your diet can cause slow bowel movement if you do not eat enough plant base food with high soluble or insoluble fibre . Fibre binds to water increasing the liquid in your colon to allow bowel to move faster preventing drying slow bowel movements.  Foods such as mangoes and prunes will further promote good pooping .  Staying hydrated will help your diet be processed so ensure that you are drinking the proper amount of water every day.  51ui6yj4n-l-_ac_us160_

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  • Add To Your Diet

Adding probiotics and fermented foods (Yogurt,Natto ,Kefir,kombucha and sauerkraut ) to your diet can help to reestablish the proper balance of intestinal flora.  This can help treat lazy bowel syndrome as often times these healthy flora can be purged out of the system during a cleanse.


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  • Increase Your Physical Activity

The body is a machine and it runs best when it is being physical.  Studies show that those who are physically active have less symptoms of lazy bowel syndrome or can cure it all together.  In fact, the main reason scientists believe the elderly have lazy bowel syndrome is the lack of activity.

  • Yoga

Yoga can help to take command of your stress response , increase blood and oxygen flow in your colon area thus helping with regular bowel movement . The various twist and poses helps to massage your digestive organs speeding up the bowel movement process .There a number of videos on yoga and constipation you can look at on YouTube.

  • Medication

Medication is the second to last resort to treat lazy bowel syndrome.  Drugs are typically the last resort because doctors do not want to fuel a dependency.  Colonic stimulation drugs may be prescribed or non-dependent colon cleansing drugs may be used.

  • Surgery

The last resort for those with lazy bowel syndrome is surgery.  Surgery is performed to increase gut motility.  While many surgeries have good long-term success rates there is no way to know before the surgery whether it will be effective or not.  Each case is different.

It is important to note that Hirschprung’s disease is treated mostly through surgery.   The surgery for Hirschprung’s disease will either reroute the affected area or remove it completely.  

Lazy bowel syndrome is an unfortunate medical condition that can be found around the world in people of all ages.  Now that you know more about it you will be better able to identify it and take the steps to treat it if you or a family member have it.  

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