Neem Oil For Lice

Head lice are a type of parasite that live on the human head.  They have six legs that they use to attach themselves to hair.  While these creatures are extremely resilient they cannot live without a human host.  Lice will not live on any kind of household animal.

Why It Is Difficult To Get Rid Of Hair Lice

Lice are extremely difficult to get rid of because they are hard to see.  They can be born in a variety of colors that all blend in with hair.  It is hard to get rid of what you cannot see.  Once you do detect them and start to get rid of them there are a couple more considerations that make it difficult to get rid of them.  The claws at the end of their six legs make it very easy for a louse to hold onto hair.  Once they have a grip it is extremely hard to get rid of them without hurting the hair.  Lice are resistant to many common treatments and normal hair cleaning products.  It also only takes one louse to start a colony, so every louse must be removed.


What Is Neem Oil And Why It Can Get Rid Of Lice

Neem oil is a natural oil derived from the vegetable neem.  The neem tree is from the Indian subcontinent but has been introduced to many tropic areas.  Neem oil has been used in many cases as a pesticide.  It is capable of killing lice because the lice don’t like the smell of it and it kills the pests.  Neem oil can also help to kill of the eggs.

The Procedure For Using Neem Oil For Lice

The best form of neem oil to get rid of lice is pure neem oil.  It is the most concentrated form of neem and as such the most effective.  You can also mix it with another oil such as olive oil from the kitchen.  Use a 5/10 ratio when mixing.

You start by smothering all of your hair in neem oil.  It will smell bad so you might want to have some scented candles or be ready to smell it for a while.  The oil needs to cover your hair and scalp.  Leave the neem oil on your hair for as long as you can put up with it.  At the very least you need to wait an hour.

When it is time to wash your hair make sure to get the oil out and detangle your hair.  You will want your hair to be easy to go through.  Go through your hair with a nit comb, this will help to get rid of any remaining eggs or lice.  Dipping the comb in boiling hot water regularly will help to keep it clean.

For a week it is best to repeat this washing process every other day.  Make sure to not store the neem oil in water as it will ruin the effectiveness of the oil.  After a week you should have someone check your hair, it should be free of lice.  

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