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Teeth whitening pens. How it works ,advantages ,disadvantages.

A teeth whitening pen is just one of the many options you have out there to brighten your smile and as a survey was done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry  showed that the most people believe that a smile is the best and most memorable feature when you first met a person . Another survey was done showed that the whiter your teeth the bigger and brighter your smile . This is the reason everyone wants to get whiter teeth . Over the last three decades home whitening has evolved from trays , to strips , to teeth whitening pens , whitening laser lights and more but we will be focusing on the pen.


What are teeth whitening pens ?

Teeth whitening pens are plastic tubes which has the average length of a pen and looks like a lipstick pencil . Once you remove the cover you would see a brush which overlay the small opening of the pen . The pen houses  a gel which we rub  onto our teeth to remove visible stain .[wp_ad_camp_1]

What are ingredients in a teeth whitening pen ?

The active ingredient in teeth whitening pens are either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide a few brands use sodium bicarbonate. Other ingredients may be glycerin,water,carbomer,flavouring agent,carbinol and sodium hydroxide .


Hydrogen peroxide gel is the active products preferred and used by dentist for effective teeth whitening. The disadvantage is that it can cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity if not used correctly or the concentration is too strong .


Many most home teeth bleaching products active ingredient is carbamide peroxide .Carbamide peroxide is made from hydrogen peroxide and urea is added to it . Carbamide peroxide takes a little longer than hydrogen peroxide to clean your teeth because it has to break down to hydrogen peroxide to start working but it’s less harsh on your teeth and gum . There is a 3:1 ratio of carbamide peroxide so 16 % hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to 48 % carbamide peroxide . The advantage carbamide peroxide has it that it’s good to use for longer periods on your teeth for example if you want to wear a teeth tray.


The other active ingredient in sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda . This best for those people with sensitive teeth and gums. Research has shown that this abrasive compound of baking soda  removes superficial stains but not very effective on deep stains.


Advantages of using a teeth whitening pens

  • Inexpensive

Compared to whitening strips on average it’s the same price which ranges from $4 to $35 . It is cheaper than a teeth whitening kits and whitening light system and can provide the same result.

  • More flexible use

Unlike most other home methods the teeth whitening pen can be used to brighten that one tooth that is very stained or just a selected few that need bleaching .

  • Easier to use

Unlike teeth bleaching strips or whitening trays which have to be placed on your teeth and you need to ensure it stays in place . This product just has to be run on teeth and you wait for 20-30 minutes and then wash off. It’s just  not cumbersome .

  • Convenient


It can be easily carried in your purse or pocket which allows you to use at work , play or travel . It basically can be applied anytime.

  • More accurate application

Unlike some of its other whitening competitors it does not get on your gum and cause burning unless you have got really shaky hand .

  • Works faster

From the first application you should see results and within 1 week your teeth will be 3 to 4 shades lighter .

Disadvantage of using a teeth whitening pens

It is awkward trying to brush some of your molars and premolars at the back of your mouth . Research has shown most persons are only able to brush 85% of their teeth with the pen.


How to use the teeth whitening pen ?

Instructions for pen use may vary by brands so always use product as directed . These instructions I  am giving you is a general guide line for use .

  1. Shake the pen
  2. Wipe your teeth with a clean dry cloth to remove saliva.
  3. If you have sensitive teeth rub petroleum on your gum .
  4. Remove the cap. Squeeze, click or turn (vary by products) until small drop appears on the brush .
  5. Apply thin layer of the gel directly on the surface of your teeth.
  6. Different pens have different time limit to wash usually between 20 to 30 minutes.
  7. Don’t eat or drink for about 30 minutes


Persons with diabetes and pregnant women should consult a doctor or dentist before use .


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