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Butt Stretch Marks, Causes, and Their Remedies

butt strech marks

Stretch marks are a nuisance for almost every person. Woman have to deal with these marks in numerous aspects of their lives, however, men aren’t spared the trouble either. There are certain stretch marks that are frequently seen in both men and women. These are the butt stretch marks. Just like marks on any other part of the body, they can give an unsightly appearance to your bottom, which is why most people want to get rid of them. The problem with these marks is that they appear slowly, and before you know it they become prominent. So, here we describe the many reasons why people get butt stretch marks and what you can do to treat them at home.

Causes of butt stretch marks


The causes of these embarrassing marks are several folds. However, the most common cause of butt stretch marks is rapid growth. When teens go through their growth spurt, the skin stretches faster than it can grow. When the skin is overstretched the collagen fibers present in it can get damaged. As a result, a stretch mark forms on your buttocks, the same angry stretch marks that form on your stomach, chest and on your thighs.

Another frequent cause of these stretch marks is weight gain. Obesity results in a similar, rapid stretch of skin that damages collagen and causes the stretch marks. Sometimes, however, it’s something else that may be exaggerating these marks. Certain drugs, such as topical or oral steroids, affect the healing and regenerative power of the skin. This makes the skin more brittle and susceptible to damage. As a result, people on steroids are likely to have more stretch marks on their bottom and elsewhere, as compared to other people.

Remedies for butt stretch marks

  • Vitamin E, this is a great vitamin that is needed for the synthesis of skin structures. Vitamin E can help repair the damaged structures in the scar and promote healing. This will help replace the scar with normal tissue.
  • Cocoa butter, another great remedy is cocoa butter which has a nutritive and moisturizing effect. When applied during the stages of growth, it eases out the skin, minimizing the damage. This reduces the degree of scar formation.
  • Glycolic acid is basically a chemical peel. It heals by first damaging and removing the superficial layer of skin. This stimulates the lower layers to proliferate, which produces new, stretch-free skin.
  • Aloe Vera has a number of healing properties and antioxidants. It works to remove the dead and damaged skin and replace it with healthier skin, helping you get rid of the marks.
  • Sugar has exfoliating properties that are great for removing the scarred skin gently. This helps reveal the healthy skin beneath and helps you get rid of those stretch marks.


All these remedies are great for removing stretch marks. However, you need to be consistent for them to be effective. Plus, the earlier you start fixing your problem the better, as with time, stretch marks can become permanent. You don’t have to be embarrassed about those butt stretch marks every day! Start treat ping them now with these amazing remedies to remove them forever!

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