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Best Probiotics for Candida (Yeast infection)

Yeast infections are the norm nowadays. There are many aggravating factors and one slight imbalance can land you with a yeast infection before you know it. Whether the infection is in your mouth, your gut or down low, probiotics are some of the best treatments for Candida. In fact, probiotics help to increase the growth of normal flora which literally pushes out the Candida from your body. However, to be able to push such an infection out, the probiotic needs to be strong as well. There are many different kinds of probiotics with different benefits with different benefits, but not all of them work against Candida! Here we describe the probiotics that you can use to rid your body of this irritating yeast infection for good.


Saccharomyces boulardi                                                                                                                This is a transient probiotic. It simply enters the body, does its job and leaves. This is why this probiotic is only effective when you actually have the infection instead of providing prophylactic protection. Kombucha, a sweet and fizzy liquid, produced by fermenting sweet black tea with a colony of bacteria contains up to one billion Saccharomyces boulardi in a single bottle, along with other healthy bacteria. It can act as a natural probiotic for your system. The probiotic is also available in tablet form for people who prefer that method of ingesting these packets of bacteria.

Lactobacillus acidophilu                                                                                                          Another great probiotic, especially for vaginal yeast infection is the Lactobacillus acidophilus. It enhances the immunity of the body and is also proven to be one of the best probiotics to provide long-term immunity against Candida. Specially fortified yogurt with Lactobacillus is something that you can use to supplement your diet naturally with this useful probiotic. You can also opt for the medical supplements with calculated doses per day that help to alleviate the yeast infection as well.

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Bifidobacterium bifidum

This is an all-around probiotic that helps with Candida and also improves the conditions in your gut. Gut infections and derangements that lead to inadequate B vitamin absorption are effectively controlled with this probiotic. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, helping to guard against future infections of the yeast. Bifidobacterium so known to be present abundantly in yogurt. Fermented vegetables also present as a good source of the bacterium. Alternatively, there are medical preparations which you can use. Following the precise dosage, you can effectively treat your Candida infection with ease.

Bacillus laterosporus

This bacterium is a soil based probiotic and it works miraculously against Candida. It’s action time is fast and it works to eradicate the infection from the roots. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of this probiotic against yeast infections, especially Candida. The best source of this probiotic is through medically available preparations that provide accurate amounts adjusted to your needs.

Yeast infections can be very troubling, but they can be easily treated. However, the antibiotics that we conventionally use can result in a cycle of recurrences which cause more harm than good. A better and long term approach so to use probiotics that help recolonize the gut and your body with beneficial bacteria and provide lasting protection against this pesky infection.



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