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Marine Collagen (fish collagen) one of the best anti aging products.

Beauty products have advanced with the passing time. New and more efficient product lines and ingredients have flooded the market and are being used by everyone. A notable name that one comes across often is marine collagen. Almost every anti-aging cream and serum contains collagen and this product has eclipsed the conventional means of staying young and beautiful. So, what is so different about marine collagen and what are its benefits? Here we describe everything you need to know about marine collagen also called fish collagen , so that the next time you go out to treat your skin, you know exactly what you are getting.

History of collagen

Collagen products are not new. Believe it or not, they have been lying around for centuries when man discovered that peptides were useful for joints. This continued until in 1947 collagen was introduced into diets. Then finally, in the late 1970s collagen started to gain a stronghold in the cosmetic industry. The industry flourished and collagen was refined with the passage of time. New processes and better formulas resulted in the creation of rapidly effective collagen. Fast forward to the present day, collagen has become divided into a number of specialties. Today collagen is the most widely used biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine , as hydrolyzed powders which can be used in beverages and skin creams. These collagen mostly come from cows which is called Bovine collagen but with the occurrence of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) also known as Mad cow disease a new source of collagen was sought after which was gotten from our marine.


What is marine or fish collagen?

Our body is made up of 15 percent protein which has numerous functions such as keeping our skin , nails , hair and digestive system health just to name a few . Collagen make up 30 percent of this protein composition .Fishes are a great source of protein and this makes them a great source of collagen also. Marine collagen also called Fish collagen peptides (FCP) is derived from fish and occasionally from shellfish and jellyfish. Fish collagen is rich in glycine, hydroxyproline,  proline  .It is synthesized from the scales, skin, fins and bones of fish. As these parts are already thrown away, they can act as an efficient source while helping reduce pollution at the same time. Fish collagen is full to the brim with proteins. Eating this collagen has a whole list of benefits for your skin, your hair and your joints.

What are the benefits of marine collagen?

The benefits of marine collagen go on forever. Here we describe some of the noted ones, to give you an idea of the many benefits of fish collagen.


  • Anti-aging


Fish collagen is basically a type-1 collagen, which is abundant in our skin. This means that eating fish collagen acts as an efficient supplement for the skins replace cement. Rapid turnover results in the healthy skin to shine through, giving you that young and glowing effect. When used topically as creams, it smoothens the skin and locks in the moisture for an elastic and supple skin.


  • Bone healing


Studies suggest that consuming fish collagen helps to increase the rate of production of the body’s own possible. This helps to rejuvenate growing processes in the body, particularly in the bone. Thanks to this function, it helps to increase bone mineral density and exerts anti-inflammatory activity on common inflammations of the bone.

Studies have indicated that collagen peptides derived from fish skin might have a positive effect on bone by increasing bone mineral density and by exerting anti-inflammatory activity in Osteoarthritis. 

  • Wound healing


Marine collagen has an abundant reserve of amino acids to provide for rapid repair function. This is why fish collagen is great for rapid healing within a day or two. The type 1 collagen is synthesized, which takes up its place in the wound and helps to seal it up faster.


  • Antibacterial


Clearly, fish collagen has an immense list of benefits. However, they aren’t over yet. Marine collagen contains Collagencin, which is an antibacterial peptide. This small peptide may play a major role in preventing infection by staph aureus, which is the culprit behind a number of infections.


  •  Skin and burn healing

Collagen has been used for wound and skin burn healing it encourages the skin to heal faster . Scientists have created nanofibers using the collagen and covered wound with remarkable results but because of foot and mouth disease from pigs and cows scientists have turned to the ocean for marine collagen.

All these benefits prove the miraculous effects of fish collagen for your body. Not only does it benefit your skin, it helps keep you younger, through and through. Try the fish collagen for yourself. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed.


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