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Bovine Collagen vs Marine or Fish Collagen

bovine and fish collagen

The collagen industry is evolving very fast. New and efficient subspecialties, flavors and types of collagen have surfaced. Collagen has anti-aging properties , wound healing , bone healing ,building muscles,improve skin quality , improve gut health and promote deep sleep. However, the battle continues between the two prime types of collagen, the bovine and the marine collagen. If they both are collagen, then what’s the difference? What makes one better or more preferable than the other. Here we discuss the basic similarities and differences between the bovine and marine collagen in order to give you a better perspective of what each type really is.


Some history of fish and bovine collagen

Beef or bovine can date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians who would usually boil the skin of the animal and make a glue which was used as a protective lining for ropes. The bones , ligaments , marrow, tendons and skin of the cow was not wasted it was use to make a broth . This was done by boiling the parts and then simmering over a few days , which was then eaten to get the collagen. In recent time bovine collagen has been used for wound healing , reconstructive surgery, cosmetic purposes and supplement . Then there was the outbreak of mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease which could be transfer to human through the collagen . Scientists decided they needed an alternative collagen which they found in fish and other marine animals such as jelly fish and shellfish.

Similarities between fish and bovine collagen

Both kinds have an elaborate content of amino acids that do target your skin, organs, and hair. They both are efficient in promoting anti-aging and helps replenish the collagen in the body. This makes collagen, may it be any kind, extremely effective in reversing the drooping skin, the joint problems, and organ deficiencies. As both collagens are full of useful amino acids, they both have immense power to build lean muscle mass and contribute to the immune power of the body. If both have these useful qualities, then what are the differences?


Differences between Fish and bovine collagen

Fish collagen is a types 1 collagen while bovine is type 1 and type 3 The fish collagen has a lower hydroxyproline content and this gives it a lower denaturation temperature. It also makes it much easier to digest and absorb by the human body in comparison to the beef collagen. A problem with collagen is its smell. Bovine collagen starts smelling really nasty once its concentration approaches 3%. However, marine collagen is relatively less smelly and can be tolerated till a concentration as high as 10%. In addition to all of this, bovine collagen, when overtaken is stored in the body along with the fat that comes with it. Marine collagen, on the other hand, does not, and is also much lower in fats as compared to its counterpart.

Another important difference between them is the reaction of the body against these molecules.  For one thing, the body can react against the peptide chains of bovine collagen and result in an allergic reaction. This reaction can become very severe, especially in topical applications. To overcome this side effect, marine collagen was invented. This collagen has less obvious antigens and more acceptable peptide chains which cause much less derangement in the body. This is what gives marine collagen a significant edge over the other kind.

Now that you know about the different kinds of collagen, we are sure that you can decide which one is better for your body. The thing is that both collagens are extremely useful when it comes to effect on the body. However, the marine collagen overrides the bovine collagen thanks to its more sophisticated makeup. Try out the different kinds of collagen yourself for a lasting effect, you will notice the difference yourself.



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