Causes of Pink Discharge in Women

There may be many different kinds of discharge that you, as women, may have to deal with. Many women experience different symptoms, and although, this discharge may not mean anything, it could also signify some major disturbances inside your body. Pink discharge is not a common discharge, so experiencing it could raise an immediate red flag. The confusing part is that it could mean a good or a bad thing. Here we describe the common causes of pink discharge in women.[wp_ad_camp_1]

  • Ovulation, normally, about ten days before your period, your body undergoes many hormonal changes that result in the release of an ovum from the ovaries called ovulation. Sometimes, as the ovum ruptures through the ovary, it can leave a hole in the ovary which results in the release of blood. This blood stains the normal, translucent discharge pink. It isn’t a cause for worry, it’s the natural cycle of the body that resulted in the production of this pink discharge.
  • Birth control, pills, and IUCDs, birth control pills contain hormones that disrupt the regular balance of hormones in your body. This results in the premature shedding of the uterine lining or spotting as it is commonly called which results in a pink discharge. IUCDs can also irritate the local lining and cause bruising which causes rupture of blood vessels and the characteristic pink discharge.[wp_ad_camp_1]
  • Infection, certain infection, particularly endometriosis, or infection of the uterine lining can cause irritation and a pink stained, pussy discharge. The consistency of the discharge can determine the severity of the infection. This could be an emergency and you are advised to visit your doctor as soon as possible. It could also be accompanied by pain, irritation, burning and itching often when urinating.
  • Cancer, pink discharge in women above 45 years should raise a suspicion of cancer. Malignant cells can start growing and invading normal structures which cause disruption of the normal blood vessels causing rupture and bleeding. This blood mixes with normal secretion of the vaginal tract and presents as pink discharge.[wp_ad_camp_1]
  • Ectopic pregnancy, this particular kind of pregnancy is when the ovum implants in the Fallopian tube instead of the uterus. The walls of the Fallopian tube are thin and as the embryo burrows deeper it can rupture the wall, causing bleeding and hence, a pink discharge.

Considering these conditions, it is evident that the body may produce a pink discharge under normal or abnormal circumstances. However, it is often a good idea to be cautious and contact your doctor if you notice any such abnormality. It could lead to an early diagnosis and treatment of a disease that could have had major consequences. So, paying particular attention to the discharge and its color, and seeking medical attention is a must.

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