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The Causes of Watery Discharge in Women

watery discharge

Almost every woman has asked the question, what does this discharge mean? Being a woman, we have to deal with a number of different kinds of discharges on a daily basis. A common kind of discharge that often bothers lots of women is the clear watery kind. Sometimes it may whoosh down as though you just peed yourself, and at other times it is thicker. So, what causes this discharge and should you worry? Although the cause of this discharge is usually physiological, you do need to consider the other, sinister reasons. Here we present some common causes of the watery discharge in women to help you understand the reasons behind this problem.[wp_ad_camp_1]

  • Ovulation, the most common cause of clear, watery discharge is ovulation. About 14-16 day of your cycle, the ovaries release its scheduled ovum and along with plenty of secretions to help guide the ovum through the reproductive tract. The extra fluid is also rich in nutrients which serve as food for the baby if fertilization occurs. However, normally, all this excess fluid leaves the body through the vagina as a clear watery discharge.
  • Hormonal changes, another factor that can really influence your discharge are the hormones. Elevated progesterone levels are accompanied by excessive secretory activity that leads to watery discharge. These are common during puberty, menopause and in certain women with inconsistent cycles. It is usually not something to be worried about.[wp_ad_camp_1]
  • During or after sexual intercourse, the body is rampant with surges of hormones during intercourse. These hormones induce the lining of the reproductive tract to secrete lots of fluid. This helps to lubricate the vagina and provide a pathway for the sperm. This excess fluid leaves the body through the vagina during or shortly after sex.
  • Pregnancy, the condition involves surges of hormones, which set a number of processes into motion. One hormone that increases excessively is progesterone, which increases the secretory activity. Hence, watery discharge may actually indicate an early pregnancy.
  • Infection, a clear, watery discharge associated with an itch around the vaginal area is characteristic of thrush. It may also be associated with a cheesy discharge. This should be worrying, as thrush is very common and almost every woman experiences it at some point. A short antibiotic treatment usually clears it up.
  • Leucoria ,Leukorrhea or (leucorrhoea British English) is a common condition that most women suffer from. It is basically an infection and inflammation, which results in the excessive production of white discharge. It usually occurs in women sharing toilet seats or clothes. The infection results in the production of excessive discharge that is rich in neutrophils. Usually, the condition is accompanied by fatigue and can progressively weaken the body.

All these conditions highlight some very common causes of clear, watery discharge in women. Often, the discharge is innocent. However, it’s always a good idea to pay your doctor a visit and have it checked. You never know, it could be a more debilitating condition, which could be treatable if caught early. The causes listed above will surely help you single out the most likely cause in your case. Then again, a professional opinion is always a great way to go.

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