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Difference between Obesity and Overweight


If we compare these two terms they both look the same but there is a big difference between them and how can one imagine how badly they can kill you? So lets find out the difference between both the terms.[wp_ad_camp_1]

What is OBESITY?

It is the state of a person where the person gets flabbiest or fat.

What is Overweight?

It is a state of person where a normal male or female put on extra weight that does not seem to match with his or her height, age and gender.

Obesity vs. Overweight


Obesity and overweight are two different terms that are related with fats and weight of a human body. The main difference between these two terms is that an overweight person carries a massive quantity of weight. A random overweight person does not have too much fat but have extra ordinary weight. While on the other hand, an obese person carries too much fat.

Switch to Roots: when we are discussing the cause of obesity so the causes are uncountable. The victim person is not aware of those causes but keeps himself busy in eating too much junk food. Some of the main causes are as follows:

  • Excessive eating of fast food
  • Imbalance of hormones
  • Anxiety and unhappiness
  • Inactive way of living
  • Being lazy

While on the other hand the causes of overweight are as follows:

  • Genetic factor
  • No notion of workout
  • Lack of sleep
  • Eating disorders

Global Fear:

Being fat is a not a good state for humans and is scary as it takes you in the herd of diseases. When it comes to a survey, more than 300 million people are victim of obesity and almost 1 billion people are comes under the overweight factor. A fat or overweighed person will never know how much dangerous it is for their health and life. When obesity victimize a normal human being it comes up with Hypertension, Heart diseases, high blood pressure, thyroid which gives kidney failure and increases the chances of heart attack. While on the other hand being an over weighed person is considered to be a shameful aspect in the society, it is less scary than obesity but it is also harmful and give diseases like blood pressure, stress and depression. An Obese person is considered to be in more danger than an overweight person.

Recommended Treatments and remedies:

People with obesity and overweight are very large in number. When a person wants to lose weight he rushes to the doctor. Doctors recommend following remedies or treatments to expel obesity:

  • Making your diet proper.
  • Take honey
  • Excessive use of Bitter vegetables
  • Usage of mint
  • Daily based Exercises

On the other hand for the overweight person is recommended to control his food and taking of exercise as the best remedy.

Say Good bye to Obesity and Overweight by following the above remedies this will not also decrease the danger but also makes you more attractive. A person should stay healthy and should adopt an active life style.


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