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Eczema vs. Scabies .

Most skin diseases look like in the form of rashes indeed they differ in their texture and intensity. But there are also some different diseases which cannot be differentiated easily; this is the main reason behind the delayed treatments in these kinds of diseases. One of such category of diseases is eczema and scabies which seems almost like each other at the first look or examination. However, to ease things up for you, here are some basic differences between the two.

  1. Cause

Scabies is a mite-borne skin that looks like eczema but it is not. On the other hand, eczema can be caused due to many different reasons such as changes in hormone level, chemicals, pollen grains or even stress.

  1. Appearance
Image of where eczema occur on our body
Where eczema usually occur

Eczema is a disease which can affect anywhere and everywhere on the skin, most commonly on knees, elbows, face, upper chest, and neck, while on the other hand scabies basically occurs only on the folded areas of the skin, and under the layers. Most scabies affects these areas of the skin:  breasts, waist, knees, buttocks, the male genital region, and the shoulder blades.
Pictures of where scabies can be found on human body


While the eczema rashes look like reddish patches, on the other side scabies look like a series of burrows of minute bumps and blisters.

  1. Identification

Figuring out both these diseases as different ones might be a difficult task for you, but for an expert, it is an easy task.  By inspecting a scrapped layer of the affected skin under a microscope, an expert doctor determines whether the person is suffering from eczema or scabies.

If a person is a victim of eczema, it can be identified by reviewing the patient’s medical history too, but it cannot be done alike in case of scabies.

  1. Development

Eczema is kind of disease that is non-contagious disease even through direct contact, it is a kind of disease that a person can keep it to themselves, and if you are suffering from such disease then your loved ones will not get affected. Scabies, on the other hand, is highly contagious. Any sort of physical contact with skin that is infected with scabies could potentially infect a person.

  1. Treatment

Eczema is a kind of disease that is less threatening than scabies, it is just the opposite. Eczema, an incurable disease as compared to scabies and medicines can be prescribed to rid a person of the mites. The treatment is done for the same to reduce the inflammation and itching. However, in case of scabies, just massaging the prescribed cream. Treatment for scabies is PermethrinSulfur, Benzyl benzoate and Ivermectin.

  1. No Bugs on Me

The major and main difference between a scabies infestation and eczema is that bugs are the reason behind scabies. Tiny mites that burrow into the skin are the cause of discomfort and rash that comes with scabies. So now a person can easily know how these diseases are different from each other and how they can be dangerous for a human body, and how and when to refer the doctor.

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