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Grey Matter vs. White Matter the main difference


A human brain may look like a small place to anyone, but it has a lot of different functions and parts that help in the processing. To make all these functions happen properly, proper understanding and good piece of information is required, and this understanding and information will be provided in this article. We are discussing the main differences between the terms white matter and grey matter. White Matter is commonly defined as the tissue of the brain and spinal cord and is pale in colour white matter mostly consists of nerve fibers that have myelin sheath around. Grey Matter is basically defined as the major component of the human brain which has different nucleon bodies, neuropil, and other parts that help in working on different body parts.

White Matter

White matter is usually found in the deeper tissues of the brain and contains those nerve fibers that have extensions of the nerve cell. These nerve cells have a covering around them to protect the axons, and the reason behind white colour is due to the myelin sheath that not only acts as a coating but also gives the uniqueness to such matter. It increases the speed of transmission and helps the brains move stronger whenever a minor or major injury takes place. It also comes with some basic damage precautions; mostly it happens in people at a young age and gets known as the white matter disorders. Diagnosing of this issue can be helped by MRI scans which tell about the problem and different tissue levels. The most basic caution of something not going well is that the myelin sheath is not grown properly so it does help to protect the parts of brain.  At earlier stages, people thought that it does not have any especial concern in the brain and that is why no research was done to know the exact issue. Among the two matters present in the spinal cord this one is the fastest and help in connecting others parts, so they stay in touch.

Grey Matter

Grey Matter is defined as the major component of the human brain that has different nucleon bodies, neuropil, and some other parts that help in working on different body parts. Grey matter is more important of two matters present in brain and comes with different functions. It has become the focus of advanced research and that is why few new things are coming up. The type of fat that is present within the myelin sheath but for the grey matter, the actual colour produced from the cell structures of neurons and the brain cells that are called as glial cells. These types of cells provide energy and nutrition to the neurons, that’s how grey colour became part of the system. Most of the times it gets known as the neurons and other different cells present in the central nervous system and is part of brain, brainstem, cerebellum and inside the spinal cord.

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Main differences

  • White matter comprises mainly  of myelinated axons, also called tracts while grey matter few myelinated axons.
  • White matter gets it light color because of  the lipid content of myelin while grey matter actually gets it grey pinkish color  from capillary blood vessels and neuronal cell bodies.
  • Grey matter contains most of the neuron somas while white matter is made up mostly of myelinated axons.
  • Grey matter is made up of nerve cell bodies, and white matter is made up of fibers.
  • Neurons of white matter has extended axons while grey matter neurons don’t.
  • Grey matter occupy 40% of the brain while white matter occupies 60%
  •  Gray matter reaches it highest point of development in a person furing their twenties, the white matter  develop throughout your twenties and peaks in middle age.

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