Difference between Leggings and Yoga Pants

 Leggings                                                                                                                                    Relying on one’s personal viewpoint, Leggings are an epidemic, an awesome trend, or a nice and comfortable way of a stylish and a casual look. You can normally visit any mall, local park, grocery store, or doctor’s office, and odds and your presence will be graced with those pair of casual leggings. In today time leggings are considered and carried same as pants,whereas in past years they were a layering piece for colour contrasting and warmth to fight with cold. Leggings come in various qualities ranging from thin, (slightly thicker than tights) to 100% cotton or fleece which are commonly warm and soft. They can be worn both as skin tight from fitting or worn looser for a casual comfort look. Leggings are sometimes printed with slogans or patterns unlike tights. Leggings are basically footless and stop just past the knee, (Capri or Cropped) and the waistbands are fold over or one band, at either the waist or above which depends up on one’s body type and comfort. Leggings can also be used for practicing yoga depending on the user’s choice and preference. Casual and Printed Leggings comes in various prices ranging from $8-$40. You can find leggings easily in every mall or a garments shop near you.


Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have observed a rise in popularity in recent few years just like leggings. Yoga pants are often worn casually as an alternative of pants, even when one isn’t practicing yoga; yoga pants are very popular among millennial women. In fact, it is noticed that in many circles people prefer yoga pants over leggings as a casual wear. This may be due to the thickness and waistbands that are unique to Yoga pants. Yoga pants consist of stretchable waistbands that hold body parts in place while practicing yoga techniques or performing other exercises. For example, one basically doesn’t have to worry about their pants falling down while in a performing position such as (downward dog). Apart from this another main reason that why people prefer yoga pants is due to their comfort, seemingly more so than most leggings even worn as pants. Yoga pants come in length ranging from ankle ong, cropped and even in shorts (booty and boy shorts). There are various types of yoga pants ranging from tight, loose, boot cut, flowy, printed, and many other colour schemes. One really has a lot of options when it comes to purchase a yoga pants. The price of yoga pants ranges from $17 to $100 depending up on the quality and design. You can find them easily at any shopping market near you.

Difference between leggings and yoga pants

  • Leggings are basically worn as inner wear for the sake of warmth while the purpose of yoga pants is to practice yoga and exercise comfortably.
  • Yoga pants are way more comfortable than leggings because of the flexibility.
  • Yoga pants allow you to exercise without worries of falling due to stretchable waist band while on the other hand there is no such support noticed in leggings.
  • Yoga pants usually have a flare to the bottom but some companies are rebranding them without flares and call them yoga leggings.
  • Yoga pants have a thicker or wider waist band which can be folded . Legging  has a thinner material than yoga pants and should be worn as a pants because of the see through material.
  • Legging were designed to be used  by acrobats and dancers while yoga pants as the name states for yoga enthusiasts

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