Difference Between Cheese And Paneer


Cheese and paneer both of them are two different types of food that shows a clear difference when it comes to their nature and preparation process. Cheese is made up of milk of cow by the process of acidification. Bacteria acidify the milk which plays a vital role in bringing out the natural flavour of the cheese. While on the other hand, Paneer is the most common type of Indian cheese. It is also commonly known as farmer cheese which never melts. In India there are many types of paneer. One of them is the Bengal Paneer. It is prepared by beating. There are other types of Paneer in India that are prepared by pressing.

You will be glad to know that the word ‘cheese’ is derived from the Latin ‘caseus’. While on the other hand the word paneer is called by the same name even in Pakistan. In West Bengal it is called by the name of ‘Chena’. It is important to know that the Buddhists ate paneer since they adhere to vegetarian diet.  Paneer consists of huge amount of protein. Paneer is not only used in India but also in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It should be known that milk is sometimes curdled by the addition of lemonade in the preparation of cheese. We should know the fact that cheese is eaten raw and sometimes cooked in various dishes as well.

While on the other hand paneer is used in masala items, and in side dishes to fried food items just like the north Indian naan and chapatti. Paneer is also called as cottage cheese. Cheese has emulsifiers, whereas Paneer has no emulsifiers. Cheese is basically made from crude milk fats. While on the other hand, paneer is the domestic form of cheese.

Health Benefits

Both paneer and cheese have many health benefits apart from there delight. Paneer is very essential for heart health as it has gradually lower the amount of saturated fats and cholesterol in the body. Both contain a great amount of protein content.  However cheese consists of more amount of calories than the equal servings of paneer.

Cheese has better amount of protein than Paneer so it is a better option to eat for weight and muscle gain. Cheese has a great amount of calcium which makes it a healthy meal for strengthening bones. Cheese contains a vital amount of vitamin A which is essential for human eyes. Women who eat cheese during their pregnancies lower the risk of the new-born developing neurological disorders.


Cheese is one of the least popular milk products lagging behind yoghurt, ghee, and butter. Even then it is grown increasingly popular in the urban areas because of its availability and ease of use in many dishes. While on the other hand, paneer is most popular in India, especially in the north-western part. That’s because it’s the only type of vegetarian cheese which you can proudly serve or offer to your respective guests.




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