Advantages of using intranet

internet vs intranet

One of the most complicated things in companies is to achieve an internal organization as efficient as possible, as it is sometimes the company itself because of its internal structure, which hinders the generation of new ideas, limits communication between departments or slows down some processes unintentionally. A good way to improve all this is the use of tools to develop an intranet to help us improve and organize our company.

This tool can be very useful for any organization.

But what can I get with an intranet?

Well you can actually benefit from numerous advantages if you plan properly and use it well.

Here are some of the most important benefits that a company intranet has for employees.

  • Saving time and costs. The implementation of an intranet, although it requires an initial investment, in the medium term means a saving of time and costs, since for example the employees, reduce the time in the search of information, being able to dedicate it to other tasks.
  • It improves the speed and efficiency in the communication with the employees.
    • Communication is centralized in a single environment.
    • It allows to simultaneously offer the same information to all employees and all at a very low cost.
    • It is possible, if necessary, to send communications only to certain profiles of the company to compartmentalize the information according to the cases
  • Security: A well-implemented intranet is completely safe for the company and its employees
  • Increase collaboration among employees. An intranet can be the means for employees in different departments to collaborate more quickly and efficiently and create synergies between them.
  • Knowledge management: The creation of a wiki or forums helps employees to disseminate their knowledge so that everyone can learn.
  • It improves the image of the company towards its employees. If a company has an intranet and uses it to manage vacations, issue announcements, material reservations or meeting rooms, this will cause employees to find the simplest internal administrative procedures so that they will improve their opinion of the company
  • It can be connected to the company’s databases and other used applications. Even with Active Directory employees.
  • No time or space limitations. It is permanently open and accessible to all employees including those who are traveling or working as a customer.
  • Training. It can be used as support for employee training.
  • Increases productivity. Searching for information is easier and faster, so employees spend less time on this type of task. In addition, a well-developed intranet integrated with a Technological Surveillance system can even help inform them of information of interest to their work, legislation alerts, Selective Dissemination of Information bulletins, etc.

In conclusion, a corporate intranet helps companies improve many of their internal processes at a lower cost and with greater efficiency than traditionally used decentralized methods.

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internet vs intranet

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