How to Cook Vegetables to Maintain Nutrients



How to Cook Vegetables to Maintain Nutrients
Tips to properly cook the vegetable, conserving the nutrients that make it so beneficial to health.

No matter how hard we try to choose the foods we are going to consume, if we do not cook the vegetables properly, we will not enjoy their health properties and nutrients .

Imagine that today we go to the organic supermarket and buy freshly cut spinach, treated without chemicals, completely organic  and full of life. Then we arrived home and, thinking that we are going to be able to enjoy its magnificent nutrients , we started to cook them . Then we cut them and boil them on high heat for half an hour. Well, between eating that and nothing … the same gives.

How should we cook the vegetables so they do not lose properties?

To take advantage of all the vitamins and minerals present in vegetables it is necessary to take into account some basic rules, because if we do not do so we will be losing precisely what makes them extraordinary for our health: its nutrients .

We will see it step by step, but as a general rule the best way to preserve its properties is to boil them very little, to simmer and better to steam, as the water carries many of its essential nutrients .

Prepare the vegetables

When choosing a veges or vegetable , the healthiest way will always be the one that has been treated in an organic way , ie without pesticides or chemical treatments . These foods contain many more nutrients and properties . No matter what it looks like. The healthiest vegetables are those that are quickly mushed. When a vegetable looks flawless and lasts a lot of cool time it is because it has been handled with chemicals.

You can store the vegetables and vegetables in the refrigerator , since the cold does not affect their properties , except some extremely sensitive vitamins such as Vitamin B2 or Vitamin B6 . But it is important that you consume them shortly after being cut, as each passing day loses nutrients.

When you go to cut the vegetables do not remove the outer leaves , especially if it is a green leafy vegetable since the outer ones are the richest in vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, try not to cut them too much, since many nutrients are sensitive to the oxidation and, the more cuts, the more they will oxidize. Wash them well and do not worry if they are not perfect … what is important are the nutrients that you are going to incorporate into your body, not its beauty.

How to cook vegetables

When it comes to cooking vegetables , we have several options . One of them is not to cook them at all. This option is the most efficient in terms of nutrient content, since any form of heat will alter the amount of vitamins and minerals. The raw vegetables are very nutritious and you can eat them, for example, breakfast smoothies or rich salads .Nevertheless, it is advisable not to abuse raw vegetables, since the cooking favors its metabolism and aid in the digestive process.

Another option is to boil them in water . If we decide for this alternative, we must take into account that it is best to do it with little amount of liquid and trying to consume it too, since some of its properties remain in the water . We can use the water to make a soup or mix all the ingredients and prepare a rich puree.

The last and healthiest option is to steam them . In this way they conserve almost all their properties and we will obtain a more consistent texture and a fresher flavor. When steamed, the vegetables maintain an intense green and an irresistible appearance.

How much time do you have to cook the vegetables ?

Raw vegetables contain more nutrients, but the digestive effort we must do is greater to metabolize them. What then is the ideal system? Well to cook them to favor the assimilation of nutrients, but for a short time , to maintain more number of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Both steamed and boiled with water, the best way to keep vegetable properties intact is:
  2. Keep the fire to a minimum during all cooking.
  3. Cook for a very short time.
  4. Eat immediately after you have cooked them.

When the vegetable is lightly made, it maintains an exquisite crunchy texture . For some reason, we have gotten used to eating the soft and overcooked vegetables but it is preferable to keep it al dente (cooked but still firm ). That firm texture and intense green color will give us a true culinary pleasure.

We must also  dress it with little salt and extra virgin olive oil . It is the best way to taste the taste and texture and the healthiest way to assimilate all the nutrients, without overloading the body with heavy sauces that contribute nothing other than saturated fats .

A good  advice  is to incorporate vegetables  at every meal of the day. At breakfast we can combine them with fruits; In food with cereals and legumes ; And as dinner there is no healthier dish than a vegetable combo with a little carbohydrate .

Now that you are clear how to cook vegetables, it is time to create your own healthy and balanced diet !

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