The following discussion which is about to take place is how an advocate is different from a lawyer:

A lawyer is a broad term used for a person who practices law in court; he can be a barrister or an advocate, an attorney or even a legal executive. Working as a lawyer means that the person must have the information regarding what abstract legal theories are and how they can be practically applied to solve specific problems brought up by individuals or benefit the interests of the person who hires a lawyer via specific legal actions. The term Lawyer is a very broad term as it has been explained above so here it can only be used as a general and not a specific term for a specific type of individual.

The word lawyer is used as different in different countries as in Australia barristers or solicitors are referred to as being lawyers; Attorneys who may practice law are known as lawyers in the United States of America and this term is not used for other people in the United States of America as there are regulatory instructions on non-lawyers and them being referred to as paralegals practicing law.


An advocate is a person who speaks or writes in the support or defense of a person is the meaning of the word advocate which you will find out in a dictionary. In English culture barristers or solicitors are known as Advocates and they are also known as a person who champions another’s cause and helps them, while in South African and Scottish classifications (to name a few) the lawyers who are of superior level are referred to as advocates. Advocates also offer advice to the people they speak for in the court of law.

In Scotland, Devilling is referred to as the process in which a person becomes an advocate while in Pakistan several levels of advocates exist from the first level of advocates who are only permitted to practice in the district courts or lower courts to the Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan which is the epitome of Advocates in the country.

As mentioned above a lawyer is a general term which is used for advocates, barristers and magistrates alike while the advocate is a specific term with specific limitations based on the person’s level in the country .

Another difference being that a person is practicing law can be termed as a lawyer, he may or may not have yet received his degree in law but an advocate is a person who has already completed his law degree being LLB in most cases or Bar at Law in other countries.

A lawyer is a person who has learned law and he can be of any post, level or title while the term advocate is specifically used for the person who represents a client in the court of law and recommends a policy on behalf of the person he or she is defending in court.


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