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Difference Between Enzymes and Hormones

Difference Between Enzymes and Hormones

There are some similarities among enzymes and hormones but on other hand there are a good amount of differences among them regarding their operational mechanism, structural and chemical properties. Enzymes are made of protein and most of the hormones are also made of protein. Both of these biochemical materials are very important for living beings and they play a very important role in many activities.

Before discussing the differences among enzymes and hormones, first we need to understand what they are.

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes act like catalysts for human beings. Enzymes increase the rate of chemical reactions happening inside living bodies. These proteins have special capabilities of increasing the reaction rate. When the enzymes are secreted inside the body, the rate of reactions happening inside the body increases. Biochemical reactions get faster when enzymes are secreted at specific body places. The activation energy of a reaction decreases through enzymes which increase the rate of biochemical reactions. These proteins are actually known as globular proteins. These globular proteins act upon the substrates and change them into small particles which have a higher reaction rate. These enzymes are different for every type of substrate. All of the enzymes are specific for their respective substrate. This is known as the lock and key mechanism. The reaction rate of an enzyme can be controlled by an inhibitor.

What are Hormones?

Hormones work as a medium of sending messages inside the body of a multi cellular organism. Hormones are basically passing signals from one place to another inside the body. They are released from glands and they travel through the circulatory system of the body. Every hormone travels to its specific target site where it has to send the message. They are basically divided into two types; endocrine and exocrine hormones. Endocrine hormones travel through the blood stream while the exocrine glands are released into ducts and then they travel through the circulation or diffusion process. Hormones like enzymes also have their specific target cells to reach. Hormones have reactors attached which stop them from targeting a wrong cell.


The secretion and acting place of enzyme is the same while hormones secrete and activate at different places.

Enzymes are involved in all of the biochemical reaction in a living body while hormones are involved in very few of biochemical reactions.

Enzymes are themselves involved in metabolic activities while hormones only activate these metabolic activites.

Enzymes are connected with substrates while hormones attack on cells or tissues.

Enzymes are re-useable after a biochemical reaction while hormones degenerate after a biochemical reaction.

There are specific inhibitor molecules that control the enzyme reaction rate while hormones are controlled by special inhibitor hormones.

Every enzyme is a protein. All of the enzymes inside a multicellular organism will always be proteins while it is not necessary for hormones. There are hormones which are not proteins. Peptides, Poly Amines and Lipids are not proteins but they are hormones though.



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