Difference Between Impulse and Reaction Motors



In order to properly understand the differences between these two motors, it is important to understand the what basically are these. These motors are both used in power plants for the purpose of generating power or in other words electricity. As it can be understood by the name these motors work differently and create power in much different ways possible. The most fundamental usage of these motors is for producing electricity.

What actually is a turbine or impulse motor ? A machine that converts kinetic energy into a mechanical energy is known as a turbine or impulse motor. A fluid or basically steam enters the machine in the form of kinetic or mechanical energy and produces electricity in return. These motors are often used in huge factories for the purpose of creating electricity. These motors are used in generators too.

Well if both the motors have same purpose which is to produce electricity what is the difference actually? The difference lies in the process through which they produce electricity. They work in different processes and in different ways to produce the same or almost same result. Through the following points we ay different the process of both impulse and reaction motors.

  • In the first one the steam or a fluid enters through the nozzle and hits the blades which are rotating. While in the reaction motor the steam or fluid enters through the mechanism and then hits the rotating blades.
  • In the impulse motor the steam hits the blades with the kinetic energy. In the reaction motor both kinetic energy and pressure hits the blades.
  • In the first motor the fluid or steam remain the same or constant. It has constant pressure through revolving in blades. In the second one the pressure of the steam decreases.
  • Both the blades have difference in their layout.
  • The velocity of the steam in the impulse motor remains same and the velocity in the reaction motion decreases.
  • The impulse motor is used for less discharging units, while the reaction motor is used in higher discharging units.
  • Both the motors have difference of maintenance work too. The upper one requires less maintenance while the other one requires extra maintenance.
  • The impulse turbine requires less energy and produces better power. On the other hand, the reaction motor requires extra energy for producing the same power.
  • The direction in which the steam or fluid flows is different. Both the motors have large differences if seen carefully.
  • The examples of both motors are different too. One represents Pelton Wheel which is an impulse motor. The Kaplan motor is the example of the Reaction motor.

Taking a closer look we understood that both the motors are created or designed in different ways to produce power or electricity. This process is quite different were one uses kinetic energy, the other uses pressure with it too. One requires less pressure the other requires more. Thus, differences exist between both the motors and produce results as listed in the above points.


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