Difference between internet and intranet

internet vs intranet

What is the internet ?

The name Internet comes from the English words Inter connected Net works , which means ” interconnected networks “. Internet is the union of all the networks and computers distributed all over the world, so it could be defined as a global network in which all the networks that use TCP / IP protocols and are compatible with each other .

In this ” network of networks ” as it is also known, computers of all kinds, from large systems to personal models. In the network quotations are given official, governmental, educational, scientific and business institutions that make available to millions of people their information .

Internet was the result of an experiment of the Department of Defense of the United States, in 1969 , that materialized in the development of ARPAnet , a network that linked universities and centers of high technology with contractors of that department. It was aimed at exchanging data between scientists and the military . The network was joined by nodes from Europe and the rest of the world, forming what is known as the World Wide Web . In 1990 ARPAnet ceased to exist.



However, the Internet is not just the World Wide Web , this is one of the many services offered on the Internet, although it is perhaps the most novel and attractive; Also known as Web or www , in it we can combine texts (through hypertext documents), sounds, images and animations , thanks to the links that from their documents establish with other documents or files (URL) found in The Internet.

Other services provided are exchanging or transferring files ( FTP ), remote access to other computers ( Telnet ), read and interpret computer files from elsewhere ( Gopher ), exchange e- mail ( e-mail ), discussion groups , Online conversations ( IRC or chat ), access to discussion forums and newsgroups ( news ), among others.

Currently used more than others is the https , which allows to manage multimedia content, its translation is a hypertext transfer protocol that forms the basis of the collection of information distributed by the World Wide Web.

The Internet has become an important tool in our society because it allows us to communicate, search and transfer information eliminating the barriers of time and space, and without any technological or relative economic requirements . Today, there are more than billions of computers connected to this network and that number will continue to increase.


What is an intranet?

Consider it as an internal website , designed to be used within the boundaries of the company. What distinguishes an Intranet from an Internet site is that intranets are private and the information that resides in it is intended to assist workers in generating value for the company .

An Intranet  can be local and physical, ie several computers connected to each other by means of cables, which allow interaction. On the other hand, there may also be an Intranet between computers not physically connected to each other, which extends the possibilities of connection to everyone. Such connectivity can be performed with security filters, the simplest being the user request and password, while other more complex systems can even detect the IP of each user to certify their authenticity.

Scheme of an intranet, central circle represents the network and different devices and people around it represent the various uses of an intranet.The 80% of information that is used daily for work is not in transactional enterprise systems .

It is estimated that an average employee consumes between 25% and 30% of his time looking for information . This means that companies lose 30% of the money corresponding to the cost of their employees on a monthly basis , together with the loss of this unproductive time in which employees do not generate value for the company.

Organizations use a lot of information to support their daily operations; Information generated internally as coming from external sources. They live from this information , memorandums, reports, product information, market analysis, contracts, articles of interest, meeting minutes, internal information, manuals and procedures, etc.

But their access is not always easy . If it is not organized, related and distributed properly, it does not generate value for the business, wasting one of the most important assets of the Company: Knowledge .

An Intranet makes this information available throughout the company, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, working in the office, traveling or from the house doing remote work. All under a security and access control scheme that ensures that each person can see only what corresponds to him.

Major difference

  • Therefore, the major difference between the two is access. While the Internet  is theoretically free access to all users, the Intranet  is only for certain people previously authorized.
  • There is a limit to how many persons can use the intranet , the internet has no such limit.
  • Internet is less secure than intranet it is more vulnerable to hacks .
  • Intranet may have usage restrictions depends on your status or duties , internet once connected there are no restrictions.
  • Intranet you may need special logins and account to have access which is different from the internet.



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internet vs intranet

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