The incandescent or traditional bulbs have a problem, waste many watts of power to generate heat, clearly this is an unwanted phenomenon, the ideal lamp is one that spends 100% of the power that is applied to generate light, nowadays no Exists but there is something that closely resembles it, are led bulbs .

To begin with the comparative first we will comment on some characteristics of the traditional or incandescent light bulbs, in order to be able to establish a comparison with the new technologies.


This type of illumination consists of obtaining light from heating a filament by passing through a large amount of electric current, this produces that the filament is heated thanks to the effects of the resistance that this offers to the passage of the current, clear Is that of the total energy that is supplied, one part is transformed into light while the other part is transformed into heat, that is why when touching these types of light bulbs immediately after turning off we burn hands.

  • Durability: The tungsten filament  used to heat and generate illumination is prone to break down and thus render the lamp unusable, which is why in terms of durability this type of bulbs are not the best choice.
  • Efficiency: Approximately 90% of the energy supplied to it is transformed into heat, ie it is wasted, while only the remaining 10% is transformed into light (these percentages may vary by manufacturer, but they do not differ much from That number).
  • Price: Undoubtedly it is the point in favor, to be a technology so old and to exist others much more modern the cost of this type of bulbs was becoming cheaper.


New technologies have come to stay, no doubt the future of lighting will be governed by led bulbs, in terms of efficiency and durability have no competition. The only point against which they can be blamed is the price, which for all the advantages it has has a higher cost.

The most outstanding features are the following.

  • Permanent regime:  This type of illumination reaches the maximum brightness immediately, as it does not happen in the incandescent lamps or those of low consumption.
  • Efficiency:  Approximately 95% of the energy supplied to them is transformed into light, wasting only the remaining 5%, there is no doubt that it is the best choice in terms of efficiency, it is not the perfect lamp, but it is what is most looks like.
  • Duration:  Since there are not too many chemical or mechanical elements in its operation, it has better wear than other technologies, which is why they are of great duration, according to several statistical studies claim that on average can last about 7000 hours on without suffering wear.


Everything will depend on what we are willing to pay, as everything in life this is also summarized in our income capacity and what we are able to acquire, if we can pay 7 euros in a led bulbs, certainly must do it, is The best option, now if it is not within our budget, we will have to fall in the traditional lamps, clearly in the long term the expenditure will be greater.


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