Led vs halogen lights

Since a few years ago, the market for energy-saving lamps has tripled, which validates the acceptance of the public, because leaning for effective solutions in energy saving is an advantage. At present, a variety of alternatives exist to satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs, including LED and halogen lamps.

Therefore, we show a comparison between both light bulbs to determine which provides the greatest benefits:


Halogen bulbs are often seen in the same format as ordinary incandescent lamps and can save up to 30% energy. Due to their technological qualities, it is recommended to use them in spaces with a high frequency of on and off, in scenarios that have regulators of intensity and in places where energy saving and longevity are not of vital importance.

The LEDs allow savings that exceed 80% of energy, which increases the useful life of the lamps up to 45 thousand hours, thus reducing maintenance costs, also because of their dimensions, these bulbs stand out for being versatile at the moment To provide a design through the luminaire.

Even in the field of residential lighting, there are LED solutions that look very similar to ordinary lamps, both in shape and size, so they represent the perfect replacement of conventional bulbs.


Through the use of halogen bulbs, about 90% of the energy used is transformed into radiant color, while LED lighting, only using a fraction of energy, it becomes waste heat.


Halogen lamps are rated to have about 6 thousand hours of life. The LEDs, meanwhile, are manufactured to have approximately 50 thousand hours of indoor use.


The LEDs, considered to be of higher performance are usually expensive, so their price is around US $ 50, however, it is possible that they are more economical in large stores. But, halogen lamps have an approximate value of US $ 5.


It is possible to use a halogen lamp on a dimmer and achieve excellent performance. LEDs that are more expensive will mitigate up to about 20% of the light output before it starts to blink, but some that are of lower quality do not operate with a dimmer.

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