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In addition to writing a text well, it is important to give it a good format, with the right size and the right source. A good font can be the difference between having someone read an entire text or remaining in the first paragraph.

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Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Lucida, News Gothic or Cambria are some of the letter sources we work with every day.

Letter fonts are everywhere , from the email you write, the website you visit, the menus of your web browser or the interface of Facebook or Instagram.

We do not pay attention to them, but a proper font means reading . And in the case of advertising or a message that wants to attract attention , choosing a source that catches your attention is imperative.

There are thousands of font fonts. We have already talked about several pages where to find fonts and today we will see how we can design our own sources.

A personalized font can help us to highlight our message more and is a good way to give a personal touch to any design.

Thanks to the pages we will see below, creating fonts is incredibly easy.

Glyphr Studio

Available in downloadable version as desktop program and as online editor for use from the browser, Glyphr Studio allows you to create letter fonts as if it were a vector drawing.

The tool is very practical, being able to personalize any aspect of the letter to detail, a task practically handmade but with a digital tool.

With Glyphr you can import your previous designs in SVG format and then save the result as SVG or in Open Type or True Type format , the fonts standards. In addition, you can work with loose letters or with two or more joints , in case you want to join characters when they match the same word.


Another great online font design tool is FontArk , which lets you practically trace each letter on the virtual canvas to bring it to life and then outline the edges.

FontArk allows you to switch between each letter easily to give them all a homogeneous touch and you can even design icons to be part of your fonts.

It also has templates for not working from scratch. When finished, you can save your fonts in Open Type format .


Convert your calligraphy or handwritten handwriting into a font. This is the purpose of Calligraphr , an online tool that transforms your handwriting into digital typography to apply in your Word texts, LibreOffice or your Canva or Photoshop designs.

Instead of designing the letters from an editor, you just have to write them on paper , photograph or scan the content and Calligraphr will turn it into font.

Being a handwritten letter you can play with the links between two or more letters, as well as create a font with any imaginable character.


Making a play on words between Font and ConStruct, FontStruct is a handy online editor for generating TrueType fonts in the style you give it.

The tool allows you to work in several ways, freehand, with straight lines , with spots or bricks that combined to form letters … On the canvas you can do what you want, seeing the result in real time.

Once the letters are generated, you will see how they remain and you can write to see if they combine well with each other.

In addition to font font editor FonStruct offers fonts created by other users. You can share your source yourself.


From four pre-designed font models, Prototypo allows you to generate your own fonts by adjusting more than 30 parameters.

So, instead of drawing on a blank canvas, simply fit the letter you see on the screen altering its characteristics one by one.

Prototypo allows you to save the generated font in Open True Font format . To use it you will have to register. It offers a free account type and two payment types with additional features .


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