Why my testicles hurt after ejuculation?

Do you feel a strong pain under the testicles after having intercourse ?
We uncover the relationship between testicular pain , arousal
during sex and ejaculation .

Testicular pain after sexual intercourse may be the cause of
very prolonged excitement and failure to reach climax. This causes
congestion veins and clog the scrotum, which causes severe
pain. Usually the pain is temporary, does not last beyond 1 hour, if it
is lasting, the pain may be due to other causes.

Among the reasons why you may have pain in one of the testicles,
right, left or both:


  • An injury during the sexual act or blow.
  • A bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted disease such
    as gonorrhea and chlamydia, being more frequent in heterosexual men.
    Another common infection is caused by the bacterium E coli, being a
    risk factor among homosexual men.
  • A testicular torsion, which occurs when there is an injury or
    exercise brute force. It often affects young boys and young men
  • A hernia or cancer, but the latter is unlikely, since
    in most cases, the tumor is usually not painful.
  •  By accumalation of dead seminal fluid, forming a cyst in the form of
  • Men with varicocele may  also experience pain after ejuculation .


In any case, if you have pain, it is recommended that you visit a urologist
as soon as possible, so that you can do a cure and discard
bigger problems , if necessary you will have complementary tests such as
an ultrasound, urine test and A culture of secretions.

To treat pain, aspirin is not recommended, instead you
may take over-the-counter pain pills such as
acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

You can also help calm the pain by applying thermal sachets under
the sore testicle.

Precautions to be taken:

If you have had mumps or be in contact with someone who
suffers from it and you swelling in both testicles, fever, dizziness and headache
, you should go to your health center as soon as possible.

The frequency of mumps infertility is , 1 in a million.

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