Best bath drain protector that works

The kitchen sinks, trash debris, and toilet drains are the most commonly, clogged drains in the house that why we give them the most attention ,and leave bathtub  behind. The bathtub in the house is a vessel of various abuses and very rough uses. One of the most common forms of abuse is hair. It is not just our hair that ends up accumulating in the drain of the bathtub, but hair care products, and even the cartridges of razor blades, sometimes end up there. All of these things end up clogging the drain causing water to run off slowly.

So we may decide to ignore ignore it, either because you have another tub in the house, you do not mind taking a bath in that tub, or for any other reason, do not. There are repercussions of leaving the stagnant water in your house, apart from how bad it is for your cleaning.

  • Stagnant water provides very favorable conditions for insects to reproduce . When left unattended it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, dragonflies and other dirty insects. Eventually it will extend from the bathroom to the other parts of the house.
  • Apart from harboring insects that carry germs, stagnant water also causes mold in the bathroom, which constantly increases and not only affects the aesthetics of the house, but also the air that breathe the limbs that live in it.
  • If stagnant water becomes a major nuisance, then you would need to call a plumber

So you decided to buy a bath drain protector but they just won’t cut it .  Some of them become rusty , some prevent water from running off fluently ,a few of them don’t even catch your long hair a some drain protectors even cause flooding in your tub .

Here is a list of bath drain protector that works


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TubShroom fits any standard shower bathtub drain with a snug fit. The unique mushroom-like shape allows for maximum water flow so you can keep on showering. Hair collects neatly inside the drain around the bottom lip–completely out of sight–until you’re ready to clean it off. A drain that has TubShroom in place can go weeks without having to be cleaned.

The Last Hair Catcher You’ll Ever Need

Your TubShroom was built with long-lasting, industrial-strength silicone so it doesn’t need to be replaced for at least 10 years. Say good-bye to harmful cleaners, pricey plumbers, and clogged drains forever. Get back to enjoying your showers in peace.

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