Is butter bad for dogs

Butter is very present in our food, mainly as an ingredient in preparations. That is, as much as you do not have the habit of using it in the bun, surely end up ingesting indirectly in cakes, pies, biscuits …

Therefore, many people wonder if it is a food that can be included in your dog’s food.

The truth is that butter is not on the list of foods considered toxic to dogs. But that does not mean that it is fully liberated.

The real problem is that butter is a very greasy food. To give you an idea, a medium-weight dog needs 14 grams of fat a day while a tablespoon of butter alone has 12 grams of fat.

So, a spoon would already take you practically to your total fat limit. The consequence? Consuming butter often your dog will gain a lot of weight and as for obesity we are already tired of knowing, right? It does no good to anyone.

But that’s not all … In addition to weight gain, too much fat can raise your dog’s cholesterol. And as in humans, we know that cholesterol damages the health of the heart, with animals is no different.


Although not so discussed, there are more predisposed breeds to have high cholesterol, as well as obese dogs, with diabetes or other metabolic diseases as well. That being the case for your furry, no butter or other fatty foods, okay?

There is also a more serious problem: pancreatitis. For those who do not know, pancreatitis is nothing more than an inflammation of the pancreas, an important organ responsible for producing certain enzymes, which are essential for the digestion of nutrients.

The exaggerated consumption of fat makes difficult the release of these substances, causing a painful inflammation, which if not taken care can lead to much more serious complications.

When it does, pancreatitis needs to be treated in hospital and needs follow-up through dietary change, which again should be low in fat. So much attention.

Ah speaking of butter, we could not leave aside the margarine, which is an alternative that many people use and think to be better. We’re here to tell you no.

Margarine should also be avoided because in addition to being high in fat, it has many preservatives and chemicals, such as trans fat. In other words? Margarine is even worse for your dog’s health.

To summarize: A little butter, sporadically, will not be dangerous to the health of your best friend, but should be used in moderation, always within a balanced diet and suitable for the individualities of each dog. His health is grateful.

Oh and enjoy and follow the example for your food too, everyone wins. With our tips, this friendship has everything to be very happy and lasting. And is not that what we most want?

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