Chocolate Keratin

chocolate keratin

It is a home treatment by means of which a hair recovery is achieved making the hair more healthy and silky in a few minutes thanks to its 3 essential ingredients. Hence its name chocolate keratin .

The treatment of chocolate keratin is used by women who have very curly hair and a thick body. Also when by the effects of the environment like the heat, the environmental pollution among others, they provoke a crisp and curly hair.

The benefits of using this type of keratin is that it does not contain formaldehyde and none of its compounds. As we know, formaldehyde is found in most keratin products. It is the cause of several alterations in the health in the women and in the specialists that applies it. In addition you will make your curly hair more flexible wavy, eliminate the protruding hairs and the volume of it. If you have wavy hair, you will be able to straighten it.

What is the composition of chocolate keratin


The basic composition of this product has several ingredients, however, the ones that will make the hair healthy and obtain a healthy body are:

Keratin: is the one that is in charge of repairing the hair that is damaged.

Cocoa (chocolate) oil: this is the component that is responsible for giving the hair shine.

White clay: reduces hair frizz by 80% and helps you to have more weight.

How to apply chocolate keratin

The process of applying chocolate keratin is performed just like any keratin product. You can follow these steps:

To start, a deep cleaning of the hair is performed.Dirt and debris are removed.

It dries the hair with which it is eliminated the humidity in 95%.

Subsequently apply keratin.You have to wait at least 30 minutes with the chocolate keratin in your hair for it to work.

With the dryer, the hair is dried and the product is evaporated.

Next, the hair must be ironed and through this the adherence of the product is achieved.

How long is the treatment with chocolate keratin

On average, the duration of this type of treatment is one and a half hours. But it will depend on the size of the hair and the amount of it since it can get up to 3 hours the whole procedure. The cost will also depend on these same factors. Just apply the treatment will look like it is only ironed. But when you spend the first 24 hours you will realize that you have achieved a great effect on your hair. This will be healthier, alive and full of nutrients.

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